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Dan and I popped by the FN booth first thing yesterday at the NRA show to put hands on their brand new Reflex micro compact 9mm pistol and FN 15 Guardian rifle. First impressions are great.

Both guns are highly promising and come in at extremely competitive MSRPs. Video and photos below . . .

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  1. I suddenly find myself lusting after this new blaster. Wonder how availabilty is gonna be. Or should I settle for a Hellcat Pro?

  2. the reflex is just another p365 knock off
    while the guardian is just another $500 ar pattern carbine that fn wants a grand for because its got “an fn barrel” in it
    a couple nickel and dime furniture upgrades
    a fancy cnc upper with deal breaker forward assist delete
    and a cheap ass utg looking ugly af mlok rail
    2 thumbs down and no thanks on both

    • Yup, just like that hammer fired P365 which is also SAO. 11+1 is also a 365 model you can get so pretty much the same gun.

      Great analysis and well thought out.

    • They have two versions of the rifle, the 18″ DMR is $2495 !! (Wow) and the 16″ is $1895
      I like FN but yeah, a big NOPE.


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