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From SIG SAUER . . .

SIG SAUER is pleased to announce the latest release in the historic line of P210 pistols – the P210 CARRY. This pistol combines the historic lineage of its iconic Swiss predecessor with the ideal characteristics and necessities the modern consumer expects in a carry pistol.

“The SIG P210 is regarded as one of the most legendary, reliable, and accurate firearms in the world; the P210 CARRY pays homage to the foundational craftsmanship of its forerunner while maintaining the features, weight, and balance of an ideal carry pistol,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc.  “The alloy frame lightens the weight, the slim low-profile grips with wrap-around checkering allow for an ideal purchase, and the shortened slide features the hallmark P210 signature reverse rail design bringing the premium P210 shooting experience to a carry gun.”

The SIG SAUER P210 CARRY is a 9mm, hammer-fired alloy frame pistol with a Nitron finish, and a stainless-steel slide with front and rear cocking serrations.  The pistol features slim black HOGUE™ G10 grips with front, side and back checkering, an SAO trigger, thumb safety, and SIGLITE night sights.  The P210 CARRY ships with (2) two eight-round magazines.

P210 CARRY Specifications:

Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 8+1
Sights: SIGLITE night sights
Magazines: 2 8-round steel magazines
Overall length: 7.75 inches
Overall height: 5.63 inches
Overall width: 1.44 inches
Barrel length: 4.1 inches
Sight Radius: 5.6 inches
Weight (w/magazine): 29 oz.
Price: $1399

The SIG SAUER P210 CARRY is now shipping and available at retailers.  To learn more about the P210 CARRY or watch the product video with Phil Strader, Director, Product Management visit


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  1. There’s a lot I like about this, but they should actually modernize the modernized version.

    In 2022 there are people who want a pistol this size, and people who are OK with 8rds of 9mm in a micro-compact, but basically no one (other than fans / collectors, who will buy the Target) who wants a G19-size 8rd 9mm for “carry”.

    A version of this that could drop into modified P320 grip frames, OTOH . . .

    • I had the same reaction. I really like the Sig SA/DAs, I’m not sure exactly where the market is for a mid sized $1000+ gun, SA, with 8 rounds of 9mm.

    • Umm, I don’t see a problem. I’ve carried full sized pistols concealed in a warm environment for decades. Eight rounds is not a serious handicap in the real world. I wouldn’t trade my P7M8 for two M13s. But then, I carried a 1911 every working day for 25 years; so what do I know? I’m just a Fudd.

      • My family car growing up had an engine about twice the size of my current car’s, half the MPG, and not much more than half the horsepower. I didn’t see a problem either, but no one would buy one today for the price of a current car (much less twice the price).

        Context is everything. Thinking customers don’t buy a product because it’s “not a serious handicap”, but because it offers advantages over competing products. Sometimes advantages in one area require accepting tradeoffs in others; in a properly framed tradeoff, either side might be a logical choice for certain circumstances. Then there are situations like this or the Nova, which have zero advantages offsetting their limitations.

        • ‘…but no one would buy one today for the price of a current car…’

          Seriously?!? I’ve got a buddy who recently paid $45k for a 71 Chevelle. My brother-in-law is currently stoked that he just picked up a restorable ’66 Mustang for $1800. He’ll put another $20k plus hundreds of hours of his time on the project. What’s a Prius going to be worth in 50 years?

        • Gov,
          People pay for classic cars because they are beautiful and amazing, and also because they are rare and old. A new replica of a classic might sell if it was beautiful and amazing – and SIG already has one of those (a high-end close copy of the original P210), which I quite like.

          I was referring to an absolute non-classic, from the dark late 70s after compression ratios had fallen due to unleaded gas, but before they figured out how to make up for it with fuel injection, variable valve timing, DI, etc. Nobody would buy a 2022 car, ordinary and advertised for practical purposes, that offered the performance of a 1976 Chevy Nova.

          Used Prius value? Negative [whatever the max battery recycling charge is in your state]?

        • Umm… Don’t be hatin’ on the Nova, my first car was a ’74 Nova hatchback. Paid $100 for it and it was an absolute chick magnet.

