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“A school board in St. Helens, Ore., voted to allow teachers and staff to pack heat on school grounds. St. Helens School Board chairman Marshall Porter told that the board lifted a ban that prevented school employees from carrying guns on campus with concealed weapons permits [last] Wednesday.” Teachers with a concealed handgun license can pack heat in the District’s two elementary schools, one middle school, one high school and three alternative schools. They now have the same rights as parents with a concealed handgun license, who are exempt from both Beaver State prohibitions and the federal Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990–which really needs to go away. If there’s a school shooting during a Republican President’s administration, with a Republican House and Senate, it will. FWIW.

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  1. I think Ill hold my breath till the next Republican is elected president.
    I might be gone by 2020 or so anyway or want to be.
    But why wait till then, The Gun Free Zone bullcrap needs to go and go now!!!!!

  2. Not sure if the video covers it, but St. Helen’s formerly-current ban only goes back to March of this year, before that they allowed carry and this latest change puts things back to how it was.

    Of course the liberals are absolutely seething with anger and hatred about this reversal so don’t expect it to necessarily stick.

  3. 3 alternative schools, rough neighborhood? My highscools alternative education was full of pregnant teens and juvenile delinquents.

  4. My guess is remedial. Lot of rural and some migrant labour.

    Likely only one is for “troubled teens.”

  5. As a volunteer, I’m at my son’s school multiple times a week. I carry every time.

    At least here in Oregon, I think people might be surprised at the number of concealed carriers who visit school campuses.

  6. I’m not always sure about the Republican President thing. When Obama tried his gun grab the GOP already out to block anything that comes out of his mouth went ballistic (pun intended), now were Romney in charge I can see him possibly giving in to an AWB/universal checks/whatever else is on Feinstein’s wish list in exchange for a zero tax rate on cap gains/dividends, whatever so long as there was a net positive to Wall Street execs and multi-national corporate CEO’s. He signed the Bear in mind Bloomberg was a Republican from 2001-2007, Gov. Christie is a Republican, how many other’s can you name?

    • George Herbert Walker Bush.

      That target-rich gun-free schools ¢rap didn’t need a veto override to get into place.

      A great many “conservatives” aren’t pro-freedom in any sense of the phrase, and a great many “liberals” are. Labels are at-times useful generalizations, but aren’t all that accurate as an aid to prediction.

      Mind you, I respect George the Elder and would gladly see Jeb in the Oval Office, and in fairness he likely didn’t foresee the ramifications, but my point stands.

      • Most people, conservative and liberal, simply toe the party line, without doing any critical thinking of their own. Personally, the liberals I know are only “pro-freedom” if you agree with them and their world view. They are all for all kinds of diversity, except for the one kind that really matters: diversity of opinion.

      • I live in the land of Jeb.
        Hes not exactly from the same mold as the rest of his family.
        He is more like Prescot then any other member.
        Im saying nicely hes just a younger Romney and would have given in to the other side at a drop of a hat.
        Id be a little wary of him if he were to run in 2020.
        No way will he try a run in 2016.
        Now if Charlie Crist wanted back in politics.
        I could back him 101% for any office.
        Just my 1 cents worth and even that is too much value.

        • Charley Crist was just on the news a couple of days ago, making noises like he’s interested in running for governor again. So you may get your wish.

        • I always thought that Charlie Crist was a RINO — and now he’s switched parties and become a Democrat.

          You want Charlie Crist? You’ll be sorry.

  7. St Helens WAS a Blue Collar Town centered on The River, The Pulp Mill and AG. in the 1990’s many Portlandia types moved in to Gentrify it due to low real estate costs. When Real Estate Boom went Bust many Leftys fled back to Portland Apts, except for one who became my (Progressive) neighbor.
    I’m glad to see The Blue Dogs retaking their home turf

  8. “…you can’t put a price-tag on safety.”

    Damn straight.

    Nothing is fool-proof, and nobody is ever guaranteed tomorrow regardless of what happens, but at least you have a chance to even the playing field to some degree.

  9. I’m sure I’ll get lambasted for this, but the teachers should be required to have additional training. For example, do they know purse carry is a terrible idea here? What to do if a kid goes for your gun?

    • Well I’m not sure I agree that they need more training they should keep themselves concealed and the kids should not know who is carrying. Besides criminal types are probably already avoiding this school to search for easier pickings.

    • Training is a good thing, especially scenario based. But it should not be a requirement for teachers carrying concealed. Think about the make up of spree killers. These are not people who have great or even good gun skills. While any force on force encounter is extremely dangerous, one doesn’t have to be a Seal or SWAT team member to have a reasonable chance to take down a spree killer.

      God knows enough people – teachers – have tried to take on spree killers unarmed. I see no reason not to even up the score, as the out come can only improve when compared to being unarmed.

      No one is going to go for a gun who doesn’t know it’s there. I would agree that purse carry is ill advised, but a few years ago an educator ended a spree killing (without firing a shot, if I recall) with a pistol he retrieved from his car.

  10. Will we ever see the day when some idiot goes to a formerly “Gun Free Zone” and gets double tapped
    by a Teacher packing heat? Because I’d love to hear that a Teacher could be packing heat and the bad guy
    wouldn’t know they were packing heat.
    Has Oregon gone full Gangster on us? I’m OK with that.

    • Nope. It will get a line on the ticker at the bottom of CNN (if that). Just like the off duty cop who stopped an active shooter at a movie theater one week after the Newtown shootings. No blood = no coverage.

  11. “If there’s a school shooting during a Republican President’s administration, with a Republican House and Senate, it will.”

    …and if Jupiter aligns with Saturn while the high tide is coming in…

  12. “If there’s a school shooting during a Republican President’s administration, with a Republican House and Senate …” (italics mine)

    Ha ha ha ha ha … like that is ever going to happen. Unless the Republicans start offering more free handouts than the Democrats, they will never again hold a majority in the Senate much less the House and Presidency.

    And even if the Republicans wanted to offer more free handouts, we won’t be able to borrow anything much longer to “finance” those “free” handouts.

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