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As predicted by, well, anyone with any knowledge of gun politics and the Congressional sausage making process, House Speaker Paul Ryan announced that he’s pulled the SHARE Act — a measure that would have greatly de-regulated suppressors — off the table.


House Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday said Republicans have no scheduled plan to vote on a bill that would ease rules on gun silencers, in the wake of the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history.

Reports had suggested the House could vote on the National Rifle Association-backed legislation, known as the SHARE Act, soon.

“That bill is not scheduled now,” Ryan told reporters. “I don’t know when it’s going to be scheduled.”

If you’ll remember, the Hearing Protection Act was scheduled come before a House committee on June 15. However, on the 14th, James Hodgkinson opened fire on a group of GOP legislators practicing for the annual Congressional baseball game. The HPA was then shelved.

The momentum behind the already controversial firearms bill appeared to sag after the deadly shooting. A hearing on the bill was previously delayed this summer when a shooter opened fire at a congressional baseball practice, severely wounding House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

Ryan on Tuesday said the House’s immediate priority is passing its fiscal 2018 budget.

The SHARE Act, cast as a bill to help hunters, includes provisions to ease restrictions on buying silencers and making it harder for regulators to classify some types of ammunition as “armor-piercing.” Gun control advocates have opposed the bill.

And so it goes.

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    • This sucks for the consumer, but might be good news for the gun industry and especially the companies that make silencers.

      For well over a year now way too many shooters were sitting on the fence as to whether or not it was the right time to buy a suppressor. With legislation hanging out there, waiting was an option so as not to pay a $200 tax only to have that tax removed the next day…or one day shy of six months of waiting.

      So with SHARE on hold, or dead even, now’s the time to buy a suppressor. No point in waiting and in fact you might loose your chance if a steamroller full of anti-gun legislation rides into DC on the coattails of the Vegas massacre.

    • Ryan needs to go.McConnell needs to go.
      Not surprised that he is a coward.

      We need to concentrate on passing National Reciprocity ASAP & rename it the Steve Scalise National Reciprocity Act.

      Frankly it may be too late.

      Thanks Republican’ts!

  1. Why don’t Rayno and granny McConnell just go ahead and join their fellow Commiecrat’s,put the D for Dirtbag after their names.

  2. Los Vegas just gave him the excuse he had been hoping for. Ryan is only slightly more pro gun than Tim Kaine.

    • And he’s all for unchecked illegal immigration. To think I voted for this guy for VPN makes me sick.

  3. We need to call our congressional critters now in mass and tell them that this needs to be put back on the table in the days ahead. I understand delaying the vote, but to throw in the towel completely like this is unacceptable!

      • Both sides in Washington, DeCeit fear We the Gunholders….just as it was intended.
        Won’t dare trying to grab our guns with THEIR cold, dead hands.

  4. So all the DNC has to do to push their agenda is to have one of their pet psychos commit an act of domestic terrorism? Way to give that wacko berniebro nut job exactly what he wanted.

    • Not at all arguing or saying you’re wrong Serge, but did anyone verify that he was in fact, a Berniebro? I’ve been saying it all day, but I was wondering about actual confirmation.

      • There have been pictures circulating of him wearing a pussy hat at an anti-trump protest. Besides, if he was a conservative, it would have leaked by now.

  5. I’m shocked that people here are surprised. Ryan would have to have a black hole for a heart to keep this bill scheduled. It was inevitable.

    • No you Moron for once he did something honorable. It was an insane bill from the very beginning. The current vetting system has worked and worked well for decades and none of your propaganda or out right lies can change the fact that turning loose tens of thousands of silencers with no vetting on second hand sales would be anything short of sheer madness. Its a shame it took a mass tragedy for the Republicans to get the guts to do what was right.

      • Suppressors aren’t exactly difficult to come by. If criminals wanted to use them, then a black market would exist for them, and they would be using them.

        Criminals value concealability over almost everything, when it comes to choice of weapon. Suppressors adversely impact concealability.