        • Well, I did get a pretty good deal on that car. I would be willing to pay big $$$ on a ’73 or ’74 Nova hatchback (got to be the hatchback) in good condition though. They’re pretty hard to find nowadays.

      • Previous generation – much better looking and pre-catalytic; not 2x the price of better-performing modern analogues. Oh, and this: “DAYS LISTED 1,300″😛

  2. avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

    A de-cocker would have been nice…

    • I just finished reworking my old P6. New trigger shoe from customized creationz, SRT kit, 19lb hammer spring and g10 grips from Hogue. Doubtful will take over my g26 that I’ve carried for 13 years but….sure is fun to shoot.

  3. My lighter smaller Taurus G2C carries 12+1 and is a grand cheaper. Never missed a beat firing it. No thanks on an outdated new pistol from Sig.

  4. Checked this out at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg earlier this week. The trigger is nowhere near as good as even the new (Sig USA) production P210. Maybe that was intentional since it’s meant for carry, but I have zero interest.

  5. The least they could have done was figure out a 10 round mag; if NY says all I can have is 10 I want all 10.

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, apparently brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      ” I’ll take .45″

      Then you want the Sig 220.

      Steel-frame, single-stack .45 ACP goodness… 🙂

        • I just recently bought a g41 (the longer barreled 21) for mag compatibility with a TNW carbine I have so glad I own it but having now got my head around the gunm™, not to mention my hand (the SF is def the way to go) and being a long time JMB fanboy, I have to say there isn’t one thing I actually like about it. It doesn’t point naturally, the grip is poor at best and the trigger awful at best, the frame feels very cheap and a push with a pinky on the Olight I put on it easily flexes the front section, the controls are too small/tucked in to reliably hit under stress (subjective), the take down bar requires sasquatch nails to get any purchase on it, he sights are as cheapish as the frame and of course it’s just so plain as to be ugly in the eyes of this beerholder. Too much Perfection™ for me, I guess. I do trust it and it fills a role but I’d never buy another.

        • Rider/Shooter- that’s about the best description I’ve ever heard of a GLOCK, and precisely why I’ve never owned one. I’ve wished it weren’t so, but until GLOCK makes something better- S&W’s SD40 and M&P 45 have gotten closer to “Perfection” for me than any GLOCK ever has.

          Seeing as how I’ve trusted my life to a Mk IV Series 80 LTWT Commander with eight rounds of .45 ACP for many decades now, I would feel just as secure carrying a P210 Carry that has proven itself worthy of the job, too.

          Horses for courses, and there’s a horse for every rider.

      • You get one extra in 38 Super in the 220. This reminds me – I should clean my old carry gun after a year and a half of it being on the shelf.

    • Personally I’d take 6 shots of .357 magnum but between the 2 .45 seems the better choice. Now 18 shots of 9mm vs. 8 shots of .45 is a different equation.

  6. I’ll put one of these on my list of “nice to own someday” guns.
    There are too many fine choices of equivalent sized (or smaller) firearms that possess higher capacity, along with build quality and night sights, for me to consider the 210 Carry as my EDC.

    • @Gipper

      Like an Everlasting Gobstopper, just one each…one is all you need…Ideally, if every one of the estimated 120 million legal firearm owners purchased only one each that would generate more than $167 billion for Sig…that is a nice ROI.

  7. 8 rounds? If you want capacity, buy a cheaper Glock, like the 32. Get 13 rounds of 9mm magnum (.357 sig), a more powerful round, in a smaller, lighter package for almost half the price. If you like the metal frame and hammer, get a Beretta 92 for half the cost of the 210 carry, and get up to 17 rounds.

    If I’m gonna spend up to $1399 for a handgun, I’m buying a revolver.

  8. Sig Meeting
    “Hey guys let’s modernize the P210 but not all the way. We want to ruin it for collectors but also not make it good enough for the tactical community. That’s our sweet spot.”

    No G10 wood grips?
    No threaded barrel option?
    ONLY 8 BULLETS?!?!????

    This is why I hate SIG.

  9. Now here’s a pistol that speaks my language… and I like what it’s saying. I’d very much like to own (and carry) one of these. Danke, SIG.

  10. So this is a full sized 9mm single stack?


    And no de-cocker?


