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Remember that promotion that SilencerCo ran last summer? It was a BOGO offer and was spectacularly successful.

Too successful, really. So many people bought suppressors that SilencerCo didn’t have the manufacturing capaicity keep up with the demand for the freebies.

But there’s good news! As SilencerCo has announced on their Facegram page, they’re all caught up! Now it’s just a matter of chasing down some paperwork on a few stragglers with our ever-efficient friends at the ATF as well as some local dealers who need to provide current SOTs.

silencerco facebook summer promotion
Courtesy SilencerCo and Facebook

So if you’ve been waiting for your free promotional silencer, you should be getting a call from your dealer soon. Things are about to get a lot quieter where you are.


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  1. I am convinced that the ATF has my name on some kind of special slow down list. I put in for four form 4s last September. Only one of them has even had the check cashed yet.

    • Had 14 stamps come back last month… 12 month wait… yeah I have problem.

        • Might be on to something there JW. I’m a registered democrat and voted for Hillary and my form 4s are done and mailed back in three months to the day. Perhaps a few Benchmade/Surefire/EOTech-like donations to some liberals would grease the wheels.

          Yes, I do see there is a bit of a contradictory flaw in my plan.

    • That’s not how it works. The checks are cashed by a clearinghouse. Yours got lost.

      Did you send to the NEW address or the old Georgia one ?

  2. Just got a call this morning my promo can was in. Now to pay $200 and wait a year. Woo-hoo!

  3. For the first time ever got 2 NFA calls on the same day last week! Salvo 12 was sprung from NFA jail and the first of my free cans had arrived. Octane 9 has now had the $200 freedom infringement fee submitted and the wait for the Octane 45 continues. I figured it would be a 1.5 year wait for the free cans…but that was an underestimation.

  4. If you are really into this NFA thing then consider making a business of it. Get an FFL with plans on making real sales other than to yourself and a few friends, apply for a SOT right after you get your FFL… it will come in the mail faster than your FFL because it’s just a matter of paying the tax…. buy inventory – delivery times between SOTs is just a week or two if the item is in stock. Enjoy testing your cans and using them as sales samples. When you give up your SOT you can transfer all your remaining suppressor inventory, if any, to yourself tax free.

  5. Got in on the last day of the Silencerco BOGO deal. Hybrid was approved about 2 weeks ago. FFL has paperwork in hand. Unfortunately, I’m out of town at work until July 4th. Naturally, he is closed for the long weekend. But what’s a couple more days after waiting 11 months? As far as the BOGO portion of the deal, can was at the dealer and sent in the paperwork for it in December (don’t hate me). Was hoping for a batch approval for that one and another I bought the same day. Didn’t hit the lottery on that one. Maybe an early Christmas present for those two.

  6. I purchased one beginning of July and had my free one show up at dealer and went and filed paperwork on the 24… got a email the following monday saying it had shipped… the emails are a bit delayed, yeah.

    But my purchased one is still pending, check is cashed, will be a year on the 24th… still not gotten to agent… -sigh-

    guess I will invest in ammo…

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