        • to Chips in the head

          As you usual you live in your own little fantasy world. I have been out on the street with the street punks and most are not rich and most are not very well educated. Many are only vaguely aware that silencers even exist. In the past when there have been some illegals ones on the street the punks led the cops right to the source when caught with them which shut down the operation very quickly. I have seen this happen not once but several times. The point is that if silencers became as common as hamburgers on a street corner yes the punks would soon all have them even if it was only for prestige and the intimidation factor. Of course they eventually would use them to deadly effect. Its the perfect tool for an assassination. Why in the hell do you think the OSS bought and used them so effectively in WWII. Get real and quit bullshitting everyone as to the very real danger of thousands of silencers turned loose on the streets of places like Chicago and New York. You are either naïve, uneducated or a complete liar when it comes to the danger of thousands of silencers turned loose on our city streets.

          Some years ago we had a mass murderer here and guess what the cops found in the glove compartment of his car, you guessed it a silencer and it was not there for show or because it did not work.

        • To chips in the head

          Your blowing nothing more than smoke out your rectum and preaching to the choir. Your beloved silencer mayhem bill is dead and gone so get over it. Saner heads prevailed or rather the public uproar over the last mass murder in conjunction with the idiotic silencer bill was its demise.

          I might add MSNBC News today said gun ownership is on the decline with only 30 per cent of the population even owning guns anymore. Most view even hunting as obscene and urban sprawl has gobbled up so much land that many people do not even have a place to hunt or shoot if they wanted to. I did not have to be told that tonight because anyone who goes to gun shows sees on average the majority of people there are dying old gray bearded men. A recent house invasion of our neighborhood had 3 homes broken into with guns laying all over the place in one of them. The young people who broke in stole everything but the guns that were in plain sight. They had no use for them. That should tell you something and as the older population kicks off the resulting younger gun-less voters will become more and more anti gun ownership. Its only a matter of time when the bulk of the population will not only not own any guns but not want anyone at all to own them as well and the Courts will be only be to glad to support laws for that purpose. You will see this come to pass far sooner than you can image. As many gun owners have been telling me for quite some time “we are a dying breed” gun owners, gun shows and the gun culture are headed for extinction and far sooner than most would imagine.

        • Poor widdle Cisco kid. Tsk tsk. to think anybody would beLIEve lying MSNBC and THINGS like Rachel “SHE IS GONNA WIN” madcow on gun ownership much less ANY other thing…. there is not much hope for you. Gun ownership is way up there dudette. And after every one of these STAGED FALSE FLAGS like this MULTIPLE SHOOTER incident in Vegas more people wake up. You will see civil war before you see people accept gun confiscation. I can only hope IDIOTS like you are caught in the crossfire when it comes.

      • Honor? Punishing law abiding people for a criminals’ actions is honorable now? FOAD. You have NO idea what you are talking about with the NFA ‘vetting’. It is the same check as NICS. FOAD commie.

      • Why would you think that? Any of it? Look at disarmament utopia Great Britton. A crazy backwards land where surprisers aren’t even required to have serial numbers. They fall under a simple background check like the SHARE act would have kept them in. Yet for some strange reason the streets of London don’t run red with the blood of people gunned down by suppressed fire….
        I mean they run red with blood of stabbing victims and machete victims and people run over by vans…
        But strangely no one killed by suppressed fire. Therefore, you are wrong. Theres no madness in suppressors being available, if anything the right thing to do would be to pas the SHARE act and become a civilized society.
        Just ask the British.

        • Your not very familiar with Great Britain as its extremely difficult to even get the paper work to own a shotgun so its rather a mute point on silencers. With no weapon the silencer is a worthless piece of trash. The most recent terrorist attack proved how effect weapons vetting is in Britain because not one of the gang of terrorists was even able to buy a shotgun. They resorted to first using a van which they wrecked and then tried to attack people in a pub who beat the shit out of them with chairs and broken beer bottles even though the terrorists had knives. On the other hand you see what happened in the U.S. where most people can get anything they want even if they would happen to be criminals or nut cases. No problem just buy anything out on the street like second hand guns or stolen guns bypassing the local or State laws and ditto for the Federal laws as well. Now you can see why mandatory use of safes and security alarm systems and vetting of all gun purchases is so important and ditto for Psychological testing as well. All this has worked quite well in foreign countries and places like Britain certainly prove it works. When was the last time a nut case mowed down dozens of people in Britain from the top of a building or in Australia after they passed their laws. They put a stop to it didn’t they. And ditto for the last British School shooting that happened decades ago. The British put a stop to that too.

          All this proves that yes a Nation can indeed do something about mass shootings its just that in the U.S. mass murders are considered a normal way of life. But I think that is soon to be coming to an end and probably after the 2018 elections especially if Herr Drumpf is gone out of office through an impeachment.

