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Last week a 51-year-old woman was jogging when a neighbor’s friendly Labradoodle jumped an electric fence ran into the street to greet her. Most people would do what the jogger did…she grabbed the pet by the collar and took the dog back to its owner. That was when the owner’s two Rottweilers ran out of the house and attacked the good Samaritan.

The Chicago Tribune reports that “One had her by the leg, and the other had her by the scalp.”

A concealed carry holder was driving by and stopped to help the owner try to get the dogs off the jobber, but the attack continued. But the driver, who is a CCL holder, wasn’t carrying his gun.

From the Tribune . . .

“So he called his father, who was maybe a block away, and asked him to get his gun and bring it to him, which he did. I believe he put it in his car and the man retrieved it,” [Kain County sheriff Ron] Hain said.

All the while, the dogs continued to attack the woman.

“It went on for minutes, we don’t have an exact time frame. Once he had the weapon he shot the dog basically at point-blank range. He had to take appropriate action to save her life …,” Hain said. “And I believe he did.”

The gunshot caused the second dog to break off the attack. The wounded dog died and the owner had the other Rottweiler put down.

The injured woman to a local hospital where doctors reportedly had to use six feet of sutures to sew up her wounds. 

I live close to where this happened, and most local media left details out about how vicious this was. As usual, the armchair lawyers started voicing their opinions on social media where a lack of facts or legal expertise rarely gets in the way of expressing an opinion.  

“They were no threat to him personally. I agree he may see some trouble out of this.” 

“They will charge him with something for sure, it’s the liberal way. Discharging in public, endangering others, displaying a weapon etc.”

I doubt that would happen, even in the most liberal jurisdictions, but who knows these days. The CCL holder did an excellent job by taking the shot at point-blank range, minimizing the chances of anyone being hit. The local Sheriff agrees . . .

[Self defense instructor David Lombardo] and Hain agreed the gun owner not only followed the letter of the law but that he heroically came to the aid of a person who was unable to defend herself. And while the Kane County sheriff’s office continues to investigate, Hain said his office will not recommend charges against the man with the concealed carry license.

“It’s a cut-and-dry case of self-defense; it’s just not the scenario people usually think of when getting a gun for protection. But as sad as it is to have to kill a dog, when the choice is between a human life and a dog’s life, the human wins,” Lombardo said. “He probably saved her life.”

The attack raises some questions. Does a violent dog attack justify the shooting? What ramifications does a gun owner face when forced to shoot a dangerous animal?

The woman survived, but the attack could have had an entirely different ending if the gun owner hadn’t taken action. We carry to protect ourselves and others from deadly situations, but if we don’t have our firearm, what good is it? As the old American Express tag line advised, don’t leave home without it.

When people are close to home or in familiar surroundings, they tend to let their guard down. This is a stark reminder that a threat can come from anywhere at any time, and it doesn’t always arrive on two legs.


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  1. One can hope that the dog owner is charged as an accessory to the attack. At the very least she should sue him.

    • He’d only face criminal charges if the dogs had attacked people before or if he had a reasonable belief that they were dangerous. Civil liability on the other hand is unavoidable. He is financially liable for all her medical bills as well as just compensation for pain, suffering, loss of use and emotional trauma.

  2. I live in a rural area, and dogs, not thugs, are principally why I carry. Unfortunately, there are dog owners everywhere that are not responsible. While uncommon where I live, dog attacks do happen, usually to someone out walking their own pet.

    • Some of those dogs are bigger than the deer. Seeing as how some people don’t think a .30-30 is enough gun for deer, I’m thinking a 9mm might be a bit anemic for Rottweilers.

      • Give me a break. The only reason people feel they need more than a 9mm(or even .380) is because humans wear clothing, especially winter clothing. This type of shooting is close up and a well placed shot is all you need.

        • Well for the record I’m not in the ‘.30-30 isn’t enough gun for deer’ camp personally. The reason a 9mm IS enough for self defense is that it’s very rare for someone to be shot with one and not decide to rethink his life choices. Determined attackers sometimes don’t know they’re dead and require full mag dumps though. When dealing with animals, they definitely won’t know they’re dead unless you’re like Mudhunter and are adept at making brain shots on vicious dogs while attacking. Personally I’m not that good with hitting a rapidly moving target the size of an orange, even at close range.