    Other than brand-loyalty and a fan base to sell to, just not seeing the point here. I compare it to my striker fired Ruger SR9 with more than twice the capacity. Or to my decades old Smith & Wesson 59 with again, almost twice the capacity.

    Hey Sig, just not seeing the point here of this offering for people not fans of Sig for the sake of being fans of Sig.

    • I do like my S&W 59, as well as my 910 and 5906. When you pick one of them up you know you’ve got a real gun in your hand.

  11. I would put it in the same category as the Hi Power, and the CZ75 back in the day.
    Awesome classic pistol in their time, nowadays not so much.
    We Americans still love our 1911 and it is over a century old, so there’s that.

    • The Hi Power is still awesome. I appreciate it every bit as much as my 1911s but I just can’t say the same for 9mm to .45.

  12. Although I’m sure that the quality is outstanding, I’ll stick with my P226 which carries twice as many rounds. If I’m in the mood for SAO, give me the new FN High Power or a classic Browning Hi Power. For a 9mm carry pistol, 8+1 is way behind the competition. Even the petite P365 carries 10+1 with the standard magazine.

  13. I dunno. Low capacity (rounds). More expensive than any two of my pistols combined. More expensive than my Mini 14 tactical.

    I get that Sig makes nice guns, and if you have the $$$ they can be fun to own and shoot.

    Me? I’ll take more guns for less money.

    • Why? P210 is a completely outdated design. No one should consider this a legitimate carry option in 2022. Only box this checks off is “is a gun”… which does count for something, albeit not much.

      Weight too high, capacity too low. Craftsmanship of modern USA production will never match the Swiss guns of old.

      So again…why? Unless you have a P210 fetish this gun is absolutely outclassed in virtually every aspect.

  14. This would be more marketable with 10+1 in low capacity districts, but 8 rounds of 9mm and 5.6″ tall? That’s a hard sell.

    • Yup. Fill it full of .45 instead and a guy could stand a little taller and stick his chest out a little more, which all male primates enjoy doing, or at least used to.

  15. I have the P210 Target and it is an awesome shooter. Light, crisp trigger, well balanced and an absolute tack driver. It is one of my favorite range toys. Would I want to carry a smaller version with only 8 rounds?
    No thanks

  16. As usual the people who dream up new gun models know nothing about what the public really wants. Of course the real idea here was to produce a cheapy with a fake claim to the original Sig P210. Not cheap in price of course just cheap in quality.

    What the market has wanted for decades is the ‘ORIGINAL’ 16 round P210 that was only made in prototype decades ago, not some delicate aluminum framed bastardized, modernized cheapy pretending to be a real P210 complete with a hated 8 round capacity.

    This disaster will go over like a lead balloon just like the cheapened modernized plastic framed Whitney Wolverine, Dardick Tround hand gun, the Gyrojet stamped sheet metal rocket pistol, the new Fake cast iron Python, The new fake modernized FN High Power, the .45 gap cartridge, the .327 calibers, the scout rifle concept, and of course the low quality Bren Ten that fell flat on its face. Just to name a few of the hair brained marketing boondoggle disasters.

    I predict this new model Sig will have a marketing life shorter than the time period for Trumps next lie or better yet newly revealed crime.

  17. what a stupid gun- only go bang 8 times?

    Am I going to get mugged by an octopus or something?

    Mr Sauer is a stupid stupid man

  18. Watching how Sig does product launches for while its clear they like to incrementally release and change a model offering to maximize sales of each iteration. First they had the P210 Target model for enthusiasts of the P210. Then came the classic P210 model. Now there is a carry model. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next step was to create a subcompact edition. Then finally move on to a P-210 double stack and start the process of releasing slightly different models all over again. It’s been the Sig way with all of their pistol lines.

  19. I’d like to have a Sig P210. An original one. And I will, with a few spare magazines. I just don’t think this one is for me.

  20. It’s an all-metal singlestack service size 9mm pistol with no light rail, it weighs more empty than a Glock 43X does loaded and carries fewer rounds, and they’re selling it as a “carry gun,” huh? Good grief.

  21. The next chance I get I’m buying a HiPoint. I don’t care what caliber, they’re going to be real collectors in the future.

  22. Springfield XDE very similar all around, for about a third the price. What’s the point of spending this much?

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