SIG SAUER Debuts First in the New SIG Studios Video Series With ‘One Man, One Path, Many Missions’

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You’ve seen videos produced by a range of gun and gear companies. SIG SAUER announced a new serious of SIG Studios videos this week. They’re beautifully produced, and while they show people using their products, they don’t look like commercials for SIG guns and optics.

They did a good job of making the video about the person they’re profiling in this first installment. If they can keep that up as they roll out more videos, they’ll be worth your time. This one certainly is.

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  1. I hope they do a series on Rajeev. A humble factory worker in Bombay who night and day manufactures MIM parts for Sig. Unthanked, he toils endlessly for literal dozens of rupee a day. Why? So that he can see uploads on YouTube of American servicemen and LEOs blowing themselves up or shooting themselves with the products he makes for them. Truly an hero and a real human bean.

      • On days like ‘Veteran’s Day’, little boys with no nads like ‘templar’ there make asses of themselves in places like TTAG, so we can mock them endlessly… 😉

        • The person with no nads is the guy who proudly appendix carries a sig product. Seethe, cope, and dilate.

        • “The person with no nads is the guy…”

          That’s right, puff up you chest like the big, bad piece of shit you really are, little boy.

          Very little, I bet…

          *snicker* 😉

    • “I hope they do a series on Rajeev.”

      I hope they do a series on gutless little shits like ‘templar’, who hide like the cowards they are in their mommies basement… 🙂

      • Wow, you really cut me deep, boomer. You’d throw out your back trying to carry my jock strap. Is it naptime yet for you? Hopefully you don’t get abused by an attendant you allowed to mass immigrate into the country and disrupt the job market.

        • “Wow, you really cut me deep, boomer.”

          The joke is on you boy, I’m not a ‘boomer’.

          Doesn’t it just suck to be proven a moron? (I’m sure you’re used to that by now, I hope).

          All that venom in your pathetic reply, I really must have pissed you of, son… 🙂

    • “A humble factory worker in Bombay who night and day manufactures MIM parts for Sig.”

      It really burns your ass you’re too poor to own one, doesn’t it? Do what real men do and work harder or longer, or smarter.

      Oops, you’re likely too stupid to have a real job. Just being you really sucks, doesn’t it? Trolling for attention on the internet is for losers like ‘templar’… 😉

      • I cannot fathom the EBT, welfare checks, and meth you must thrive on if you consider sig a luxury brand of firearm manufacturer

    • Come on bro. Sig has so much cash coming in from all those sketchy federal government contracts, they gotta do some feel good promotions!!

      (Full disclosure and in all seriousness: I own an Sig M400 and it’s a superb rifle for the money. As far as their handguns, they make great paperweights)

    • I hope they do a series on Rajeev. A humble factory worker in Bombay who night and day manufactures parts for the computer or phone ‘Templar’ uses to troll with to support his masturbation fantasy about Rajeev.

  2. You know you might be a couple standard deviations from normal when your second thought after getting zapped by a PKM is “That’s gonna ruin my bow season”.

  3. What’s poof reeding?

    I’m the UK a poof is a homosexual man. Reeding, I imagine is the act of using a reed: a long, slender, cylindrical, wood like, semi-aquatic plant. Thus, I’m assuming you use the reeds to pleasure gay men? I’d hope that you’re making much more than $40 (to the thousandths of a cent specificity at that)! Do you supply your own loob too? [see what I did there, folks?]

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