Silenced Lever Action Marlin 1894C (.38 Special)

What with all of the lever action loving going on at TTAG HQ recently I think this little beauty will be worthy of a little envy. Out at Advanced Armament Corp.’s range I not only got to test their cans, but also some of the fun guns they have on hand. This one is a Marlin 1894C (much like Farago’s gun) in .38 Special that’s been threaded for a silencer, and they’re using a Ti-Rant 9mm can on the end of it. The result is simply outstanding, and a hoot to shoot. Make the jump for the video…


  1. avatar Charles says:

    Were you using factory ammo?

    1. avatar Nick Leghorn says:

      We were using Magtech Semi-Jacketed Soft Point factory ammunition. I watched him open every box of factory fresh ammunition in front of me and verified that no handloads were being used. Everything we ran was in production.

      1. avatar Charles says:

        Thanks. A very cool gun just got a lot cooler, I want one!

  2. avatar Rocky says:

    That is a cool gun. I want one on my 45-70

  3. avatar Roy Hill says:

    Daddy like! Daddy like a lot!

  4. avatar Kurt says:

    Can you tell me what grain of ammo ya’ll were shooting. I’m going to build this, If I know it will be easy to come by subsonic loads.

  5. avatar Magnus says:

    Late respons to your movie.
    I have been thinking of the same setup as you have there – putting a silencer on my Marlin 1894c. But I haven’t solved the threading and where happy to find out video!

    How have you done the threading? is the silencer only connected to the rifle with the 5mm free space before the tube magazine starts?

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