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Remington 20/20, c Nick Leghorn

Remington is gearing up to show off their brand new 20/20 line of rifles at SHOT Show this year, the rifle that combines TrackingPoint’s wonder scope with Remington’s ballistic manufacturing capabilities. We weren’t expecting to see one before next week, but during a trip to the Austin Cabela’s store we stumbled across this Remington 20/20 in their gun library. And up close it just looks…well, terrible. I wasn’t impressed in the least. Anyway, we’ll put the rifle through its paces at SHOT Show and let you know how it actually works.

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  1. Looks like a 700 with a big starlight scope on it. “Ballistic advantage” at the cost of really expensive and heavy.

    Perhaps in 10 years.

  2. Not a big fan of the “cobweb” paint job either… looked horrible on the cover of American Rifleman and in this picture as well…

  3. Off topic, I note that the Remington is sitting on a Caldwell DeadShot Fieldpod, as reviewed by Tyler Kee in TTAG (December 26, 2013). I bought one of those from Midway, based on Tyler’s review, and tried it out this weekend. DEFINITELY recommended – very useful for “gravel pit sight-ins”, and handy for a coyote calling setup. High quality, very solid for the light weight (5lbs). Note: Be sure to read the set up instructions several times, and practice at home before you take it out [RTFI].

    Thanks, Tyler —

  4. Saw that at the Buda Cabela’s a couple months ago….was not too impressed for the $5k price tag. Could have put it on a better rifle.

  5. I have mixed feelings about these tracking point rifles/scopes. Seems a bit of a cheat, but if that’s where the technology leads, then so be it. After all, any other current technological trait on a rifle could similarly be called a cheat relative to the feature it superceded. So I don’t know.

    I would encourage shooters to gain proficiency on as rudimentary level as feasible and not rely entirely on the latest technology. You never know when the technology might not be available and you have to go old school. For example, I can sail open water at night with a sextant, or just gps. I’m not suggesting all sailors go that far old school, but maybe just knowing how to sail an actual sailboat would suffice.

  6. American Rifleman tested it this month. It’s hard to believe, but they liked it. Kinda. And then said that using the 20/20 isn’t actually shooting.

    Shooting is a skill, and one that’s hard to master. The whole purpose of the 20/20 and TrackingPoint systems is to remove the human element, and therefore the skill, from the shot.

    Making a great shot should not be a matter of pushing a button. If this is the future of shooting, then all the gungrabbers in the world couldn’t be more harmful to the shooting sports.

    • Agreed.

      If I remember correctly these have a max range of 500 m (550 yards). So ots pretty much useless.

  7. The same model has been for sale for the past few months at the Cabela’s in Lehi, UT as well. It doesn’t look any less terrible in person.

  8. This thing is too damn expensive (cool, but expensive) to be a viable optic. Its more of a gimmick.

  9. I have no opinion on the 2nd Amendment political effects, but I am certain these should not be allowed for hunting. The device absolutely puts fair-chase in danger of extinction. The humans-to-moose ratio is too high a number already.

  10. I hear a lot of naysayers on this site. I don’t know what your problem is. You can never have enough guns. Yes, it’s ugly. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, I will be buying one. I think the .308 Model 700 will be a welcome addition to my armory. I wonder if my suppressor will effect the calculations. Anyway… It’s a gun… ’nuff said.

    • I’m with you. They made a total of 1,000 rifles / three calibers.
      300+ per cal.
      I got one in jan but had to send it back to be replaced. Think it was one of the first ones. They said they are replacing the scope and re tuning it to the rifle.

      Y’all can call cheat All you want. Shoot it then talk.
      All this scope really does is give you a top notch sniper spotter in your scope. It calculates more variables than you will down to bullet,powder. Spin of earth, spin drift, bar. Pressure, temp, compas,elevation,can’t ,wind age etc. does that and generates the firing solution 54 times a second and instead of turning a turret, it moves the reticle to the POI. You still have to have the skill to line up and squeeze off the shot. All it does is the math.
      First mode is in mildot and ranges to 750yd. All shooter
      Other two modes tag and track.
      Built in wifi streams scope view to ipad of HUD glasses. Records audio/video proves ethical kill
      Custom pelican case
      with 300 rds of nice ammo.
      I think its the future of rifles…
      The tracking point has the electric trigger that takes the shot for you.
      The 20/20 just tells you when to squeeze.
      Just like doping with a shooter app. It’s just built in the scope.

  11. I have NEVER been so ashamed of a firearms company in all my life. If ever there was a need for a country tail-whoopin, a lot of folks went out of their way to earn this one. … n2020.aspx

    The rifle itself is alright. It is a standard 700 in 308. Other than the words “Tactical 1/10 Rifling” stamped down the right side of the barrel, it is a regular 700 with a 9 pound trigger and a Hogue stock facsimile.