          And no they can still happen if foreign governments support terrorism but in the U.S. out of the 17 super mass terrorist attacks only two were terrorist attacks because of foreign influence or participation , the other 15 attacks were by U.S. citizens gone off the deep end into insanity and those could have been stopped if the laws had been different. Again History has proved other Nations have done it.

      • A silencer, wtf does it do? Its not so silenced if it isn’t subsonic, and if that’s in the 5.56 all you got is not much more then a .22 They seem to dirty up barrels and chambers add more weight length accuracy issues to the gun, maybe it’s a political thing, might be a cool factor thing, ,,. ,,,,. hearing? I understand the political part, but it seems like overselling it bit. Besides politics, Do I Really Need a gun muffler.

      • A silencer, wtf does it do? Its not so silenced if it isn’t subsonic, and if that’s in the 5.56 all you got is not much more then a .22 They seem to dirty up barrels and chambers add more weight length accuracy issues to the gun, maybe it’s a political thing, might be a cool factor thing, ,,. ,,,,. hearing? I understand the political part, but it seems like overselling it bit. Besides politics, Do I Really Need a gun muffler.

      • Suppressors are easy to make. They don’t silence anything. Criminals don’t need them. The only people who want them are the weekend range goers , hunters and other normal people who don’t wish to hurt their hearing. Stop propagating hysteria.

      • “As many gun owners have been telling me for quite some time “we are a dying breed” gun owners, gun shows and the gun culture are headed for extinction and far sooner than most would imagine.”

        OMG Billy the Frisco Kid! You’re even more out of touch with reality than I thought. Where the hell did you get your “info” from? Oh wait, MSNBC… Ahhh the network of peace. LMAO… You’re pretty dumb for an alt-lefty. I mean at least most of ANTIFA has a middle school education. You must’ve graduated from the school of trailer park ho’s. Your mama! Get real. Your info is so fake that you would be an embarrassmentt to CNN. Andy Cooper would kick you off his alt-left show. At least consider educating yourself a bit before you shoot off that liberal mouth.

      • Like in New Zealand where you can buy a suppressor at a hardware store for $20 without showing ID or filling out a form?
        Or in the USA, where making an oil filter suppressor takes a matter of minutes and $10 worth of parts?

      • @cisco kid — No, you moron. Once and again he did something dishonorable. It was insane not to have passed the bill. The current vetting system hasn’t worked and has never, ever been shown by anyone, anywhere, at any time to have ever worked, and none of your propaganda or out-right lies — which ARE in fact the only propaganda and lies to be seen here, there, and everywhere — can change the actual fact that turning loose tens of thousands or even millions of silencers with no vetting, second-hand sales or not, would be anything even remotely resembling madness. It’s actually a shame that a mass tragedy could be used by cowards like you to push an agenda you know full well by now — and yes, yes you do — is as phony as a three dollar bill. You don’t now and will never even know what’s right, let alone ever have the courage f your convictions to actually go out and do it yourself.

      • Hey Cisco Kid, have you ever actually heard a suppressor in use? Unlike their misnomer “silencer” they don’t silence a gunshot. They just drop the decibel level enough that hunters, target shooters, etc. don’t wreck their ears. In effect, a 9mm shot might sound more like a .22LR shot… which is still loud and noticeable.

        If the Las Vegas shooter had used suppressors, the people below would still have become victims. If you watch any of the footage, MANY of the concertgoers simply ducked and huddled, unable to determine where the shots were coming from. And actually, MANY of them have stated that they thought the shots were end-of-show fireworks… until they started seeing people killed and wounded.

        A suppressor doesn’t make a gun more or less deadly. A gun is an inanimate object that makes no decisions – it’s only the shooter that can make a gun deadly. If every gun owner in the country possessed and used suppressors, there would be no more crime as a result, no more shootings as a result. However, the hearing of hunters, target shooters, law enforcement and our military would be greatly benefitted.

        You obviously have an agenda, and from your writing it’s apparent it’s one that doesn’t include facts and knowledge!

      • I humbly disagree, the definition of words change over time or slang is introduced that supersedes the original word. Car more often than not is used in place of automobiles. A firearm example is automatic pistols (think early 1900s) replaced with semi-automatic pistols, the first was coined to differentiate from earlier repeating firearms while the later is used to differentiate it from fully automatic firearms.