      • I live in the country. Although rogue dogs and coyotes have been shot with nearly every rifle and pistol caliber imaginable, I have found for close range,, 9mm hollowpoint to the brain brings a instantaneous stop to a dog’s activity, if not it’s life.

        I’ve had to kill three attacking girls on horses.

        I also had to put down one of mine kicked in the head by a donkey and another run over by a truck that broken a leg, hip and spine.

        • The dog died but it doesn’t say how long it took. Mortally wounded doesn’t equal dead. Both dogs broke off the attack though, so in this case it was. On the other hand, Rottweilers aren’t really all that big. There are breeds twice that size.

        • 357 is too much for me in my advancing years. Last time I fired a 357 round almost hit myself in the forehead
          Have switched to 38 special HP
          Ruger GP 100 revolver will accomdate both
          When we moved from Dallas we rented a house outside of Buda Texas.
          Mountain City Oaks was a rural subdivision
          We lived close to a ranch with mostly sheep
          Some folks thought that they could just let their dogs out to run.
          Dogs are predatory by nature, even little ones like Doxie dogs.
          One day I saw a couple of LEOs on horseback with rifles.
          Shortly after entering ranch, heard gunfire
          They had watched for a while to determine the ones that needed killing.
          And came out with large plastic bags.
          They had a patrol car there who was announcing “if you have a dog missing from your property, you might want to check these bags before we leave”
          I didn’t stick around to see who claimed a dog.
          That Rancher was in his rights to call the law on offending dog owners. A few of the dogs were larger but a couple of doxie dogs were quiilty.
          The rancher could not be expected to indulge the loss of lambs and kid goats to ill responsible dog owners.
          We had a female Golden Retriever she liked to chase deer. Her punishment was a leash on her anytime outside.
          We brought a house in San Marcos Texas with fenced yard. She did enjoy her freedom
          San Marcos has a large deer population in subdivisions.
          But our Golden Retrievers are satisfied to just bark at the deer. Both senior dogs now and would rather be sunbathing than harassing deer anymore

        • TL, I like San Marcos. As I recall that’s where the trees don’t drop their leaves for the winter.

      • The 30-30 is plenty for deer. Range is the issue. The 30-30 only gets you about 200 yards deer range, while a 30-06, .270, 7mm etc extends that quite a bit. Still most deer are taken at less than 200 yards.

        You generally wouldn’t shoot dogs at long range (unless livestock protection is the issue). Therefore a 9mm or 38sp is probably good enough.

        Dogs are one of the main reasons I carry. The only time I ever had to use my CCW was firing into the ground to head off a charging dog. The first shot was a warning to the dog, and the second one would have been in him. Fortunately, he broke off his charge at the sound of the shot. This by the way happened way the heck out in the country, where there is no issue discharging a firearm.

        • Kudos for giving the 4 legged critter a warning shot. 2 legged critters, not so much.

          True, .30-30 probably isn’t the best choice for deer out west. But in the east, to date it’s probably killed more moose than any other cartridge, so within it’s range limitations it’s certainly enough for deer. Most people have no business shooting at wildlife beyond 300 yards anyway.

          Yes, 9mm probably is ‘enough’ gun for domestic dogs. On the other hand, an average male Rottweiler (by far not the biggest dog around) is about exactly the same weight as an average female mountain lion. I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable hiking in mountain lion country with a 9mm. Wild animals are a whole different breed than domestic ones though.

    • Right you are Jimmy Bean…Owners need to maintain the behavior of guard doggies, otherwise a judge can and will justifiably bite their wallet big time.

  3. Pretty sure a man stepping in to “save” a woman is a hate crime. The future is female after all. It may have a penis and shove things up it’s ass for dollar bills online but it’s female.

    • the futureis only as female as strange people like yuo ake it happen. The future is HUMAN, and God made man MALE and FEMALE. And He left no question as to which one eachindividual is. Humans cannot continue withoutboth. nStoppromoting erversion.

