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In this video, Taofledermaus shoots a stabilized discarding sabot slug to find out how well it actually works.

A standard shotgun slug has a gas piston to push it through the barrel. This is a different kind of slug designed more like a military sabot. The idea behind this design is to increase precision by distributing the force evenly down the length of the slug. As the gas expands, this creates the effect of the slug being pulled evenly along the barrel rather than being pushed from behind.

Is this design a good idea for a shotgun round? Leave it to Taofledermaus to ask, and answer, that question.

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  1. Ehh, sure. Why not? Sabot’s are kind of underappreciated in a firearms culture that’s used to the rifled barrel.

  2. I’m pretty sure I saw someone on a bike passing behind their target berm during one shot. What’s up with that?

    • I’ve commented on that on previous videos from these guys. The range looks unsafe to me – relying only on distance and bullet drop, with no real backstop.

  3. I used up all my gigas data watching cops chase motorcycles, so now I can’t download vids. Fledermaus sure like playing with them shotguns, I do too, 3 inch .410 , arrow( fletching removed) field point. Empty 1/2 powder out of shell. Goes thru 50 gallon barrel.

  4. Aren’t the military version made for armor penetration? Seems inhumane against deer. Can’t help but think it’d be a clean hole in and out. From what little I could see in the video it looked like that was the case.

  5. What the hell is your video hosting service about? It sucks more than youtube, I’ll tell you.

    Can’t adjust the speed, resolution or step through frames.

    • “Can’t adjust the speed, resolution or step through frames.”

      Pick up “Video download helper” from the Firefox add-ons section to save the videos.

      Playback through your favorite media player (like VLC) and tweak the playback to your cold, black heart’s content…

  6. Auto play sucks.
    I’ve suspended my use of this website for 7 days because of auto play.
    No new clicks from me for a week.
    Please stop. I love the site, but auto play takes away.
    Others can join in, we can fight and win this terrible web design.

  7. Sabot shotgun slugs have only been on the market for about 25 years, so I guess this is a new thing. These guys are idiots. This is the last time I will watch any of their foolishness.

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