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“I for one, am sickened by what I’ve come to know and will do everything I can to help them make something decent, out of these indecent events…. (Stephanie Hayden) has gone public with her story for one reason only, to help others find the strength and support to do the same.” So writes Jill Trammell, owner of Patriot Promotions PR on the upcoming appearance of her client on the Dr. Phil Show. “I pray that our industry, along with friends and patriots everywhere, stand in support of her choice to tell the whole story and not just pieces of it and know that they are done with prayer that it will help others.” CBS’s press release after the jump . . .


(Hollywood, CA – September X, 2014) – DR. PHIL, television’s #1-rated syndicated daytime talk show, continues its ripped-from-the-headlines premiere week with an exclusive interview with Stephanie Hayden Ford, daughter of Will Hayden, star of the defunct reality series “Sons of Guns,” who was recently arrested in Louisiana on charges of molestation of a juvenile.  In the interview, Ford talks to Dr. Phil about what she thinks of the allegations against her father, and if she believes them to be true.  And, for the first time publicly, Ford makes new allegations against her father. The episode airs Thursday, September 11 (check local listings).

Said Stephanie Hayden Ford: “I decided to appear on DR. PHIL to tell my story exclusively because I know he would take it seriously. With my father now in jail, everyone in my family and in our company are now talking openly for the first time.  I have nothing to gain from this exclusive interview, but to begin living in truth and getting help for myself and my sister.  I just pray that our story will somehow prevent another victim from staying silent.”

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  1. I’m sorry, whatever is the real story here, this Dr. Phil appearance is bullcrap…on many, many levels.

    • I hate to say it about a child rape victim (I know innocent until proven guilty and whatnot) but yeah, this appearance is BS

      • The legal presumption is innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Even people caught red-handed are afforded that right, but it has nothing to do with conjecture and public opinion. I don’t feel bad for condemning W.H. at this point in time. This isn’t a misunderstanding or an allegation by a disgruntled ex squeeze.

        • That may be true. It is not from a disgruntled ex. However, given that their show has been canceled, this allegation is coming from someone who could be looking for her next big payday. Only her and her father know the truth. If what she claims is true, I feel for her. But her vehement defense of her dad when the initial allegations came out, makes me wonder where this is coming from now.

      • Anyone who’s been on a TV show for a few years is no longer a regular person. It’s a big giant tangled mess with enough separate aspects that most of us are far enough removed from that there’s no making sense of it. I’m sure she has an agent feeding her advice on top of everything else.

        • Ahhh, you’re right. I don’t watch any of these shows, so I’d forgotten she’s a part of it as some kind of cast member or feature. Others had mentioned she was, I’d just forgotten. The whole thing is just so bizarre, I’d be looking to change my identity and go underground for having been involved in any capacity. Last thing on my mind would be making the talk show rounds.

        • She’s also married, so her husband is involved in the decision making process too.

          Either way, all of this is just solidifying my feeling before that I didn’t like the show and didn’t like the people involved. Any way this shakes out now I am going to be feeling horrible and losing yet more of my dwindling faith in humanity.

      • Here’s a little logic and analytical thinking. Motives….

        You’re an adult child of someone who has provided you with a huge payday. You have a secret. He molested you. You’re okay with it because you say he was drunk, and it stopped immediately, happened again

        Okay. I buy that.

        After you get some healthy reality TV checks dear old dad has made available by having you hired as a what, an office worker? Okay, so dad can fire you, but he doesn’t, he makes sure you are front and center in the show for some reason. Good deal for you.

        Your half-sister accuses your father of molesting her. You ask her if it is true (a child). She says she made it up. You have no doubts this must be true, why? Is it because he couldn’t possibly be a creepy old dad that tries to touch his daughters? Is it because the money is too good and lets not upset that fat apple cart?

        Who knows her reason, they all seem quite nefarious.

        The fact is, your dad has a history with you, and you didn’t doubt his innocence? Not even a little?

        When you decide the gig is up, and you need to land on the “good” side of this horrific mess, you give it all up “to help others”. Then why an exclusive deal to tell your story? If you want to help others, don’t you want to make sure your message reaches as many people as possible, and not solely in one hacks show on daytime TV?

