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As Jeremy already noted, KRISS has updated their Vector line this year, giving the .45 a refresh and adding a parabellum version for your lead launching pleasure. But KRISS email blasted this viddy from FullMag this morning and we thought we’d share. After all, who doesn’t like them some super slow motion full auto action on a Thursday afternoon?

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  1. Is there such a thing and “too fast” full auto? Fun yes, but in an adrenalized situation, a full mag dump in zero seconds runs you out of bullets real quick.

    Practicality: I like the 3 shot bursts myself.

    Techno-Woodie: Full mag dump please

    • The 2 shot setting that can sometimes place the same round in the same hole never loses its appeal when I get to fire un-neutered versions.

    • Full auto is already too fast. 10 shots a second is all over the target. Something ideal would be a way to limit the rate of fire to 3 rounds a second (180 rpm). I know there has recently been developments in electrical triggers that can exactly do that (adjustable rate of fire).

  2. I like my suppressed SBR Vector a lot but I am still looking forward to trying out one of these new uppers with the improved trigger. Beauty in the eye and all that. I know there are no warts I want to look at instead of a Vector in full auto but that’s just me.

    • It looks extremely controllable in Full Giggle mode, and maybe I’m weird, but I don’t really mind the looks of this gun.

  3. Maybe I’m a little old school. However for a 8mm SMg I am still a fan of the MP5. And yes the vector is ugly, but, if its that or nothin I take the vector.

  4. Can I get this in a civilian-compliant carbine version of this, preferably without the stupid faux-suppressor?

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