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Marc lists his occupation as detention officer and says this is his hockey season carry. His gun of choice is a Springfield XD-S, a highly concealable 9mm with a 3.3-inch barrel and a 7-round capacity with a flush-fitting magazine. He also has a three-ring binder, an assortment of pens and pencils, and a paracord bracelet. There’s a Tac Force Rescue Cutter pictured, too, which is a handy device to keep in your car in case you ever get stuck after a wreck and need to cut your seat belt off.

Looks like this may be a bag-carry situation but it’s difficult to be certain. There is a DeSantis holster pictured so it’s possible everything but the XD-S goes into the bag. So now for something a little different.

If you carry a bag, whether you’re a guy with a pack or a woman who carries a purse, and you also have a handgun holstered, does the bag/purse/satchel impede your drawstroke? Do you carry the bag on the same side as your handgun? Have you ever given thought to whether or not it might cause issues if you need to defend yourself?  Things to ponder.


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  1. Like sailing, “one hand for the boat, one hand for yourself”. “Always keep your gun hand free”, was taught the same way, as one of the handgun basics. Better to make several short trips by myself than one long trip accompanied by six others. -30-

      • Possum, I was issued one mouth and two ears. Learned from Gramps that meant I should listen twice as much as I talk. Became amazed at how much I could learn following that advice. Just about anything I post, I’m able to do by the grace and skills of all the others that went before me. I try never to forget that.-30-

        • I remember gramps telling me all the time “you don’t know enough to know you don’t know, and the more you KNOW you’ll start knowing you don’t know”. (Made me think), he also said “common sense ain’t so common” and “your only as good as your tools”. I’ll say it again, he was right. Damn I miss that old man.

        • My dad was the same.
          Never pay for anything you can get for free. And if they’re free, take two.
          If you have doubts about a job, redo it better.

  2. Detention Officer? Is that like D.O.C. officer only for kids in school.? A friend of mine has one of these pistols, he just loves it. He doesn’t carry it in a purse, I mean bag, though

  3. Always a story ,but it’s insighful:. I had to pull a gun on three individuals in a panic situation, a Galco leather holster and 4 inch barreled Trooper Mk3. I’d practiced drawing and shooting that combo until I was cowboy fast. When SHTF that gun come out of that holster like cold molasses. Had I had it in a bag, purse or sack, I’d have never made it. I do not use revolvers anymore, however they do have pluses for first shot fast.

  4. I’ve got a Shield. Can’t get comfortable with it enough to carry. Will admit my mistake and move on to…? Something a bit heftier that fits my gun hand for carry purposes…


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