SIG SAUER’s New MODX-45 Modular Titanium Pistol Suppressor

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From SIG SAUER . . .

SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to announce the MODX-45 Pistol Suppressor is now available and shipping. The MODX-45 is the extension of the SIG SAUER MODX line of pistol suppressors made of titanium baffles, for the ultimate in lightweight strength and performance that allows the user to personalize their suppressor for overall length, weight, and sound.


The SIG SAUER MODX-45 Suppressor is comprised of seven, 3D-printed titanium baffles and an encapsulator with 21-points of impact adjustment.  The length is adjustable from 3.25 inches to 9.25 inches, the weight is adjustable from 5 ounces to 9 ounces, and the sound is adjustable from 133dB to 149dB.  The suppressor is easily user-configurable and comes with two pistons, disassembly tools, .578×28 and M16x1LH pistons, and a fixed-barrel spacer and includes the most popular imperial and metric position for its given caliber.

MODX-45 Suppressor Specs:

Overall Weight: 8.75oz.
Overall Length: 9.25in.
Overall Width: 1.35in.
dB Average: 133dB
Caliber: .45
Finish: Black DLC
Baffle Material: Titanium
Mount: .578×28 and M16x1xLH Pistons

MSRP = $1000, retail about $899.

The SIG SAUER MODX-45 Suppressor is now shipping and available for purchase at retail stores.  For more information about the SIG SAUER MODX-45 Suppressor, the previously released MODX-9 Pistol Suppressor, or the full line of SIG SAUER Suppressors visit


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