        None of her actions make sense unless we assume she knew her dad was a pedophile, but she was willing to keep it a secret, and therefor allow the continuing abuse of her young half-sister, all to keep the paychecks coming.

        I never liked the show, I didn’t like her, I didn’t like him, but not for any reason other than they simply seemed trailer park to begin with.

        She’s as disgusting as he is in my eyes. I wish she could be indicted on assisting the molestation by her silence, and defense of her dad, her only motive being wanting money.

        Only one I feel for is the young half-sister.

    • That’s ok JR_in _NC, I find your comment “bullcrap” on many levels. Stephanie is not the evil person here.

      If the allegations turn out to be true, then Will Hayden is a monster, a predator for sexual power and control over the most helpless and defenseless of any human being, a father with his own child. A father that is supposed to lay down their own life to protect their child from such a creature, turns out to be one themselves.

      In those situations where it is proved beyond a reasonable doubt, the death penalty in a painless way is too good of an ending for such……. beings,

      As a Chrisitian, I am to love my enemy; it is true. I don’t have to hate such predators, but I also don’t have a problem with making sure they never again can betray the sacred duty of all adults, but especially a father, to protect a child from such depredations.

      If Stephanies courage helps other children and those that are now adults that have endured such horrors, stop such evil in the future, then I applaud what she is doing.

      • “Stephanie is not the evil person here.”

        I never said she was. I contend what she is doing with TV appearances before the trial is wrong. It is. This is serious business for both her and the accused. It’s not entertainment.

        “If the allegations turn out to be true

        This has nothing to do with the allegations. It has to do with making an accusation of a major felony and then “selling” the story to the entertainment industry before the trial.

        You have to be able to separate out the TV appearance angle from the legal proceedings. One is important (the trial) and the other is fluff. In one, a man may be put into prison for a very, very long time and the other….is fluff.

        This is big league ball, here. It’s not “What dress did she wear to the Oscars?”

        “If Stephanies courage helps other children and those that are now adults that have endured such horrors, stop such evil in the future, then I applaud what she is doing.”

        None of which is a problem after the full investigation and trial are complete.

        • Good points. I don’t feel rage about much of the human condition. If an adult decides to a be target for a predator by not carrying a weapon, I’ll physically defend them,, but a part of me still says, “their an adult, they’re supposed to take some responsibility for their own protection”. . But when it comes to the children and those that prey on them, I see red.

          But in the larger scheme of due process and ultimately, hopefully for true “justice”, you are right. Keeping it to the courts of law and not the court of public opinion is ultimately, best.

      • Not a monster???? She sat back n let 2 younger sisters go thru the same thing, all so she could be on tv, why are u applauding her. She didnt come foward!!!! Her 12 yr old sister did!!! Wake up people!! Ur being conned by a country fried trucker!!!!!

    • Absolutely. She claims to have had plenty of time, money, opportunity. Man dead on ground with bullet hole and a wet dick hanging out, no questions, bye-bye. But this is BS.

  2. “I have nothing to gain from this exclusive interview,”

    I’ll bet my last 500 round box of .22LR that she is being compensated for her appearance. Handsomely.

    I do not wish to minimize what she has been through, and I too hope some good can come of it. But please Stephanie, cut the BS.

    • She may be compensated, but that’s not an issue, think of it this way, tv is a great way to tell your story and advance a cause, or speak out, but TV needs to make revenue, and I think it’s perfectly ok for steph to get a cut of what the show makes telling her story IMO

      • Fine and dandy after adjudication. Until then, an appearance on tabloid tv show (or any tv show) is wrong.

        • Uh no it’s not. You have a right to state true information on TV, if will is exonerated he can file legal action against his daughter for libel. The media is not a courtroom. Adjudication has nothing to do with this

        • I think it’s a bad choice of shows to appear on, but I can’t really think of a good choice. There’s nothing out there that would have someone on to tell such a story that I think people see as predominantly serious and tasteful in its handling of issues. Maybe a dateline or something, but those seem to wait until a story is developed more before taking something on. Of course I don’t watch much beyond Top Gear or Dr. Who anymore.

          She’s been indoctrinated into a somewhat inside position when it comes to television as well. Someone you or I know would likely not think to take her story to TV in a similar situation, perhaps granting a news interview, but she’s already had cameras logging her daily activities.