        • You think it’s sarcasm, and maybe it is. But sarcasm doesn’t work very well in print, where you can’t hear the tone of one’s voice. If he was being sarcastic, he should have so labeled it.

  4. It’s surprising the pistol and its ammunition were accessible enough (though safely stored) for the father to access them quickly enough to make a difference.

    I hope the father was appropriately licensed to possess the pistol while bringing it to the scene, and he managed to transport it there without brandishing and triggering panicked “OMG Man With A Gun” 911 calls.

    Alas the hero is now “outed” as a gun owner to his neighbors. That could lead to some uncomfortable shunning at next Memorial Day’s block party.

      • depends on jursidition In My state you defintlely to. If the gu nis loaded you must have the Mother May I Card to have it in the vehicle. Unless it is locked in a hardsiced container, and even then it must be unloaded.
        KNOW the lwas in YOUR jurisdiction.

        Thjings change if you are camping/sleeping in the parked vehicle, though. that is considered a form of pccupied dwellling, and defense is allowed. WHen I car camp, my carry gu is right next to me where I sleep. Lethal force may be brought to bear if someone enters or attempts to enter an occucpied vehicle.

        • That’s a goofy law, but it’s par for the course. If anyone asks, you could say you were planning on sleeping in your car later.

      • If it’s unloaded, secured in a lockable (but not necessarily locked) case and either in the trunk or in an area that’s out of the reach of the driver and passengers. In some states you also have to be driving directly to or from a range or hunting ground as well.

        • That would be the case for an unlicensed person in Pennsylvania; unloaded, in the remotest part of the vehicle and going directly to or from one of the enumerated places.

          I imagine though that “I was taking it to someone for a legitimate defense use.” would be a good defense is a Soros DA tried to prosecute. I can’t recall the case names, but I know there have been several cases around the country where a prohibited person grabbed a gun and used it to defend themselves or others and were subsequently acquitted.

        • Fit that last category and one county vs another and city vs deputy vs trooper all can have varying interpretations. Never vote for “safe storage” it’s well meaning misery at best.

      • The father might not have needed a separate permit to carry a firearm in a vehicle, but in Illinois doesn’t he need a FOID to possess a firearm at all?

        Did he run down to the neighborhood FFL for a background check before receiving the transfer from his son? And did he run a check on his son before transferring it to him?

  5. Unfortunately for the CCL holder, this is a suburb of Chicago, where only organized gang members are allowed to engage in mutual combat. While the sheriff’s department may not recommend charges, chances are excellent that an assistant district attorney will insist on pressing charges for violating the victim’s (Rottweiler’s) unalienable right to bite.

    • The Sheriff is the chief law enfrocement officer in that territory, the county. If HE will not lay charges, no prosecutor can. The job of the prosecutor is to prosecute charges laid by the law enforcement officers. If the Sheriff wont press, the DA can’t do a thing. And a good sheriff will make that one stick. I’ve known that to happen.

      • Tionico, where is that? I’ve seen the SAO bring charges lots of times. Sure, an LEO may make the arrest, but we were just serving the warrant. In fact, on a couple of occasions I’ve seen the victim go directly to the SAO just to circumvent local LE. Especially the sheriff.

      • I’m with Gadsden Flag on this one. In Texas, it’s the DA who has control: he can refuse to prosecute despite LE filing charges, and he can take cases to the grand jury (which will almost always do what he asks and issue an indictment) despite the fact the the sheriff or police believe no crime was committed.

        Case in point: the Army soldier who was working off duty as an uBer driver in Austin during an Antifa demonstration. Antifa goon levels a semiauto AK at him; soldier drops him with center mass shots. All on video. Police do not file charges; indeed, the detective who investigated said it was a good shoot. Fast forward a year, with a new Soros-backed DA in office. Murder charges filed. (Case is pending.)

        • I spent 25 years in courts watching what passed for justice. I don’t know of what jurisdiction Tionico speaks, but my experience is in line with Gadsden Flag’s. In Kallifornicatiya the State Attorney General can bring charges if neither local official will move. Most larger counties, the District Attorney’s office maintains their own squad of investigators, so that if the local sheriff doesn’t move on a case the DA’s investigators swing into action.

