Customers for St. Louis gun buyback standing in the cold (courtesy
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Gun “buybacks” are security theater. They’re a deeply cynical ploy by politicians — aided and abetted by craven cops and misguided men and women of the cloth — to make it look like they’re “doing something about gun violence.” And that’s just the good bit. These “no questions asked” turn-ins create a black market for stolen guns, encouraging criminals to steal guns. But they’re always deemed a “success” because . . .

Americans are ready, willing and able to surrender broken-ass guns in exchange for gift cards or cash. In the case of last weekend’s St. Louis “buyback,” so many Missourians wanted  for their old, unloved, unused firearms that the $125k on offer was gone in hours. Or was it?

Interim St. Louis police chief Lawrence O'Toole with guns from gun buyback (courtesy

According to, “police said 303 handguns, 533 long guns and six assault rifles were purchased.”

I make that $111,450, some $13,550 short of stumped-up by “the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis, along with individuals and some companies.” Maybe not the “huge success” the “community leaders proclaimed”?

After the couple waited in the cold for more than two hours, officials began turning people away unless they had assault weapons or wanted to donate their guns.

Don’t you hate it when black gun prejudice rears its ugly head?

Guns submitted to St. Louis gun buyback (courtesy

Anyway, this “gun buyback” thing is so transparently stupid, even the media is beginning to tire of it. Check out how ends their article:

Mayor Lyda Krewson said the strong turnout “speaks to, first of all, how our community is awash in guns and how difficult that makes our police officers’ job. It also speaks to the good people of this community who went to their basement or garage and said I don’t want this gun to fall into the wrong hands.”

Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards (courtesy

Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards (above) was pleased that many of the weapons were from St. Louis city.

But many of the people in Saturday’s line were not from the city, including Kent Oxman, who works at a pawn shop in St. Charles County and was there to sell a dozen guns.

“The gangbangers and criminals, they aren’t going to turn their stuff in,” Oxman said. “They are still sleeping.”

Truth out!

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    • Yeah, speaking of: apparently he “felt” that the Hi-point carbine and what looks like an M&P15 were “assault rifles”, along with a couple of clearly illegally modified chopped-off rifles…
      Nice how they never fail to display the scariest-looking or clearly illegal and/or stolen guns to drive home the point that they did something… where is the rest of the rusted out and broken junk they shelled out taxpayer money for?

  1. How much for each handgun? Could I turn a profit by purchasing Hi-Points and turning them in at a buy-back? I know that people have made hardware-store pipe shotguns, but I don’t have the space or tools to make them. Or should I just trawl through pawn shops for rusted old break-action shotguns?

    • Where are you finding old guns at pawn shops? I can’t find anything at any stores usually. I got lucky and a local store last week and found an FN49 in 8mm Mauser. Most every store anymore just has new stuff.

  2. MS13 has now been disarmed. The DOJ can stand down and save the taxpayer a few bucks. Maybe have some time to go after Washington D.C. gang, that’s been praying on YOU and ME for last 50 years plus.

  3. I have no problem with buybacks… I hope gun owners use the opportunity to get rid of their junk and lemons. New lamps for old!

  4. Putting a bunch of money on it being largely junk from pawn shops like clapped out Ivers and Ravens.

    • Pawn shops don’t touch crap guns like Lorcin, Jennings, Bryco, Raven, etc.

      They sell them *new*, won’t touch them used, in my experience.

      In the mid-80s, those guns wholesaled *new* for $35 from the big distributors…

  5. So people turned in “Assault Rifles” then, in addition to long guns? A separate category which is misused by the elite media. Show me any assault rifles taken in; a fully auto AK or M16 or FAL. OK, so quit using the term until they can verify . Two separate identities, modern sporting rifles and these “assault rifles”. Even using their copy pasta , you should bracket their terminology or else it just propagates the myth.

    • Minor quibble : the FN FAL qualifies as a “battle rifle” with the likes of M1, M14, G3, CETME, etc.

  6. I heard about this, and was going to take one of my FFL buddies with me, trying to snag one “collectible” from the sea of detritus. Too much media attention.

    Anybody else go from the STL?

  7. With a 3D printer and $5 worth of plastic I can legally make for my myself an AR lower that the ATF would consider a firearm. Does the prohibition against selling same apply to buyback programs?

  8. I went and “sold” an old Jennings J22 and a piece of junk .38 special that had been collecting dust in my safe for 20 years, and which cost me a grand total of $50. I walked out of there with $200 cash. Most of the guns I saw turned in were similar to mine, with less value than what they were paying ($250 for “assault rifles”, $150 for rifles/shotguns, $100 for handguns). I used the $200 to buy a scope for my AR15. 😉

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