As you might imagine, macho posturing don’t mean squat when you owe the IRS money. Lest we forget, the feds got Al Capone for tax evasion. Add David Darnell Brown (a.k.a. “Young Buck”) to the list of people who’ve fallen afoul of the revenuers. “The Tennessee home of rapper Young Buck was raided earlier today by armed federal agents, reportedly due to $300,000 in unpaid taxes,” reports. “Buck’s rep says that IRS agents arrived at the Nashville home and repossessed recording equipment, jewelry, furniture, his platinum wall plaques and even his kids’ PlayStation. The rep adds that the agents were armed with shotguns, and warned him not to interfere.” I would have thought those shotguns would have been warning enough. Just sayin’ . . .


  1. (Schadenfreude alert.) Another obnoxious, no-talent pop star has a close encounter with the business end of law enforcement, and there’s no YouTube video of it yet? This is one occasion, actually the *only* occasion, where the MTV Cribs crew could have come in handy.

    Sixty-inch 3D TV: $3,000. Having it seized by the IRS for back taxes, on national television: priceless.

  2. Stupid, arrogant, ignorant Ovomit-voting porch monkey at it again. This vermin has a previous arrest record. I hope the feds seized the monkey's low-riders and Bentley… and that it sells for $1,000 at auction. Don't want to give anything to Ovomit.


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