          Obviously, the sheriff’s opinion as chief law enforcement officer in the particular county carries significant weight with any DA. Both are elected officials and both are aways conscious of the impact of public opinion.

  6. We carry to protect ourselves and others from deadly situations, but if we don’t have our firearm, what good is it?

    We can’t always have our firearms. During my 25 years of service in the U.S. Army, I was not allowed to carry or drive on base with my personally owned weapon. For many years, I lived off-base, yet my commute was always unarmed. Random vehicle inspections at the gate or around base was enough to convince me that I should just leave my firearm at home.

    Many civilian jobs also restrict firearms at the workplace. So sometimes, even with a government issued permission slip, we are forced to be unarmed while out.

    • Many civilian employees violate that company policy, too. And many more leave it in their cars in the parking lot, even if the employer forbids that as well.

      • Many civilian jobs are on secure facilities that conduct vehicle inspections to enter.

        Violate un-Constitutional laws at will, just understand that there are consequences if caught.

        I couldn’t be trusted with having my own pistol for personal protection, but I was trusted on a daily basis with millions of dollars worth of extremely lethal weapon systems. I could level a building with the push of a button, yet I couldn’t protect a jogger from attacking dogs or defend myself from an armed robber.

  7. They won’t charge him. It would cause a sh– storm of bad publicity. The seriously injured victim is there for the mans defense. There’s zero chance she’d be for charges against the man for shooting the dog.

  8. I’ve had a few standoffs with large dogs before I began carrying. I’m usually wearing boots, and I played soccer for seven years. I’d do my best to make a goal with the dog’s head.

    The only time I was bitten was a sucker bite. I was using a trimmer along a house after I mowed their yard. I was there every week and would always pet their dog. Out of nowhere he comes up behind me and bites my leg. It punctured my skin through my jeans. I didn’t even tell the homeowner, and it never happened again. The dog was a weimaraner.

  9. Seeing how quite a few dog people love talking about how they’re willing to go full John Wick on anyone who hurts their sweet doggy, I’d also have to watch out for the possibility of a nutjob owner who thinks defending myself or an innocent bystander from their precious 200lbs. of uncontrolled muscle and fangs makes it okay for said nutjob to attack me, too.

    • “Friday at 11:42 AM
      Add bookmark
      Yesterday started early.
      -Took sweetheart in for surgery to repair her blown out shoulder. Went longer than expected but it went well under the knife (according to surgeon).
      -on the way home stopped to get her meds. When exiting the CVS a dog lunged out of a car and tore up my arm pretty badly (big Akita). I kicked the dog away in order to pick up the meds which I had dropped. With that kick four people poured out of their cars to assail me and protect the visions dog. They all thought I was abusing my dog as they had not seen the dog bite me. Then I showed them my arm. Most backed off. Meanwhile my daughter happened to be driving by and saw her dad standing in the middle of a crowd of angry men and she wheeled into the parking lot and called police. Then my one armed, freshly out of surgery wife gets out of my car and yells everyone that I was protecting myself and was not the aggressor. Spen the rest of the night in the emergency ward. -”

      Posted on a fishing forum recently

      • Yep. Dog lovers can be just as deranged as the craziest cat person, they just don’t realize it because pop culture is constantly telling them that liking dogs = Good Person™, and we all know that can never possibly be false. Just ask Blondi.

    • People of the Dog Fancy are like people of the Gun. Most are reasonable, some are really obnoxious overbearing nut jobs. When you think about it, their interests really intersect on so many issues. Especially politically. The groups should really be more friendly to each other.

      • The key difference is that I’ve never heard of anyone’s pistol jumping a fence and ripping off a toddler’s arm.

  10. Tionico, where is that? I’ve seen the SAO bring charges lots of times. Sure, an LEO may make the arrest, but we were just serving the warrant. In fact, on a couple of occasions I’ve seen the victim go directly to the SAO just to circumvent local LE. Especially the sheriff.

