I’ve been interested in how to sight-in a weapon for some time. It’s one of those subjects cloaked in mystery, superstition, science, pseudo-science, alchemy and wives tales (like ballistics and stopping power, I suppose). So my interest was piqued when an email came across my desk from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, with the claim that they had a two-shot method for sighting in your gun. Trouble was, they’re talking about a rifle. With a scope. Still waiting on an easy method to sight-in my 1911. Sigh…


  1. That works perfectly well as long as your shot is on paper. Might take a few more shots when starting from scratch with a newly mounted scope.

  2. If you have a way to hold the rifle absolutely and perfectly still, it's actually possible to sight in with one shot, so long as that first shot hits paper at the designated distance.


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