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During the course of TTAG’s relocation exploration, I met up with Army vet and TTAG writer Martin Albright in urban sprawl Colorado. After patiently waiting for your humble scribe for an hour-and-a-half (sainthood pending), Martin demoed and shot his new AR. As usual, I mega-flinched during the initial firing sequence. If you must know, I was also nervous as hell firing the weapon; I acted like a total newbie. [Second video post-MORE.] “Bullets face forward.” I knew that! The AR-style gun is a hit because they’re so damn easy to fire with .223 ammo: gentle recoil, maximum accuracy. OK, so I only got one round on the target at 50 yards. But it went in the black. FWIW. Martin’s grouping was, as you’d expect, as tight as an F. Scott Fitzgerald socialite (in the jazz age sense of the word, obviously). The AR’s trigger pull was crisp, clean, light yet refreshing. I gotta get me one of them guns. Or more. Meanwhile, kudos to Martin for building such a lovely piece of machinery that didn’t blow up once.

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  1. You can do this too, Robert. Really.

    The US Army can take raw 18-year old recruits that have never even handled a gun in their lives and get them to field stip this to its most basic componenents in a matter of minutes after just a week of familiarization. Blindfolded, in some cases.

    Building and fitting is a little more fiddly. Sometimes, parts designated as “drop in” don’t.

    That’s the beauty of the M16/15 though — you can customize it to exactly the gun you envision.

    Kinda like a 1911 pistol. Very customizable as well. (Just keep the action a little on the sloppy side…tight bushings and slides jam when things get dirty — just ask my brother about how finicky his fancy-pants Kimber acts in less-than-perfect conditions.)

    Looks like fun and a well-turned-out piece.

    • As a Vet I would say that the credit goes to the gun in that respect, due to it’s simplicity. not the army, or any other branch of the military. When they sat me in front of my weapon ( I named her Jasmine, because the upper and lower fit was as loose as jasmine st. Claire the porn star. due to the extreme over use of the weapon) the simple design indicates, pull this out. then this, this pops off, and bam it’s in pieces. I took a part of the bolt because it was dirty, then got in trouble for going to far. and I shot 34 of 40


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