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Beretta’s 1301 tactical shotgun has been one of the most popular personal defense semi-auto smoothbores options from the Italian gun maker. But with the new A300 Ultima Patrol, Beretta aims to give those in the market for 7+1 rounds of fearsome dissuasive power an American made option at a more affordable price.

The standard ghost ring sights are excellent, but you have the option of mounting a red dot on the receiver’s Picatinny rail.

We got a chance to pepper some targets with the new 1301 Patrol yesterday. It does just about everything the 1301 does in a very compelling feature-packed package.

As for aesthetics, it’s tactical all the way, with a few color options. There’s basic black, of course, with a graphite gray receiver option and even a tiger-striped dipped model for those who prefer something a little more eye-catching in their home defense cannon.

The American-made A300 is a gas-operated semi-auto that shares much with the 1301 with a slightly longer stock. That stock has M-LOK attachment points at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock to attach your favorite light, laser or whatever.

The A300 Patrol’s aggressive molded texturing . . .

Smoothly popping off rounds in quick succession with the American-made A300 Patrol demonstrates what a devastating personal defense firearm a semi-auto shotgun can be.

The A300 Patrol has a more conventional bolt and gas system compared to the 1301’s B-Link system. That means the A300 Patrol theoretically cycles slightly slower than the 1301. But that’s a distinction without much of a practical difference for the the typical user. Unless you shoot them one after the other, you won’t notice the difference, let alone feel constrained by the A300 patrol’s cycle rate.

The A300 Patrol also lists for a not insignificant $500 less than the 1301, a savings that will tip the scales in favor of the American shotgun over its Italian-made cousin for most buyers.

First impression: Beretta’s A300 Patrol shotgun is a first-rate defensive shotgun that’s going to find its way into a lot of homes and cop cars. Beretta designed it to fit into 870 racks in police cruisers and plenty of departments who actually care about the taxpayer’s dime will find the A300 Patrol does everything they need a duty shotgun to do.

Full review to follow when we get our hands on one.


Gauge: 12
Capacity: 7+1
Barrel Length: 19.1 inches
Overall Length: 38 inches
Weight: 7.1 lbs
Choke: modified cylinder
MSRP: $1099


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  1. quote————- Beretta’s A300 Patrol shotgun is a first-rate defensive shotgun that’s going to find its way into a lot of homes and cop cars.——-quote

    Hopefully Beretta has cured the op-rod breakage found on this gun. A number of years ago at our skeet range I saw Beretta A303’s break their op-rods so often I lost count.

  2. Been using the Benelli M4 Tactical shotgun for one of the home defense firearms, have four of them spread through the house so one will always be close by. But we recently finished an addition to the house and just had the recessed hidden firearms rack put in and need to put some firearms in there too so along with the AR and Glock 19 that’s going in there I’m gonna order one of these Beretta A300’s for that and put it in the rack next to the AR and Glock 19.

  3. Nice but no thanks. When I need a shotgun to save my life it will be a Mossberg pump 500 or a Rem 870. I know these both work and never had any issue, not so much with a semi auto shotty.

    • Have you used an 870 made in the last 20 years? I’ve seen $500 Turkish semi autos more reliable than the crap Remington is pumping out

  4. Your article says “ modified cylinder” choke. If I am correct MC stands for mobile choke. I would not want this in a fixed choke shotgun.


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