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Nicholas Flores doesn’t mess around with his EDC gun. He totes a full-size steel SIG SAUER P226 Legion 9mm. That’s more gun that a lot of carriers are willing to tote on a daily basis. But given a good rig and a sturdy gun belt, it’s more than do-able.

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump EDC

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  1. Nice choice. I carry that also and don’t even feel it. I balance it out with two of the extended 20 round mags on my left side.

  2. What holster and carry position is he using? I obtained a 226 Legion a while ago but more often carry a G19 since I have a great holster for. It. The P226 is a bit larger but would prefer carrying it.

  3. Perhaps I’m cynical, but I have a difficult time believing people who say their EVERYDAY CARRY is a service-sized pistol.

    EDC means everyday. It means that’s the pistol one carries every day, every time one leaves the house, that’s the pistol one straps on.

    Summer, fall, winter, spring—P226 Legion? Shorts and t-shirt—P226 Legion?

    Highly doubtful.

    A P239 on the hip beats a P226 in the gun safe.

  4. I take a lot of newbies to the range to learn’em up on the 4 rules and how to respect firearms.

    My Sig 226 Elite is universally their 1st choice on their 2nd time around because it’s as smooth as a Benz S Series and heavier vs (CZ75 G19 Kahr CT9, SA EMP C3, CZP10).

    I just can’t believe you’d haul one around all day on anything less than a Sam Browne belt and a Crown Vic radio unit.

  5. It’s a great gun, to be sure! I love my Sig P226 Mk25, but I would hate to lose it, & I would, most likely forever, if I had to use it in a defensive situation. The courts rarely ever return guns used in a shooting.

  6. I carry my 226 legion everyday. Its easy to conceal if you carry it correctly. I have carried it in south Louisiana during the summer. If you think its to hard or unpractical to CC then put your purse down 😉


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