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From SilencerCo . . .

SilencerCo’s AR-15 Lower, previously sold only at exclusive locations, is now available to all firearm retailers through major gun distributors.

The SCO15 Lower Receiver is fully customizable and made from billet 7075-T6 aluminum. It is finished in a type III hardcoat anodize for added durability and corrosion resistance. A variety of unique features set the SCO15 apart from other lowers, including an ambidextrous bolt catch, flared magwell, integrated QD sling cups and an enlarged integral trigger guard, all at an affordable price.

“The SCO15 is a product that combines the highest quality of in-house development with the most coveted features in an AR-15 Lower Receiver,” said Scott Clinger, SilencerCo’s VP of Business Development. “We are excited to make these lowers more widely available for customers at their local retailers. It’s the perfect start for those who want to complete their dream AR-15 build.”

The SCO15 is precision machined for compatibility with any customer’s preferred AR-15 parts. It has an MSRP of $249 and will be available to firearm retailers through the following distributors: RSR Group, Lipsey’s, Camfour, Allen Arms Tactical, Sports South, Bill Hicks, Silencer Shop, Brownell’s and Capitol Armory.

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  1. Despite the flowery language in the advertising, I have never found any difference between a $200 lower and a $60 lower.

    • If one was a ‘lefty’, the ambi bolt release could come in handy.

      But I’m no lefty, so that’s a *pass* for me…

  2. Yeah, nice and all … but for the money I’d rather build up from an Aero Precision M4E1 and spend the money I saved on a good trigger.

    Thought that when I first saw the SilencerCo lower, still think that today.

    Assuming, of course, you can find either in stock. These days, it’s more of a buy-a-lower-when-you-find-a-lower situation, at least around me.

  3. !JuSt As GoOd! as an Anderson poverty pony lower, but you can totally flex you got more money than brains to anyone you can corner for a conversation at the range.

      • I don’t have a just as good Anderson. But I do have a high point c9 with the $100 bill hydrodip I special ordered because if the bullet doesn’t put someone down, the shame of being hit with it will.

        • Sounds like a sweet gat! However, I was referring to you shooting an AR at the range. Who even does that? Those of us with means are members of “clubs” specifically designed to keep out the poors and other such riff-raff.

    • I think it’s cool, particularly the integrated QD cups in front of the receiver extension. But they should have left out the verbage about “affordable price.” Anything is affordable if you have enough money. That phrase should mean modestly more expensive than quality basic offerings from PSA or Aero, not triple the price.

  4. Maybe the mods/features on this lower are nice enough that once you use it you don’t want to go back to a plain-jane lower. Not a bad thing to have another company selling lowers. I just hope there’s actually a demographic that’s interested, for SilencerCo’s sake.

  5. I do not know Major Distributors. Its nice to have connections, especially in the military. Can he get me some of those metal plate things that say “face towards enemy”? I’d trade three boxes of 9mm hydra shocks for two of those. Oh I forgot, hes in the military,he dont need bullets, okay, he can have my boyfiend for a weekend.

  6. The small handful of minor changes don’t justify the price.
    I know everyone hates to hear about how such and such is too expensive but yea. It’s too expensive.
    Again, not saying the features aren’t useful, but not enough for a 400% markup.
    The fancy sales pitch even gives it away that they’re trying too hard.

    “Once a dealer only item now available to the public for the first time ever!”

    “The coveted super secret special ops available only masterpiece of engineering….”

    “Super enhanced features ONLY found on SilencerCo specific dealer only once in a lifetime…”

    When its super hyped up, its over priced.


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