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Press release:
Sightmark Makes their Mark with Improved LoPro Series
(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – Sightmark makes their mark by offering their redesigned LoPro family in Dark Earth finish. LoPro’s are a compact laser and laser-light combo attachment for your firearm, helping you with precision accuracy and rock-solid reliability. LoPro’s are the perfect attachment for accuracy while training, hunting, self-defense and even in low-light shooting.
Sightmark will add three models to the line in Dark Earth; LoPro Mini Combo Green Laser and Flashlight (SM25012DE), LoPro Combo Green Laser and IR-Visible LED Flashlight (SM25013DE) and the LoPro Mini Green Laser Sight (SM25016DE). Improvements consist of a new aluminum housing, protected windage and elevation adjustments and a thread-on and rotating pressure pad.
LoPro’s can be easily adjusted without a tool and feature a high intensity, variable LED flashlight to allow you to see in any situation. The low-profile design securely mounts on a rail with a screw pressure pad and can sit in front of most attachments without obstructing your view.
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About Sightmark®
Sightmark manufactures award-winning products including riflescopes, gun sights, laser sights, night vision, flashlights, bore sights and other cutting edge, premium shooting accessories. Inspired by military and law enforcement technology, Sightmark products are designed for competition, shooting, home defense, personal safety and other tactical applications, as well as hunting.
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  1. Brown is “NEW”?

    AGAIN what is the Country of Origin??

    If regurgitating puff pieces the ?you can do today?

  2. I’ve never posted just to complain before, but it would seem that listing the price of the gear would be most useful. With out some idea of cost it’s impossible to know if it’s worth pursuing.

  3. Also might be nice to know when they are available? The article just says that they “will add three models to the line”. Pictures of all 3 might be nice too. I assume the laser-only model is smaller but I don’t have much interest without seeing a picture, knowing the MSRP, or when they might be available. Just sayin’…

  4. LoPro Combo Flashlight (Visible and IR) and Green Laser Sight – Dark Earth
    SM25013DE MSRP $ 239.99
    Also, the max level on the light is only 300 lumen.

    I agree that the author should include MSRP and some key specifications in product anouncements.

  5. I just bought one, except in black, the green-laser-only model (no light) for only $99.95. They are much improved over the earlier version (which I’d also owned until it broke). These new models are much sturdier, a more solid mount, water-resistant now, protected elevation and windage knobs, etc. They’re also much smaller than the original version, but since the new ones are now aluminum (unlike the old ones which were mostly plastic), the new ones are heavier, so even though it’s small and is a laser only (no light), mine weighs 6.7 ounces!

    I got it for my defensive shotgun, and it would be great on a Mossberg Shockwave (but my gun store won’t sell the Shockwave BECAUSE NEW JERSEY!). Unfortunately, only the one pictured (which has IR laser, green laser, and light) has the mount for their micro red dot sight on top. I really wish they’d included that mount on all three versions, because otherwise you have to mount your mini red dot sight BEHIND it and on a raised mount so it’s high enough to see over the laser.

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