  11. The man did the correct thing, most likely saved her life. People who own dogs think they are just furry babies and everyone should love them, they are not, they can and do kill. I have been bitten twice by a dog, the same dog both times on my own property, a small but aggressive terrier. I finally shot it with a high powered pellet gun, that got it’s attention and it just barked at me from 50 feet away after that. Owner was pissed. I told them to call police if they had issue, because the police would take dog and put it down. There was no need to destroy this dog, but a bigger dog would have been a real concern.

  12. What I get from the story is:


    Already doing that…Thankfully my State does not require me to have a permission card to protect myself or an innocent third party.

  13. “… who is a CCL holder, wasn’t carrying his gun.

    From the Tribune . . .

    ‘So he called his father, who was maybe a block away, and asked him to get his gun and bring it to him, which he did. I believe he put it in his car and the man retrieved it … All the while, the dogs continued to attack the woman.

    ‘It went on for minutes, we don’t have an exact time frame.”

    In the mean time she was going “That’s ok, I’ll wait till your dad brings the gun. That leg wasn’t really important anyway.”

    Finally, a use for that EDC knife and tourniquet everyone says one should carry.

    Seriously, what was he doing while waiting for the gun?

    • An Officer I used to work with was a former canine handler in the Air Force. I asked him about this (almost) same scenario. His response: Engage the dog. You WILL get bit. Feed the dog your week side arm. Grasp the dog’s tail with your strong side hand. Lift the dog up and break it’s back over your knee*….My response was “that is seriously hard core”.

      Fortunately, I have always been armed when threatened by a large, vicious canine. Typing out a use of force memorandum is so much easier than having to be Frankensteined in the Emergency Room.

      *His answer was geared towards military working dogs who are trained to bite and hold. YMMV with run of the mill non-DoD / non- police canines.

        • Sian,

          In my opinion it is virtually impossible to subdue two large, powerful, and vicious dogs with your bare hands. The much more probable outcome is your demise.

    • WHO cares if the shooter had a CCL? So the women shoulda’ just died because he lacked the gubmint card??? My other thoughts:the owner should be charged with assault.And pay any and ALL expenses. And never permitted to own a dog. Always have a SabreRed pepper gel thing on me. I get really tired of a-holes and their dangerous dog’s. BTW St. Charles is a fairly cool place for ILLannoy. Been there many times at Kane County Market.

  14. I really don’t get people’s inability to handle an aggressive dog. Like cops shoot dogs barking at them instead of just kicking them to go away, which is what would happen in most cases even if the dog was actually going to attack. This guy and the owner struggled for minutes and he called his dad to bring him a gun? Seriously? Grab the dog by his esophagus and choke him with with your hand or use a leash, belt. If that doesn’t work, take your keys and put in his jaw, or when you don’t care to hurt him permanently, stab him in they eyes or ears with the keys. 😐

    • people can’t handle a 15 pound goose because they’re intimidated. 50-70 pound dog is even moreso if you aren’t used to handling mid to large sized dogs.
      Additionally one dog is fine. I’m very comfortable dealing with dogs and there isn’t a single dog under 120 pounds that I’d worry about going hands-on with.
      When there are two or more dogs, all bets are off.

      • Adding to Sian’s comment, kicking or attempting to jam car keys into one attacking dog which is locked onto a victim is one thing. Doing that to a 100 pound dog which is attacking you is an entirely different matter. Finally, as Sian stated, try doing that with two 100 pound dogs viciously attacking you. I predict they will take you down to the ground in less than 10 seconds. And once you are down on the ground, you are royally and totally screwed.

        I have to point out something else. A pair of large/powerful dogs which are attacking out of general boredom or proximity is a cakewalk compared to a pair of large/powerful dogs attacking with absolute intent to kill, especially if the pair of dogs are “attack dog” breeds such as rottweilers, doberman pincers, and German shepherds.

        • Some dogs absolutely won’t quit no matter what you do. My terrier got into it with my ridgeback. The fifteen pound terrier would not stop and the male ridgeback would have eventually killed him. Just about the time I was exhausted trying to separate them, my big ridgeback bitch stepped in and pinned the terrier. I managed to secure the male ridgeback, grab the terrier and get him to the vet. That bitch was way to big for the breed but she was the pack leader and truly a queen.