        In the suppressor vs. silencer debate both are correct, however suppressor more accurately describes what occurs and why many prefer it as a definition.

      • ‘Suppressor’ is the newer word used by people that are knowledgeable about guns and the effect that suppressors have on guns and the people around them. Suppressors cut down the noise somewhat and so reduce the cumulative damaging effects on ears.
        ‘Silencer’ is indeed the old term used to describe these devices, but because they don’t really make firearms ‘silent’ the term has been abandoned by the gun community because it is not an accurate term.
        However, the term ‘silencer’ has been continued to be used by other factions. Hollywood loves the term as it allows our film heros to do amazingly stealthy things with guns that in reality are quite impossible; more insidiously, politicians and their shills use the term to promulgate the image of the suppressor as a tool of those who wish to do evil things without detection, which is not what suppressors are really good for usually. I can imagine some very unusual situations when they might help someone do some evil thing, but if they don’t slow the bullet down to subsonic speed, i.e., don’t break the sound barrier, any gun is going to make a serious noise and stealth is out the window. Furthermore, no suppressor reduces the mechanical noises that guns make, most particularly semi-auto and full-auto guns. Slides, hammers, and bolts slamming around at very high speeds make a lot of noise that cannot be reduced at all.
        While this is not a complete treatise on this subject, I hope that it will help you in your choice of words. The words we use define us. They also can be a ‘tell’ to the listener. If you want to be known as a knowledgable advocate for the pro-gun community use the right words. However, as it is, the regular viewers of this blog pretty much have your number.

    • Exactly Stuart! I don’t know how anyone “couldn’t” at least wonder about all the well timed tragedies that seem to occur when pro-gun legislation is on the move in the “right” direction. Things that make you go Hmmmm…..

    • once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action. I hate to sound like a paranoid conspiracy theorist here, but it is kind of strange isn’t it

      • Strange is putting it mildly… Things that make you go Hmmmm…..

        And why are half the comments I make on here not showing up? Moderator?

      • you were reading my mind every frick’in time it comes up for consideration something big happens….HHHMMMMMM

      • The left wants us to know how dangerous guns are. Since we don’t seem to believe them, they do these kinds of things to show us how dangerous guns are. Except that we see them through the curtain and realize it’s the left that should be banned. The Constitution should have effectively done that, except that we aren’t willing to tar and feather corrupt politicians any more. It’s time to have another Battle of Athens, except in every township in the U.S….

      • you admitted it not me. But I guess that’s what’s so hilarious at times logging on to this site. Conspiracy, Paranoia, The boogie man is coming. The secret Antifa is the new boogey man of the Far Right. Its often hard to keep up with all the right wing fantasy conspiracy crowd. It does provide no end of amusement though.

        • @cisco kid — You have already admitted that you absolutely nothing about absolutely anything, and by mere dint of posting here, no less. Conspiracy and paranoia are customary to the far left, whose boogeyman is literally anyone who isn’t ANTIFA. It’s actually quite hard to keep up with all the left wing fantasy conspiracy crowd. THAT is what actually provides no end of amusement, though.

    • Yeah, that crossed my mind too. This took a lot of planning and money to do and not many people, crazy or otherwise, would care so much about killing a bunch of people they don’t know to the extent they would spend the huge amount of time and money to do this. Was he possibly paid an irresistible sum for doing this even to the point of losing his life? He certainly was not a jihadist. They always make it very well known they have done their terrible deeds for a particular cause and he left nothing (at least nothing the authorities are sharing with us.) Makes ya wanna say “hmmmmmm”.

  6. By the time the evil GOP “unshelves” it, guess what? That’s right, another mass shooting will occur, as always. Therefore, because of the sluggishness for anything pro freedom, the bill can never pass both chambers. Very simple.

  7. And here i thought he came into office as an anti-government Tea Party candidate Seems he was just a politician after all. People should bombard his office with emails in protest. Not that it would do any good, mind you, but hopefully he’d get the message. I don’t thkn the NRA is going to do anything.

    This massacre had NOTHING to do with silencers, and the shooter having a silencer would have changed NOTHING. The attack, as always and as expected, s being manipulated to enact anti-gun laws that have no relevance to the incident in question except for “the optics.”

    • More likely they’ll try to ban pro-America concerts…..for the safety of the people, of course.

