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Slide Fire Stock: This IS the Machine Gun You’re Looking For


I admit it: I was skeptical. An ATF-legal stock that transforms an AR from a semi-automatic rifle to a fully automatic machine gun? To paraphrase the B52’s immortal hit Planet Claire, WELL IT DOESN’T! Otherwise, it wouldn’t be legal would it? What the Slide Fire stock does is make a semi-auto’s trigger very, very fast. So fast, in fact, that the difference between a rifle so equipped and one with a giggle switch is relatively unimportant. Especially as machine guns are pricey and paperwork-intensive. And the really good modern ones are banned by Jerry Tsai. Gun guru David Kenik of Armed Response demos the slide above and, even more beautifully, below, where he unleashes the prettiest damn cartridge waterfall I’ve seen in some time. The Slide Fire is expensive ($359.95 plus S&H) but you can lock it in place and use it as a “normal” stock. How great is that? [NB: I know a “sub”-machine gun fires pistol caliber ammo.]



  1. avatar Paul says:

    So how does this work? The video only shows his back, no info what so ever, a true thinking moron.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      There are two videos?

  2. avatar Mark N. says:

    Looks like the bump fire stock–and therefore probably not legal in California. I guess that when (if ever) I retire, I’ll have to move someplace else where I can have more fun.

    1. avatar louis r says:

      I lived in CA for 57 years and retired armorer from the Riverside County Sheriffs Dept. I have had an FFL since 1980 and still do. I sell a aluminum version of bump fire stock. In a conversation with CA DOJ recently they told me that there is no written or verbal policy about the status of the stock. I would suggest you call CA DOJ to confirm. There are videos on my website

  3. avatar jwm says:

    i’ve seen better demo’s on you tube. bottom line here is, i’m not into “ebr’s” but i would make an exception for this. unfortunately i live in kalifornia so the 10 round mag is a deal breaker.

  4. avatar Wiebelhaus says:

    Can you legally slide this on an AR-pistol?

    1. avatar RIGHT! says:

      no, which means when the ballon goes up the bad guys will have these in quantity, which may be a good thing for the good guys as FA is inaccurate unless the shooter is well trained

    2. avatar matt says:

      It would make it a SBR, if you want to pay a $200 tax I suppose you could.

  5. avatar LTC F says:

    I’ve just never really seen the need for full auto (or full auto like) fire. (I don’t mind that people have them, nor do I want to ban them.) Other than on a range, I’ve never fired an M16 or M4 on full auto. Granted, in the Army we have the Squad Automatic Rifleman (with his M249 SAW) and at platoon level we have the machine gun section with the M240B to fufill that role.

    Full auto fire is two things. First it is fun. A lot of fun. The very best thing about being a tank commander was having my very own Ma Deuce (M2 .50 heavy machine gun) to play with. I never pass up the chance to fire the M4 on 3 round burst on a range. Second…it is very inaccurate. There is a reason that when we talk about machine guns we call them area fire weapons and use terms like “beaten zone”. They’re great for supression, and they’re great for servicing area targets. Unfortunately my neighbors may be upset if they found they lived in what I percieved as the beaten zone of an engagement area and would prefer that I engage any threats with accurate, aimed and controlled single shots.

  6. avatar RIGHT! says:

    S&W M/P AR15=650-750
    not bad if this is the toy you must have

  7. avatar TTACer says:

    I did not know that Seth Rogan was on our side.

  8. avatar Morris says:

    Need it no, makes sense not particularly but then again neither does most of the stuff in my safe. What it does, is looks like a ton of fun, I can see it now on my 300 blk sbr with suppressor and subsonics. 🙂

    Just because!

  9. avatar 4 strokes says:

    This stock is the easiest way to bump-fire a rifle you can think of. I had one of these for a while. They work like a charm. They are surprisingly easy to control with very little barrel rise. I wasn’t long before I could keep a full mag in an 12 inch paper plate at 100 yds.

    The second time I took it to the range we (3 pals and I) burned 1,000 round of ammo in a little over 30 minutes. One guy dumping 30 round pmags as fast as the other 3 could load them with UpUlas. The barrel of my M&P was glowing almost as brightly as our smiles… Hot dam that thing was fun.

    Shortly thereafter I came to the realization that I really could not afford to feed it. Traded it toward a nice, old Winchester 101 at the next gun show I went to. The double gun is a lot less fun, but I can afford to shoot it all day long.

    1. avatar Peritas says:

      The only way I would ever get one of these is if I bought something like the M&P15-22 or the one Mossberg makes. Although shooting .223 with one of these sounds like an amazing experience, I was the kinda kid growing up who would rather watch other kids play video arcade games rather than spend a quarter. 22LR, on the other hand, is a bargain!

  10. avatar P51 says:

    It works great. I tried for a long time to learn how to bump fire but could never get the hang of it. The Slidefire makes bump firing accurate and controllable. The best thing about it is that I no longer have that urge to buy a NFA full auto.

  11. avatar mdc says:

    Good cover for your partner SHTF zombie gun.Or spray large amonts of urchants coming your way.Works great on AK and drum mag as well.You can also burst fire after getting it down,not difficult at all.

  12. avatar Dom says:

    I was surprised at how accurate and easily controlled the firing is. You really can hit what you aim at and maintain fire on that target. I read that it is because the rate of fire is much slower compared to an M16 firing real auto. Works for me.

  13. avatar John Fritz says:

    Sweet. Just sent a link to this to my two liberal friends. With my own explanation on why everyone should own one. Awaiting their reply.

    Like shooting fish in a barrel.

  14. avatar irock350 says:

    I was in a gun store that specializes in AK type rifles.they one with the slide fire and another with a Bumpski stock. While neither of these are for me, the Bumpski stock is defiantly the better of the two. All aluminum stock doesn’t feel like I am going break it like the slide fire did. But the bump ski costs over 400 so…meh.

  15. avatar Sanchanim says:

    Looks fun but no thanks…

  16. avatar Giao Nguyen says:

    I noticed David had some problems seating a fully loaded mag into the receiver with the bolt closed. Consider loading only 28 rounds into the mag in the future.

  17. avatar SKSlovr says:

    1) AR57 upper (with 50rnds of subsonic)
    2) good suppressor
    3) Slide fire

    1. avatar matt says:

      1) Saiga 12g
      2) drum mag
      3) slide fire
      4) ???

      1. avatar MotoJB says:

        Dang the guy in that video is annoying…”what do you do with an old man like me?” Smack you upside the head, that’s what.

    2. avatar Dan says:

      M&P 15-22
      good suppressor
      slide fire

  18. avatar Justice06RR says:

    Definitely a fun factor addition to a rifle if you can afford it, and also afford to burn through ammo. I’d buy it if I had the extra money laying around, otherwise $350 can go a long way on buying other AR parts instead (maybe a 2stage trigger and a nice Magpul stock).

  19. avatar Herb says:

    Sure would like to see this bumpfire stock made for the Galil Golani.

    The control in the vid is amazing. No muzzle climb at all. Awesome!

  20. avatar Peritas says:

    Finally, society has produced a lawyer that that has contributed to the public good. You gotta love loopholes!

  21. avatar MotoJB says:

    I want one!!!

  22. avatar joe liberto says:

    it is very easy to use, i even had a noob shoot it and she kept it on target with a 3 rnd burst at 50 yrds. waste of ammo maybe, but being able to use it to suppress will be priceless if needed

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