        • Agree 100%

          My only add to the conversation is that keys are generally poor self defense weapons. It’s a neat idea, but in practice they shift around in your grip, making a solid strike in a vital area very difficult.

        • Huntmaster,

          I agree completely that some dogs will not stop until physically incapacitated. That is why I do not take any chances and ensure that I am always armed when I am outside.

          For reference I have a neighbor across the street with two psychotic German Shepherds which have demonstrated outrageous levels of frustration and aggression, including biting someone’s dog and a pedestrian–both events totally and completely unprovoked. I have had confrontations with those dogs several times. Thankfully I was armed at every confrontation. Fun fact regarding the two most dangerous confrontations where the dogs charged me: I quickly drew my handgun and stepped forward to shoot them, which immediately stopped their charges both times. I believe my physical action and extremely confident body language is what they responded to.

  15. So much overreaction here. There is a simple “fix” to incidents like this: don’t go jogging. Jogging can be deadly for a number of reasons. When you get the urge to go jogging, just open your favorite adult beverage, sit on the couch, watch the sports channels.

  16. This story is a prime example of why “I’ll just keep it (my gun) on me when I’m in a dangerous area.” is just plain foolish. I can guarantee beyond a shadow of doubt that guy wasn’t thinking “I bet I’ll have to fight off an attacking dog today”. Meanwhile the poor lady getting torn to shreds has to endure, what probably felt like, an eternity of terror and pain while Mr good Samaritan has someone fetch his gun. I mean kudos to him for stopping, it was ABSOLUTELY the right thing to do, but he could have been infinitely more effective had he been carrying his weapon on his person.
    That’s why my gun goes on my hip when I get out of bed in the morning and it goes on my nightstand when I turn-in for the night; it’s never out of reach. It is impossible to predict when you’ll NEED your firearm and if that situation arises, you’ll REALLY wish you had it.

  17. Does a violent dog attack justify the shooting?

    It does if the dog attack is a credible, imminent threat of death or great bodily harm. What that means is you have to consider the size/strength of the dogs as well as the victim. Thus, two chihuahuas weighing a combined total of 16 pounds attacking an NFL linebacker is not a credible, imminent threat of death or great bodily harm. Two rottweilers weighing a combined total of 200 pounds attacking a 50 year-old woman absolutely IS a credible, imminent threat of death or great bodily harm.

    What ramifications does a gun owner face when forced to shoot a dangerous animal?

    Assuming that the dangerous animal attack was a credible, imminent threat of death or great bodily harm, you do not face any legal consequences when your local law enforcement and prosecutor are anything close to reasonable/sane. As other commenters mentioned, you could still face backlash from the attacking animal’s owner no matter how legitimate your actions were. Beware and plan accordingly.

    • “As other commenters mentioned, you could still face backlash from the attacking animal’s owner no matter how legitimate your actions were. ”

      Actually, there is a tried-and-true method of avoiding everything: Call 911; be a good witness; remain on the scene to direct the EMTs to the victim.

      • You lost me there. The word for someone who is capable of armed intervention but instead calls 911 and then simply watches another person get mauled by animals until an ambulance arrives is a “sociopath”.

        • Iron Cat Beast,

          Commenter Sam I Am loves to inject sarcasm into the comments as a literary device intended to force people to seriously consider the subject matter.

          His above comment clearly demonstrates the absurdity of Far Left positions–such as allowing a human or animal attacker to seriously maim or kill a human victim (while waiting several minutes for police to arrive) rather then saving the victim’s life with effect self-defense. I am 1000% confident that his above comment is sarcasm.

        • “I am 1000% confident that his above comment is sarcasm.”

          That may be, depending on how good a witness they are.

      • Glad you mentioned the last one. Prosecutors of the K Rittenhouse and Potter seriously mentioned the accused NEEDED to stay on the scenes to provide aid to the “victims.”