          Of course I’m biased, I have the ‘big brother’ gene which gives me a soft spot for a story like hers, which has failed me in the past, but not always.

          It’s a big, fat, hairy, mess.

        • “Uh no it’s not. You have a right to state true information on TV,

          Are you serious? Do you think Dr. Phil’s show has anything to do with “true information?”

          Put down the Kool Aid.

          Accusers in felony cases should not be acting on the advice of PR Firms and publicists.

          if will is exonerated he can file legal action against his daughter for libel.

          How so, of she’s just stating “true information on TV?” Your own statement is not even internally consistent.

          And, yeah, I’m sure that libel action will be a nice warm fuzzy after all the character assassination in the press and the fun of the trial itself to get there.

          The media is not a courtroom.

          You are right about that. The media in this case is entertainment. It’s not even the level of “reporting.”

          These are serious charges and guilty or not, he deserves his day in court….you know, that pesky little thing called a trial by an impartial jury, face his accuser and a few other things. I think I read about that sort of thing in one of the Amendments.

          “Adjudication has nothing to do with this”


          That this tv appearance runs the risk of tainting the jury pool is likewise quite serious, and it goes to violating HIS civil rights as an accused citizen.

          I’ll say it again: this is bullcrap.

      • It also opens up the eventual book deal if it hasn’t been made already. Dr. Phil is some fine publicity.

      • God bless her if she makes a fortune from TV shows. Just don’t claim that you have nothing to gain by doing it.

      • It becomes a matter of the chicken or the egg, though. Is she a sex crime victim telling her story and deserving a little compensation to carry her over while she makes her case? Or is she an opportunistic lying backstabber snatching whatever meager payday she can in exchange for telling lurid falsehoods about her embattled father?

        Hell if I know what really happened to her or any other accuser, but her credibility is shot.

    • Man, you must be pretty confident in your belief, if your willing to gamble with your last pound of gold, oops, I meant 500 rounds of 22LR. Oh well same thing.

  3. More proof nothing ever good happens on September 11th….



    This bullshit…

    Fuck the 11th of September..

  4. yeah my BS meter went off too.. Nobody and I mean NOBODY is on national tv Guest or host and doesnt have money as the front and center..

    • But justice shouldn’t be for sale.

      I don’t give a crap what show she goes on after the trial. Until the trial, this behavior is sickening.

      The dude will be on trial for his life. There are victims of heinous assaults. That’s some pretty serious stuff. It’s not entertainment and it should not sell

      • You left out their are people who have been falsely accused of such crimes who have been innocent of the crime, nit saying Will is, but from the stand point of basic math some of the be wrongfully accused and convicted.

        • I don’t know who was innocent and who was not, nor do I think the result of a trial necessarily tells us the answer. I’m thinking there may not be another accusation more difficult to prove than this one, defense is particularly ugly, good chance for the case to be dropped even if charges are true. And even then, men have been convicted on multiple accounts with multiple victims, and years later been exonerated by those who testified against them, or by external proof.

  5. Love this forum: “Hey, you, the victim of child rape who wasn’t able to come forward until now. Keep a lid on it! You’re just looking for money!”

    It’s obvious none of you have ever dealt with a sexual assault situation ever in your lives.

    I just hope you can continue to live in ignorance.

  6. I do not think any of us have the right to say what she is doing is right or wrong. If she wants to tell her side of the story then she should be able to do it whenever she wants. Have any of you making these judgemental statements ever been raped by a close family member? Well I have and it is a huge mind $&@! and messes with you for the rest of your life. Victims do not retell and relive their stories for any gain to them. The only thing that made me share mine was to help others and I’ve been offered vehicles and shut up money but wouldn’t think of it! It is not just her word against his. It’s her and her sisters word against his. Stephanie does not need the money from the interview. She seems pretty well off to me. If she donated any monetary gain from this, would that make all of you happy? Open your hearts and minds. I do not discuss my molestation and rape with family because the man is dead and I do not want to hurt his daughters or cause embarrassment. This is so complex that I cannot explain it but I support Stephanie and her sister. Way to talk about the elephant in the room!!! It’s about time.