  8. Ryan is the DNC’s new Harry Reid. He will sit on any conservative or pro-2A bill indefinitely for the DNC. #DrainTheRinoSwamp

  9. There is no difference between most of the republicans and democrats. Its a one party system, and we aren’t part of it.

  10. Ryan never wanted the House to consider the SHARE Act, and was just given the excuse he was desperately praying for.

    There will be no pro-gun bills from the House as long as that POS Ryan has power.

  11. This is why I’m not a republican either. The party is spineless and has no new blood on the horizon.

  12. In other words, no change in status. However, with 213 co-sponsors, all it will take is five more and it’ll have a majority.

    It will take a month or two for the fallout to settle from Mandalay Bay, and by then, I plan to help make sure Ryan’s cajones are snugly in a vice. It’ll be a delight to turn the vice tighter.


  13. Once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence, and three times is a trend. This is the second time a shooting took place before a major gun bill was scheduled for a vote – this year.

    Perhaps we need to look back at other mass murders and see if they oh so conveniently coincide with with other big events or scheduled votes.

  14. Once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence, and three times is a trend. This is the second time a shooting took place before a major gun bill was scheduled for a vote – this year.

    Perhaps we need to look back at other mass murders and see if they oh so conveniently coincide with with other big events or scheduled votes.

  15. I hate to say it, I really do, but this might honestly be for the best. Think about it, if the SHARE Act came up for a vote right this second, it would not have the support required to pass it. As I understand it, it would need four D votes in the senate to be able to pass. Currently, no Democrat would risk their hide on this. People are stupid and have short memories. If we give them enough time to forget this tragedy, we can then pass the SHARE Act with immensely less opposition.

    If Ryan desides to not be an ass and actually schedule it for a vote.

    For that reason, despite this current setback, we cannot forget our end goal: passage of the HPA (and repealing of the NFA, if you’re so inclined.)

  16. Between Trump the New York Liberal and Ryan, people who believe in the Bill Of Rights as worded need to seriously consider voting Libertarian. This bill was on a 2nd Amendment wish list for over a year, the Republicans had nine months of majority rule and now we have nothing.

    • This!
      Democrats are for rich Democrats. And Republicans are for …. shocker … rich Republicans.
      Its time to leverage our MULTI party system and get some new people in office that don’t have their own interests to protect first. At least until they have been in their long enough to do the same thing and then we can rotate them out for new parties.

    • The Libertarian ticket for Presidency last year was almost as anti-2a as the Democrat party was. They also need to start winning some local races before taken seriously enough on the national stage.

  17. It’s just like the BS we’re spoon fed about not taking a machete to the ANTIFA and BLM terrorists because we “HAVE TO support the First Amendment ESPECIALLY when someone says something we don’t agree with”.

    ALL the MF’s out there have to support the SECOND AMENDMENT

    E S P E C I A L L Y

    when some stupid MF abuses their right.

  18. There was a time and a place when Ryan and McConnell would have been tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail car. A long time ago.

  19. Oh, another over the hill, lone wolf, unknown individual shoots up a crowd right before silencer deregulation is voted on….. Shocker

  20. If it’s not an appropriate time to strengthen gun rights because emotions are running high, then it’s certainly not a good time to introduce new restrictions… because emotions are running high. Common sense is the name of the game, right?

  21. Congress is SELF-SERVING, their priority is to get elected & then RE-ELECTED. There is always a good guy but most just suck. EVERY gun law, all 23,000 are UNCONSTITUTIONAL, as in “Shall NOT Be Infringed”. WE really need another King George …………to drain the swamp.

  22. Ryan = RAT

    We ALL knew within seconds of the reports of a “mass shooting” that he, Ryan, and others of his ilk, would fold and he/they did at the first opportunity pulling the pro-2nd Amendment bills that were not only gaining momentum but were destined to pass both houses and sure to be signed into law by President Trump.

    It’s far past time to end our misery once and for all, the RINOs must be reminded of what befell Cantor, Forbes, and Ellmers when they betrayed us. Ratso Ryan MUST be “Primaried” and defeated as he possesses neither the guts required for the fight to preserve and restore our Constitutionally guaranteed rights nor does he represent us, the law-abiding citizens. Lets send this RINO POS where he belongs ie. back to the gym, permanently, where he can focus on what’s really important, developing his lower body.

    The best we can do right now is to donate to Paul Nehlen who is once again challenging Ryan for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District seat.

