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Send your STAND STRONG CONNECTICUT photo to [email protected]. We’ll post them on our Facebook album [click here to view.] Please put STAND STRONG in the subject field of your email. You can click here to purchase a Stand Strong Connecticut t-shirt (half of profits go to Connecticut Carry).

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  1. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if this is an older photo with text applied. I like the sloppy hand written signs.

  2. I see this and I read “Drink your Ovaltine.” I don’t know if this is a product placement, or the hijacking of a solidarity movement by opportunists. Either way, shame on them for submitting this, and on TTAG for posting it.

      • Their moms just called them inside to clean their room and have lunch. And when their dad finds out what they’ve done to the family car there’ll be hell to pay.

        Wally and the beev just never learn.


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