      • Agreed^. It’s very common for victims to do everything they can to compartmentalize the trauma. They will even deny it, like she did, when they feel unsafe. She fears her father and him being in jail finally allowed her the ability to say something. Rape causes incredible life long trauma. That trauma is on par with war induced PTSD. The most current and accurate numbers statistics indicate only 40% of rape victims even report the crime to police. It’s so traumatizing that the thought of reliving it is worse than justice. Of those 40% reported, about 2 in 4 lead to an arrest. That means about 25% of rapists are serving time for their actions. Many organizations claim that is much lower and really it’s about 10% of people serve time for their heinous acts. From my personal experience working at an eating disorder treatment center, a lot less than 40% of the woman reported their sexual abuse. With children those numbers drop dramatically, and at the treatment center I was at most suffered from childhood abuse. Many times it isn’t until years later that children realize what is happened (happening) isn’t okay. By then they fear their abuser so much that reporting their abuse solely themselves is rare. Is there some financial incentive? Maybe. I really don’t care if there is or isn’t. What’s important is that she is talking about it at a public level. Why does it offend people so much that a rape victim might be getting paid to tell her story on TV? They aren’t your tax dollars. It’s private company paying a woman to out a child rapist. A child rapist who previously manufactured firearms legally…

        Raping multiple children should result in hanging/firing squad. I have no sympathy for these people. I’d also include gang rape in hanging/firing squad.

        • None of which has anything whatsoever to do with her having a PR consultant making statements for her and her going on the TV talk show circuit about it.

          How about we separate the reactionary emotion of what happened and realize that this PR garbage has just as much chance of hurting her in court as him.

          So, she could be the victim of an evil crime and this TV scheiße could cost her justice in the end.

    • “If she wants to tell her side of the story then she should be able to do it whenever she wants.”

      Sorry, but bullcrap. That is WRONG.

      Have you ever been in a felony trial? Have you ever tried to sort through the mess of a case like this? It is very difficult to find the truth on the best of days.

      It is rendered far worse when it becomes a media circus.

      She can ‘tell her story’ after the trial. Until then, HE has certain rights such as a right to trial by impartial jury and to face his accusers….NOT go into that courtroom with everyone already with their mind made up and hating him.

      There is a good reason why the 6th Amendment included those phrases, and you should think long and hard about that.

      As to the emotional portions of your comment, you don’t know anything about what anyone in my family has or has not happen to them; it’s not relevant to this case.

      I’ll say I agree with Hannibal above…I’ve been around a LOT of rape victims, and not one single one wanted to go on TV and talk about their experience. If one had, she would have been very strongly advised by the investigators and prosecutor to not do that…for a reason.

      Let’s turn this around. Not tainting the jury protects HER as well. This kind of PR play could be handing the prosecution’s team grounds legal motions or appeal.

      There are all kinds of ways this is a bad, bad, bad idea, and it is, from a Natural Rights standpoint, immoral and wrong. None of that has anything to do with believing her story or not or siding with him or any of that.

      It has to do with justice, which is supposed to be blind. Protecting the fairness of the court process is extremely important for all of us. I hate every time this comes up.

  7. The press release is creepy as hell…and I empathize with her. Try and find an impartial jury after this.

  8. I dunno if the charges are substantiated or not. I dunno if the daughter is for real in “speaking the truth” or not.

    What I do know is Dr Phil will make a judgement BEFORE all the facts are in. Just look at Virginia Tech and the blame he assigned to violent video games (specifically mentioned) and other violent media, when it turned out the shooter didn’t play computer games at all. Dr Phil is all about ratings now days and not so much about really helping people.

    • What I want to know, above and beyond ANYTHING else: is there ANY hard evidence that any of these offenses Wil is being charged with actually occurred or are they simply claims and allegations?

      Whatever their motives, it is exceptionally easy for a woman to entirely destroy a man’s life with allegations of rape while having absolutely no reliable evidence that any such crime occurred or that the man being charged was involved. It immediately becomes a case where the man must prove his innocence rather than the accuser and the state proving his guilt. And even if the trial ends up with no conviction the man is tainted for life. Will Wil Hayden ever have a TV show again? Even if every allegation is proven beyond a reasonable doubt to have been totally false his life is changed forever and he will never enjoy the respect he had previously. There is certainly no way he will be involved with Red Jacket.

