SilencerCo Salvo Shotgun Silencer Suppressor
Courtesy SilencerCo

From SilencerCo:

The Salvo was the first modular and hearing safe shotgun silencer on the market.  The Salvo is now shipping in an 8” configuration.  The Salvo is available in 8” and 12” offerings, allowing the end user to customize the Salvo for shooting sports, hunting and home defense.

SilencerCo Salvo Shotgun Silencer Suppressor
Courtesy SilencerCo

The Salvo was designed with the various shotgun shooting applications in mind and the desire to reduce not just the sound, but the felt recoil as well.  The modular design enables the shooter to add or remove sections to balance the length, weight and sound suppression.  Most shotgun shooters utilize a bead or raised sights, the asymmetrical design places the baffle stack beneath the bore to avoid obstructing the shooter’s line of sight or causing the shooter to adjust or modify the sights.  The Salvo traps and contains muzzle gas, reducing the felt recoil.

When introduced, this suppressor was offered in the 12” configuration with the ability to adjust the length down to 10”, 8” or 6”.  The majority of Salvo shooters utilize the 8” configuration so we are now offering the 8” configuration at a lower price point.

This shotgun suppressor attaches via a choke mount to most commercially available 12-gauge shotguns with barrels threaded for choke systems.  This suppressor is rated for wadded-2 ¾” shells in a 10” or longer barrel and wadded-3” shells in a 16” or longer barrel, including buckshot and slugs.  The 8” configuration is hearing safe and noticeably reduces the felt recoil.

SilencerCo Salvo Shotgun Silencer Suppressor
Courtesy SilencerCo

The user can adjust the length of the Salvo using rod kits.  Rod kits can be purchased to shorten the 12” to 10”, 8” or 6”, you can also shorten the 8” to 6”.

This product comes with a breech plug and an Echo Spanner Wrench.  Choke mounts and rod kits are sold separately.   Choke mounts are available in improved cylinder, modified, improved modified and full.  The Salvo has an MSRP of $749.  For more information on this model click here.

First time buyer? Check out our SuppressedEd Easyguide.



  1. Would definitely like to try one out…before I drop $950 on it.

    I wonder if they are coming out with a “Joe Biden Special” double-bore suppressor for O/U and SbS shotties??

    • I got to try one out in Butte the first year these were available. As Dan mentions below, they’re a lot of fun but definitely increase the barrel length.

      18” home defense shotgun, the short ‘Not-Shotguns’ shotguns [Shockwave, Tac14, … (assuming it was threaded for a choke)], and maybe waterfowl hunting…it would be great. But for something like upland bird hunting (pheasants, partridge, etc…where the targets are a lot more unpredictable & going every which way), the increased barrel length seemed like a hinderance when trying to get on a fast moving target. Though with practice, many times one can fix such issues.

      In my opinion, very cool item just maybe not on something with a 28” barrel you’re trying to swing around…

      • I have one. They are a lot of fun for clays but they are HEAVY. I bought it for turkey hunting mainly and wanted to use it on my HD shotty. However, the shorter barreled shotguns, like the Tac 14, are not threaded for chokes so you have to have it custom cut. Briley and others can do it. I haven’t taken that jump yet. In the 12″ config it is a looong, heavy package.

    • During the Firearms Festival here in ATX a couple years ago, I got to use a Salvo on a 590 and it was amazing. Definitely on my list of must-haves for my Vepr-12.


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