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From Smith & Wesson . . .

Smith & Wesson announced today that it has introduced a new, bullpup-style pump action shotgun: the M&P12.

Designed for home protection, the new M&P12 shotgun is packed with features in a compact, maneuverable package. The M&P12 is chambered for 12 gauge 3” shells but is able to accept a combination of standard 2 3⁄4”, 3” magnum, and mini-shell loads, offering the user a variety of load options to best suit their needs. The M&P12 also features complete ambidextrous controls, an M&P grip, picatinny-style rail, and more.

Kyle Tengwall, Vice President of Marketing, said, “Smith & Wesson has a long, storied history of making handguns for self-defense, yet no conversation around personal protection can be complete without mentioning the 12 gauge shotgun. With the introduction of the new M&P12, Smith & Wesson is able to offer our consumers a personal protection product in a variety of categories: pistol, revolver, rifle, and shotgun. Today, we’re excited to unveil the M&P12 – a new category introduction for Smith & Wesson, and a firearm that’s purpose-built for protection and a blast to shoot at the range.”

The M&P12 shotgun is built on a reliable, pump-action platform with two independent magazine tubes that feature load assist buttons to simplify loading and unloading. Each tube can hold up to 7 rounds of standard 2 3/4” shells, or up to 6 rounds of 3” magnum shells. Mini-shells can also be utilized for maximum ammo adaptability. Magazine tubes are easily selected using a simple, push button selector, providing the operator with a visual cue of which magazine tube is feeding the barrel.

The M&P12 features fully ambidextrous controls, utilizing an oversized action release that can be engaged from either side of the firearm as well as the familiar AR-style ambidextrous safety selector. Hallmark M&P features can be found throughout the shotgun, including the new M&P grip with four interchangeable palmswell grip inserts to customize fit for the user. The M&P12’s bullpup design delivers maximum maneuverability with an overall length of 27.8”, as well as M-LOK® slots on the barrel shroud to easily accessorize with lights, lasers, and more. The M&P12 shotgun ships with both modified and cylinder choke tubes, four palmswell grip inserts, a 15” cable lock, choke tube wrench, & hard plastic, foam-lined case.

The MSRP on the new M&P12 shotgun is $1,165. To learn more, click here.

Caliber: 12 Ga
Capacity: 6, 7 or 20 mini shells
Color: Matte Black
Safety: Ambidextrous safety selector
Length: 27.8
Action: Pump
Stock: Synthetic, Fixed
Grip: M&P with Four Interchangeable Palmswell Grip Inserts
Barrel: 4140 Chrome-Moly Vanadium Steel
Barrel Length: 19″
Weight: 132.8 oz.

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  1. I want one.

    I have a Benelli M4 Tactical in my home defense arsenal. But I want the M&P12 too, my wife would love it.

    • The major gun manufacturers have a long history of “appropriating” Kel-Tec’s ideas. The Ruger LCP is basically a refined Kel-Tec P3AT.

      • And don’t forget all the double-stack pocket 9mms! Sig, etc. All are decades late to the market created by the Kel-Tec P11… in 1995.

      • Ruger licensed that one. I don’t think the big manufacturers are as foolish as they were back when S&W straight ripped off the Glock’s entire operating design for the Sigma.

      • Looks clunky and difficult to run compared to a conventional pump gun. I suppose the question is the extra capacity worth 500 hundred extra dollars.

    • “S&W is proud to announce our innovative new line of SIGMA-TEK firearms, drawing on our long history of efficient engineering practices . “

  2. “Capacity: 6, 7 or 20 mini shells”

    I dont think thats misleading. That is per tube. The overall capacity is 14+ 1 or 12+1 (both tubes).

    Does each tube really hold 20 mini shells? Damn.

    • Hard pass…especially at that price. And I love my S&W Sport AR. They sell high capacity mag fed shotguns that work well for half that price(19 round mags!) Semiautomatic all the way…

      • My 7+1 shot Mossberg Maverick 88 set me back $199, works great, and serves my purposes. It is however quite a bit longer than this.

    • So with 2 tubes of mini shells that is a 40 round capacity shotgun?

      Take my money, please!

  3. I ended up getting rid of my KSG years ago after having field strip it to clear a jam one too many times, but maybe with better QC the design could work.

    I have to admit I’m curious as to why they went with screw in chokes, while I love the versatility it’s not something you would normally see on a self defense shotgun and I wonder why they did it.

    • Hopefully, to allow the installation of an 18 inch long door breaching muzzle device… you just know some idiot will try.

    • I’m not sure it would remove it, but it would mess it up good. I remember reading somewhere awhile back ( maybe here) about a trap shooter blowing a nice inch and a half hole through his foot, caused by resting his barrel on it. I remember it because the story ran shortly after an ad for a ” shoe protector barrel rest ” appeared from one of the advertisers.

  4. Is wrong for me to want an “LAM slot” that could also fit a 40mm launcher? If I’m loading dragons breathe in one tube and slugs in the other, might as well go full ZF1 and have a third type of onboard brutality.

  5. There was a South African one written up in the gun rags years ago… it pumped backwards.

    Not sure whatever happened to it, but Kel-Tec wasn’t first with a double-tube magazine.

    • To the technically inclined,

      What are the prohibitive obstacles to semi-auto bullpup shotguns?

      • The biggest challenge is making them run reliably with a variety of ammunition. That’s true for any auto loading shotguns: see Saigas, Veprs, all the myriad of Turkish guns in all their variations, and honestly anything not made by Beretta/Benelli.

        Even IWI, who generally makes solid firearms, has teething problems with the TS12.

        If the stated goal is reliability with the widest range of shot shells (based on the marketing, this appears to be the case), then pump really is the only way to go.

  6. 14.5 lop, no thanks. Shotgun makers need to be more accommodating about adjustable lop straight from the factory, especially at $1,200.

  7. I’ve shot several of the variants of this design including the one with the rotating barrels.

    I’ve had them malfunction on several occasions too. I own 0 of them. For me, it’ll stay that way.

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