    “But what about that 10 pound piece of optics on top?” You ask???? Lemme tell ya.
    It is an all digital scope. There is NO direct view through the scope. If you sit in a movie theater and try to watch the show through a 2 inch piece of PVC pipe, you have your view through this “optic”. The eye relief is a generous 1 inch. Thank goodness Remington hasn’t put this on their 338 Rem Ultra Mag. (No Remington, Bad Touch!)
    The image is grey scale image and never ever clears up crisp. Using the bright orange diamond targets with the large diamond and posts in the middle and 4 other smaller diamonds on the corners, I could see the targets well at 100 yards, but at 300 they were all a blur. Best I ever got the scope to clean up was I could make out one solid orange blur at 300 with white corners around it.

    Since this is an all digital scope, it will go to 21 power magnification or so. That is about as practical on a hunting rifle as trying to blow bubbles with fingernail clippers, but eh, you don’t have to use it. This rifle is supposedly “Ammunition matched” to three different loads using Remington factory loadings. IIRC, there was a softpoint load, a Barnes load and a Remington 168 Match load. We were using the 168 Match load.

    “Congratulations, your new Remington rifle was zeroed at the factory by our trained professionals and should not need any additional sighting in.”
    By whom, Helen Keller? At 100 yards, after taking 30 minutes to figure out what buttons to push to even begin to work that joke of a scope the rifle printed two inches low and two inches left. Now get this!!!! To re zero the scope, we have to get an APP (Yeah, a phone app) to tell us how to zero the scope!
    Are these folks so daft that they just love the smell of their own farts and think they are smart? I mean every time they do anything and hear a bell go off they have to reflexively respond “Ding, fries are done.”

    The scope has two owners manuals. Yep, two. What could possibly be written in them that is so important? Nothing. Not a blanket blank thing. There is one page with how to operate the laser range finder, two pages or so on different views you can toggle to in the scope and the rest is advertising and telling you if you have any other problems, please send it back to the factory. Problem with that is….. Hahaha…. It is in a pelican case that is 6 inches thick, two feet wide and 6 feet long. Really? Every time I have an issue (wich is undoubtedly inevitable) I have to pay 150 dollars to ship this gigantic thing back insured?

    “Remington technology allows for more precise shot placement at long distances making that once in a lifetime chance at a long distance trophy possible.”
    No, you allow people without the desire, knowledge, skills or abilities to think they are long range snipers or something and it will result in wounded game and injured hunters who were mistaken for game because the idiot behind the scope could not definitively make out what they were shooting at.

    Not only does this kit take up half my truck bed, weigh around 12 pounds for the rifle and scope, require the use of two nickel something batteries and is WiFi capable, but you cannot hold the rifle with two hands and still work the optic. Cannot and will not happen.
    The basic operation of the scope is supposed to go like this according to Remington manuals.
    1. Pack this thing into the woods and locate game.
    2. Turn on the scope and wait for it to boot up. Takes around 30 seconds.
    3. Input wind values, acquire target and use range finder.
    4. Once target is ranged, a red dot will appear where you determine you want your shot to land. The red dot will remain unless target is lost from view in the scope. Then you get to start over with the range finder bit.
    5. When the target dot is aligned with the crosshairs, the crosshairs will turn red indicating you are in your “kill radius” that is factory set at 2 MOA. If you are off your kill radius, the crosshairs will remain blue.
    6. Turn on “record” feature so all your friends can watch your crappy shooting skills live via WiFi.
    7. Attempt to pull small lever that 100 years ago used to be called a trigger before lawyers got ahold of it and watch your beautiful trophy whitetail deer get shot through the guts because you took a shot you were dang sure not qualified or experienced to take and you ought to have your tail whooped for trying but don’t worry cause you don’t have the ethics to go track it down and finish it because you are so embarrassed and even if you did, you would never work that piece of junk in time to put another bullet in it at a closer range.

    • You must have had a prototype and not know how
      Tob hold it.
      My 700 rem 20″ 1:10 w/hogue stock
      Remington 20/20 is in color in daylight. You take the sun shade off at dawn or dusk and you focus the shot view screen to your vision before you try to zoom.
      The trigger is set to 3.5 lb from factory.
      Once you tag a target if you hold the tag button for three secs. It uses image stabilation so you aren’t so jerky. Or you could back it out of 21x at 100 yd.
      at 12x this rifle will put three .308 SMK rounds in a dime size group. I’d post the pic but idk how heh
      You can’t be pre biased on a new system and shoot it once and have a good enough opinion bout it to be so poo poo
      I not like this new dangled wiz bang bleepy thing.
      Ecpecially if you use a shooter app or ballistic calculator.

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