      Did he do any of these things? I do not know. I have watched the show from time to time and the personal dynamics, allowing for the phony drama built in by the writers and producers, hardly seem to suggest that anything of the sort could possibly be occurring in the background. So without hard evidence, DNA, photographs, medical examinations showing sexual abuse, I will withhold judgement and give Mr. Hayden the benefit of the doubt.

      And as for the 34 year old who suddenly decides to come forward and pile on – sorry, I don’t believe her at all and she most likely cannot prove any of her claims. Fifteen minutes of fame, anyone?

      • Yah, until show was cancelled she claimed his innocence….she really had no choice, either come out or speak out against her sister

  9. Wow, it’s pretty sickening (and unfortunately predictable) to read some of these replies. The woman is going to have a publicist because as a minor celebrity she’s probably getting a whole lot more phone calls and media inquiries than your average rape victim. She has a right to tell her story just as much as Will Hayden does to tell his. The court of public opinion can often be just as damning as that of law. As to tainting the jury pool, that’s why they have a jury selection process, and Dr. Phil is daytime TV so I would imagine his viewership doesn’t exceed 7 figures despite being number one. And to those who continue to cite money as the object here, if I recall correctly, the show was not cancelled until Stephanie came out against her down father, taping was merely suspended after the first allegation. Personally, don’t think there is an amount of money that would get me to throw either of my parents under the bus, but then again, I love my family. There are now three women claiming past assault from what I’ve read. If you put yourself into her shoes for a moment, her reasoning becomes clear: she’s accusing her father of a past crime of which there may be very little physical evidence. Historically, child predators have many victims because children get older and are no longer desired or ideal victims for the perpetrator. Thus, building a case might entail getting as many of those past victims to come forward as possible, should they exist. That was her stated goal, and in this situation I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt. If she makes any money off of this then good for her, as I imagine she’d trade it all to have a father who didn’t rape her as a child, if that turns out to be the truth. Yes Will should not be presumed by the State to be guilty until proven otherwise, but nor should his daughter be presumed to be a liar until the same standard of justice is attained. Before that happens both have the right to speak freely in their own, respective defense.

    • “As to tainting the jury pool, that’s why they have a jury selection process, and Dr. Phil is daytime TV so I would imagine his viewership doesn’t exceed 7 figures despite being number one.”

      This is ignorant of the facts on many levels.

      First of all, it only takes one tainted juror to screw up a trial.

      Secondly, the jury selection process you speak so highly of…well, have you ever been to a jury selection? Seen a pool?

      Third: it does not matter how many people watch his show. There’s the press announcement, the show itself, the talk around the water cooler or over the counter the next day, the press release and news stories after the show, and…the ever present possibility that Dr. Phil won’t be the only show she’s on.

      Okay, well, I’ve got to say, all you folks defending the “trial in the court of public opinion” had better well think long and hard about what you are defending. This is not about HER and HER STORY.

      Be careful what you wish for. Our legal system teeters in a fine enough balance as it is without blowing it completely out of the water with “Oh hell, let’s just let Dr. Phil talk about it, the audience stew over it, and let everyone just decide it. Save us a lot of money in the end.”

      No rules of evidence. No right to cross examination. No legal counsel. Just trial by TV Show.

      Yep; that will be good for all of us in the long run.

      Absolutely stunning that the psychological need for “information by TV” is so strong that people can’t either be satisfied with the barest of facts or wait a year to see how it all works out in court.

      The poisoning of minds by TV, and the poisonings of expectations (in legal cases, for example) is, apparently complete.

      • I don’t want to start a heated argument. From the outside looking, in Dr. Phil wouldn’t be my first choice if I were inclined to speak out the way she intends to. Nor will I be watching the show. However, if it only takes press releases and news stories to influence a jury pool then that ship sail days ago, rendering her appearance on a show like Dr. Phil relatively moot.

        My issue is really the double standard pointed out by TT, that while many are inclined give Will the benefit of the doubt, few seem willing to extend that same courtesy to Stephanie. When the allegations first came out, it did appear possible that they were fabrications spread by a disgruntled former partner of Mr. Hayden. Women on the wrong side of crazy exist, and fabricating such stories is definitely something that has been done before. To falsley make such accusations is itself a heinous crime, in my opinion, but to assume that a victim in this situation wanting to speak out is tantamount to a money grab demonstrates an utter lack of understanding and empathy regarding the plight of a rape victim.