    • I saw you and mark on the news the other day. You did a great job of just nodding at everything he said.

      (This is complete comedy, not to be taken seriously. I really like your tag name ha)

  23. So, it was shelved on June 14 and has not been rescheduled?
    Or it is shelved now (the post title seems to point to this one)?

  24. I wish Republicans would stop giving legislative victories to Democrats everytime a Democrat murders a bunch of people. They’re just going to keep doing it until you stop backing down, Paul!

  25. Hillary and Obama are responsible for Vegas. THEY have called for “Resistance” and Paddock answered their call.
    You do not murder People you support or even empathize with.
    Paddock was ANTIFA.DEMOCRAT who hated White People who supported Trump
    Paddock was instigated by Hillary’s and Obama’s REFUSAL to accept the election and their calls to “RESIST”. This horror was caused by Hillary and Obama.

  26. This is all by design. One small event affects the lawmakers of hundreds of millions of people. This shooting was more effective than a millions of dollars in campaign money against the Share Act and the NRA.

  27. Oh come on!
    The problem is not Ryan. He is just cutting his loses / not dying on The Hill for a lost cause simply to make a point / win your short term approval. Did any of you honestly believe that SHARE/HPA would make it through the Senate with a near 50/50 split? Especially with Senators like McCain, Collins, et al?

  28. They fell right into the LEFTIES hands. That is exactly what they had planed. I wouldn’t put it over that the DEMORATS planed this hole thing. And this isn’t the most KILLED in the USA. Back in the 1920’s there was some where around 837, 459, and 258 killed so this isn’t the biggest killing in the USA. Check it out.

  29. I’m so tired of people sitting around and doing NOTHING about all these killings. Will someone please ban murder already. This wouldn’t have happened if murder was illegal and that hotel was a gun free zone.

  30. All you see at gunshows are OFWG’S and we gun nuts are a dying breed. Keep telling yourself that. Along with Trump has no path to 270, Clinton is our first woman president, only 30% of households own guns etc. The reason you don’t see packed gun shows is because they serve no purpose to most of us anymore. We have online shopping. Basically a 24-7-365 gunshow anytime we want one. Gunshows are not what they once were, a good place to find a deal or unusual one of weapon. All that is online. All anyone who wants to believe the gun culture is dying needs to do is head to a range. There you will see plenty of new shooters, young shooters, old shooters, men, women, little boys, and little girls. We are not going to roll over and give up our guns or anything else because a madman shot up a concert. We have given up more than enough of our rights already.

  31. Lets face cold hard facts. The majority of Republicans never wanted this Silencer bill and the mass shooting by Paddock was actually just exactly the excuse they were looking for to scuttle it forever. Now they have a way out and do not have to face a big fight with the Dems in Congress over it along with all of the bad publicity they would have gotten over it in the Media which would have portrayed them as people who had gone completely over to the Para Military Lunatic Fringe. Most Repub’s are simply breathing a sigh of relieve its finally off the table for good and anyone who thinks they will ever re-introduce it is trying to hear himself whistle inside of the latest Global Warming Hurricane.

    • Let’s face some actual cold, hard facts. The majority of Republicans actually would have had little to no problems co-signing this bill. This latest tragedy, which would have never even in a thousand years been prevented by any of your favored policies and you know that full well, has merely put it on the back burner. Possibly for a while. No, it’s not “scuttled forever” and you nothing to back that assumption with, either, so stop exaggerating. It will come up for a vote again once the fervor over this latest shooting dies down, which will be soon. Anyone, like you, who thinks otherwise is who’s actually trying to hear themselves inside the latest (NOT) global warming hurricane.

      • As long as guns are legal, there will be mass shootings. Each mass shooting will eventually chip away all public support for owning such a dangerous piece of garbage.

        The fact that you want to own a device for the sole purpose of harming or intimidating others is sad and pathetic.

        An assault rifle is not needed for self defense or hunting.

        • As long as there are people alive on this planet, there will be mass shootings. Mass shootings do not and will not at all chip away any public support for owning inanimate amalgams of wood, plastic, and metal.

          The fact that you don’t want me to own a device that cannot hurt anyone with a Human operator is what’s actually sad and pathetic.

          You don’t even know what an “assault rifle” is to begin with, and “need” is not an argument. Nor is the Second Amendment about hunting. You know nothing. Be quiet.

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