  18. When I had a Pet Sitting/ Dog Walking Company
    Loose dogs were always a pain in the ass.
    In every little dog body has a big dog attitude. Doxie dogs are the worst!
    I would generally just pick up the dog and walk a different way.
    I did carry pepper spray canisters with me and also carried flashlight Tazer combination with me.
    If I encountered a charging dog I would grab Tazer and activate it immediately even a charging dog will rethink the plan.
    Does it freak out my client’s dog, yip it does and that goes into notes left after the incident.
    For some reason the dog I’m taking care of, becomes a lot more cooperative on the “come along and go potty” commands.
    I have also had a few creepy neighbors on
    petsit assignment decide to follow me, a Tazer demonstration has always made the rare jackass
    neighbor cease behavior. That also goes into notes for that pet sit
    I have since retired and closed my business after 10 successful year’s
    Did really enjoy my charges and their owners
    As John Wayne said “a man’s got to know his limits” so does a woman pet Sitter also.

  19. Anyone who has to ask whether the dog should have been shot is lacking something. Either brains, or humanity.

  20. In the State of Colorado where I live that would have been a no brainer and I doubt seriously if anyone would have made an issue under those circumstances. The rules of engagement permit a handgun owner, open or concealed, to defend themselves or others in a life threat situation. I think two rottweilers ripping someone up would clearly qualify. If for some reason the victim were guilty of some law violation which caused the incident it would be them and not the shooter who would be in trouble.


  22. What was not mentioned is the barbaric use of killer dogs by the cops who often turn the vicious beasts from hell on people for minor reasons. I have seen plenty of horror videos on this.

    What pissed me off is that very often I see people claiming that if you shoot a police dog it should be the same penalty as shooting a cop. Little do these Morons know that gleefully watching hounds from hell tear people to pieces is right out of Nazi Germany or further back in time the Roman Coliseum. Again most of the time the cops usually had no right to do this to people who have not committed a felony or violent act. But they gleefully do it all the time.

    As far as the article was concerned that Moron dog owner should have got 20 years in prison and fined into permanent bankruptcy for life.

    I might add irresponsible owners of exotic pets fall into the same category as I read of a person who had a pet monkey who immediately attacked a visitor and bit off half her face.

    Another example occurred one street over from me when I was a kid. An irresponsible dog owner let his dog run loose, the hound from hell came clear across town and travelled two miles to my neighbors house and bit off half the face of his 2 year old daughter playing on her front porch. They should have hung the irresponsible dog owner by his dirty balls and let him die a slow agonized death.

    I have no sympathy for dogs running loose because they not only attack innocent people but often kill livestock as well, they should be shot on site either by the cops or even by the public if no cops are around to do it for them. In a life or death emergency if possible Use No. 6 shot out of a shot gun as it does the job and if it ricochets it usually does not go through the walls of nearby houses. Its much safer than trying to use a rifle or even a handgun.

  23. Dogs run loose in this town, some are mean.
    Cops dont care if you shoot them ,(unless your a possum, then they get all giggedy),
    They just dont like a bunch of dead dogs laying around the trash dumpster, stand your ground law or not.

  24. Self defense means protecting yourself. There are many threats out there. Some have two legs and some have four. Threat to life does not always come in the form of something that can be inhaled or from a politician.

    • “Self defense means protecting yourself.”

      More and more, “self-defense” is whatever a jury decides it is.

  25. If it’s not me or my family I’m not getting involved.

    She’s responsible for her own self-defense.

    these women and their darn Rottweilers! Forget the ferocious dogs, keep a gun and the labradoodle.

  27. Pepper spray is generally a lot less useful than people might hope but dogs is the one reason I was glad to carry it. Works a lot better on them and can be safer than trying to shoot when there’s a human there.

  28. How about prayers for the woman attacked. She is my brother-in-laws sister and she’s going to lose her leg. She was being attacked for 15 minutes! Thank God this man stopped, he saved her life! I’m not a fan of guns, but respect those who own them responsibly.

    • That family member that was seriously mauled and may lose her leg. That family member that did not have to endure any of that. Her experience did not teach you to embrace and carry a gun?

      Prayers and a gun work a lot better than just prayers.

  29. Damn it, people. If you’re not going to carry a firearm, carry a good blade! Kill that dog before it maims or kills you. No dicking around. No “it’s someone’s beloved pet!” idiocy. Put holes in it until it stops attacking.

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