        The people of the gun are going to be stereotyped. Many have argued, and I agree, that it is important to show that gun owners are more than just a bunch of OFWGs among other, far more negative, stereotypes. I’m not saying gun owners collectively need to go on a diet, but it couldn’t hurt to be aware of comments that are outwardly androcentric and insensitive towards an incredibly sensitive subject.

    • Nicely said, scm! Fact is most celebrities, minor or major, engage Publicists, so, nothing unusual there. Whatever Stephanie Ford intends to “gain” from the Dr. Phil Show appearance is her business and speculating on her “motives” is pointless. Dr. Phil is on National TV and gives access to millions of people, so if even a few are encouraged by Ms. Ford’s story to escape an abuser or get help dealing with abuse they have suffered, it is a good thing. Personally, I cannot imagine having to go on National TV and bare my soul to “God and everybody” about a thing like this. You can suspect her motives all you want, but you have to respect her courage. It must have been a tremendously difficult decision to make. However it turns-out, Ms. Ford has made a choice and the consequences are hers and hers alone. None of our judgements mean a damned thing.

    • Actually she didnt come out till AFTER show was cancelled, up until that moment she was claiming his innocence

  10. It never fails to amaze me. When a person wants things to be a certain way they can convince themselves or justify any train of thought to make it so. This is so evident in the above posts.

  11. Maybe, and this is a seriously big maybe, with her father in jail, show cancelled, and the company’s name forever shamed she is trying to get some financial compensation for her and her sister. The world still spins and money doesn’t grow on trees. I don’t watch Dr Phil or SoG, but if that is how she wants to deal with this grevious situation then who am I to judge?

  12. She should have told someone when it happened and perhaps her sister would not have had to experience it too. Three women I love had this happen to them and it made any real intimacy almost impossible. It affects both the abused and everyone who loves or tries to love them. There is not a punishment except hell appropriate for this type of crime, and !ost especially, repeat offenders.

  13. THIS IS A PERSONAL FAMILY MATTER IT SHOULD STAY THAT WAY. It is sick that it is being turned in to a form of entertainment. Not to defending Will’s alleged action but he is innocent until proven guilty! The lawyers during jury selections are going to have to ask them if they saw the Dr. Phil Show. The show will do some good for the people but condemn Will before his trial. Chumming the waters! Ferguson need I say more.

  14. I like how when the child rape allegations first surfaced against Will Hayden, so many on here were (and some still are) saying some variation of “don’t pre-judge him,” “innocent until proven guilty,” “let all the facts come out,” etc. Now when one of his alleged victims speaks out, what seems like many from the same group withholding judgment on Will are so quick to judge and condemn Stephanie. Why so charitable with one but harsh with the other?

    • If you are talking about my comments in particular am doing, here’s your answer:

      (1) “Speaking out” can mean many things. It has become a way of saying “report the crime,” so nice job trying to lump together criticisms of being on tv with suggesting she should not even have reported it.

      (2) I never defended him, other than to say he deserves his day in court, and I don’t now defend him beyond that basic premise. She deserves HER day in court as well.

      (3) My criticism is the “trial by public opinion” aspect…the PR BS, Dr. Phil, whatever is next. This is turning into a TV drama of Soap Opera proportions, and it is not funny. If she was raped, that’s serious business. It’s not entertainment.

      I’m not condemning her allegations; I’m condemning her using the allegations as PR and entertainment. I find that disgusting.

      • I’m not talking about anyone’s comments specifically. I’m addressing what I see as the fact that a good number of posts have advocated an open-minded standard for judging Will and a closed-minded standard for judging Stephanie.

        What if Stephanie really is going on Dr. Phil because she thinks that’s the best way to get a few people who are currently being raped by their fathers (or priests or teachers or whatever) to come forward sooner rather than later? Maybe Stephanie examined the situation and figured it’s all over the news already anyway and figured her appearance on Dr. Phil wouldn’t make much difference to the criminal proceedings. Given how much publicity this matter has received already and will continue to receive, especially in Louisiana, how much difference is the Dr. Phil show really going to make for Will’s criminal proceedings?

