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TTAG Commentator Greg writes: “Well fellow members of the Armed Intelligentsia, it looks like we might have created a genuine cause célèbre. At about four o’clock yesterday afternoon, Googling “Starbucks Appreciation Day”—an idea originated by Sebastian and gay cynic—scared-up about 112k hits. As of about 9pm EST last night, that total climbed to 298k. Not bad at all for a lowly bunch of knuckle-dragging gun clingers. Do you think that we can get a million hits by Friday? Well we can if  . . .

We consider it our job to make the Bradys, the National Gun Victims Action Council and all of their fellow travelers cry in their lattes, as well as to long remember and rue the day that they inspired.

Let it be known that Second Amendment supporters are everywhere and that we have enormous power; politically, financially, organizationally and philosophically. We are fighting the good fight and we aim to win.

It is especially important that this BUYcott be a resounding success in the remaining states that continue to egregiously oppress law abiding citizens in regards to their fundamental human and civil rights.

California, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and D.C. need to be shown in no uncertain terms and they must be made to feel the power that we wield. This BUYcott is a small, yet powerful way to get that message across.

Right up until Valentine’s Day, TTAG will be creating posts promoting Starbucks Appreciation Day. With your help, we hope to send a strong and unequivocal message to our opponents, our politicians and businesses all across this great country of ours that we are not only an unprecedented, peerless and unassailable grassroots force to be reckoned with, but that we have the juice and the greenbacks to affect significant change in pursuit of our rights.

TTAG would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to all of the many great grassroots 2A activists and bloggers that are going to help make this coming Valentine’s Day a remarkable success.

In particular we’d like to thank Joe Huffman and Sebastian at for their tremendous efforts in general and their posts on Starbucks Appreciation Day. Say Uncle, calguns, thefiringline and dozens of other pro-2A websites, blogs and forums have thrown their weight behind this pro-gun BUYcott.

Also, a special thanks needs to go out to commenter NukemJim for making the brilliant suggestion that we pay for our purchases with portraits of Thomas Jefferson. What could be more perfect than using Mr. Liberty himself as our symbol? What could send a clearer message that all of us are out there, somewhere.

So, ladies and gentlemen, stop by the bank and get at least five two dollar bills (some for your friends) and get ready to show the nation what we’re made of on February 14th.”

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  1. My local Starbucks is at my University. My $2 bills will be supporting the second amendment, and promoting campus carry.

  2. Just did a Google search – 298K hits – flipped over to a NEWS search, 19 – LOL, guess we can expect no mainstream media to support the BUYcott.

  3. Sharing this on your Facebook page is a good way of getting the word out as well, by the way.

    And of course, anyone who aims for X’s on a regular basis is someone who “aims to win”.

  4. I have a whole box of brand new crisp two dollar bills. The wife and I plan on visiting every Starbucks coffee shop we can find around here. Especially those with demonstraters out front.

    Of course, in Texas, those kind of demonstrations may be few and far between if any!

    • I have a feeling it will be hard to find demonstrators anywhere. The anti-gun groups aren’t doing a very good job at getting there message out. They’ve lost this battle before it’s even begun.

  5. Try a venti 2 pump (low carb) iced white chocolate mocha! It’ll
    improve your whole perspective on things…

    Go 2A, and go Starbucks!

  6. “Also, a special thanks needs to go out to NukemJim for making the brilliant suggestion that we pay for our purchases with portraits of Thomas Jefferson.”

    Robert, thanks for the “thank you” and right back at you for helping to spread the word about this. I hope it will really make Starbucks (and others, this is an election year) take notice.


  7. Good to go here.

    What better way to demoralize an enemy than to have them see that whenever they try to protest, they only make us stronger?

  8. Actually making the $2 bill a pro-2A symbol in general isn’t a bad idea, I might just have to start carrying them on a regular basis.


  9. is there anyway the media will be on our side for once? i’m sure they will be tipped off and have a news crew at the local starbucks…..will the starbuck employees know whats going on that day? or are they just going to wonder why for 1 day they got a flood of $2 bills??

  10. I had not heard of the boycott or the Starbucks Appreciation Day. Thanks so much! I guess non-gun owners don’t understand what open carry laws and concealed carry permits means–and that they’re actually a lot safer enjoying a latte with an armed law-abiding citizen than an unarmed populace. How many tragedies in fast food, malls and college campuses does it take for them to figure out that if at least one law-abiding citizen had be carrying the death/injury toll would be less? I’m pretty sure I’ve got a $2 floating around.

  11. I, personally, don’t have a gun and don’t want one. But I definitely support any action to protect my constitutional and GOD given rights. I will stand up with my $2 bills on 2/14.

  12. copy, repost, share then wait a while, change the amounts to current stats and do it all again. Feel free to make our logo your Facebook icon until 2/15!

    So the Anti’s were going to stage a protest for against Starbucks. Starbucks is not even PRO GUN, they are just pro COFFEE and have decided to simply follow the law. Here is a Facebook counter protest that now has over 10,200 people confirmed to make a Starbucks purchase on 2/14 and over 50,300 invited.

  13. My wife suggested that if you have a Starbucks card that you refill from time to time that you wait until V-day and refill it then. That way more $$$ on the BuyCott day sending the right message.

  14. I stared a Facebook support page.. more than 11000 going on 2/14 and 50k invited. I have no idea who these others are that you say started this movement

  15. Great Idea! I don’t buy coffee at Starbucks, too overpriced for stuff I like and their regular coffee tastes burnt to me. BUT, I will be going in on the 14th, splurge, and buy myself something. May not have a 2 dollar bill, but I will let the barista know why I’m there on that day.

  16. Gotta say, as a hunter and Starbucks regular (yes, there is better coffee in the world but they’re above average and easy to find) I was pleasantly surprised to hear about Starbucks’ support for 2A rights. It’s especially nice because I’m also from the city and far too used to having to hide that part of my life for fear of being ostracized. I don’t want to wave my guns in the faces of anti-gun activists; I merely want to ignore and be ignored.

    So yes, just got my 2A coffee and might get another later today.

  17. Posting this from Starbucks by UW-Milwaukee in Milwaukee, WI on 2/14/2012. I am carrying and did show support with $2 bills. Hope everyone else is enjoying the fancy coffee (and what our support of it represents) as much as I am!
    — Matthew

  18. I’m not a fan of Starbuck’s coffee, but I went in today, found the tip jar, asked the counterpeople if that was the tip jar, they said yes, and I put a pair of $2 bills in the jar. I explained that I appreciated Starbuck’s policy on the 2nd Amendment and wanted them to know that that was why I was giving them $2 bills. Of course, the counter kids were puzzled, but smiling and they wished me a nice day.

  19. I don’t drink coffee, but I went to Starbuck’s and bought a cup of tea and a muffin. The guy next to me said, “Wow — a $2 bill!” I said, “It’s for Starbucks Appreciation Day for their support of the Second Amendment.” The middle-aged barrista smiled and said, “We’ve gotten several of these today — thank you!”

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