        Will’s and Stephanie’s relationship was the subject of TV show before anyone accused Will of child rape. Given that, is it realistic or even reasonable to expect all this to play out behind the scenes until after Will’s trial (assuming he doesn’t plea bargain, which I’m guessing the Vegas odds on are about 75%). These folks did choose to put themselves in the public eye after all. Will is just living in the nest he built for himself.

        • “What if Stephanie really is going on Dr. Phil because she thinks that’s the best way to get a few people who are currently being raped by their fathers (or priests or teachers or whatever) to come forward sooner rather than later? Maybe Stephanie examined the situation and figured it’s all over the news already anyway and figured her appearance on Dr. Phil wouldn’t make much difference to the criminal proceedings. Given how much publicity this matter has received already and will continue to receive, especially in Louisiana, how much difference is the Dr. Phil show really going to make for Will’s criminal proceedings?”

          The short answer, without taking these statements point-by-point, is that she’s not a legal expert with knowledge and experience in how to win a felony case at trial. Even if she were a lawyer and prosecutor, as a party to the case, she’s emotionally involved and thus might not be making the best decisions.

          In summary, those are not HER judgments to make.

          The media circus undermines the criminal justice process for all of us not just her and this case. So, folks can make all the “that ship has sailed” kind of comments they want, but they better pray they are never on the receiving end of this – as a victim (or victim’s family) or accused.

  15. I’m sorry, but when I hear Dr. Phil getting involved with something, I get the same feeling as when I hear Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson getting involved with something….!

  16. I don’t think anybody here should get bogged down defending anyone as innocent until proven guilty here or whatever.

    If this is a REAL story then Hayden is probably guilty. The REAL question here though is whether the WHOLE story is contrived. That is to say, Sons of Guns was a “Potemkin Village” and this entire scenario was planned. I realize that may sound crazy, but so does the story we’re being given.

    Personally I am suspicious of a reality TV show about a gun shop going this far south at this time. I am anxious to see the interview because I think if she is lying about anything it will show. Honestly, this woman made a TV show with her molester… that is what she expects us to believe. It will be interesting to see how she can explain that.

    This is either the Mamas and the Papas with guns or it is a long term propaganda op. Both possibilities are just so weird…

  17. LOL at the sickos on this site attacking a person who is possibly a victim of sexual abuse because of the method she has chosen to expose said abuse.

    Some of you people are sick to the core, maybe you need to take your guns and turn them on yourselves and make this world a little better.

    • “LOL at the sickos on this site attacking a person who is possibly a victim of sexual abuse because of the method she has chosen to expose said abuse.”

      I know “don’t feed the trolls” and all…sigh.

      I’m sorry, but this is one of the most purely idiotic, truly profoundly moronic things I’ve seen you post. That’s quite a feat.

      She exposed her abuse before now. Going on Dr. Phil NOW has nothing to do with exposing it.

      • Nothing trolling at all about my comment.
        Its sad how ridiculous a lot of you on this site are.
        She has every right to come out about her situation and if getting on Dr. Phil, holding a press conference, writing on twitter, or the internet or whatever is her way to reach a audience and help others who have gone through what she did, more power to her.

        If that hurts your feelings the problem is with you and you alone.

  18. LMAO. I take it you are a Dr Phil fan, eh? People like you are the reason she’s coming foward, she doesnt fool us. True or not shes a media whore. Maybe YOU should do YOURSELF a favor

  19. I’m sorry, I don’t trust Stephanie as far as I can throw her. You expect me to believe that you stuck by a man who chronically molested you, built a business with him, and allowed your own children to be in his unsupervised presence consistently? Even if she was “afraid” of him, she had years and ample opportunity to break away and make sure her kid didn’t meet the same fate. Instead, she chose to stay by Will’s side and cash those tv checks. Now that that’s gone, she jumps on the allegation train and condemns her dad? You were molested by this man and you let him continue molesting family members…never once thinking to report dear old dad ? Not once? And you never told another living soul what he did to you ? And you let your own kid spend nights with the monster? If that’s true, you deserve to fry alongside him. And Steph’s douchebag of a husband is a straight fame-hungry POS, so I’m betting he’s front and center with the “new allegations” and a PR tour. Hell, Kris and Stephanie both released public statements in the form of poetry…yeah, poetry statements. That’s totally normal. Strangely, Kris fancies himself an artist. Look, Will may be guilty as sin, but Stephanie and Kris are thirsty for some attention.

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