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One of the first stops at today’s SHOT Show range day was the GLOCK bay, where everyone wanted to get their hands on the latest Slimline pistols, the G43X and the G48. Just to refresh your memory, the recently announced G43X is basically a G43 single-stack 9mm with a longer grip, allowing 10+1 round capacity. The slide length is the same as the G43.

The G48 is takes the G43X frame size and adds a longer G19-length slide. Like the 43X, the G48 is a single stack 9mm with 10+1 capacity.

Some had strong opinions about the two new pistols. For some reason just about every GLOCK new product announcement provokes lots of hot takes, whether or not the opinion’s based on actually shooting the gun.

I only got to put a few round through each pistol, but both handguns make sense in the GLOCK lineup. For those who knock the G43 for its 6+1 standard capacity (I carry a G43 most days), the 43X gives you four more round and a full-handed grip on the gun.

If you’re the kind who couldn’t figure out the 19x (you thought a G19 slide on a G17 frame was bass-ackwards) you probably won’t be a fan of the 43X. However, from shooting and handling the gun it’s a slim, concealable 10+1 round pistol that’s only marginally more difficult to conceal than the G43.

If you were one of the 19X skeptics, the G48 should make more sense to you. Putting a G19-length slide on the 43X-size frame gives you .6 inch more sight radius and, as a result, is easier to get on target (given the few rounds I was able to shoot).

The two new pistols give gun buyers more choices, and that’s always a good thing. Single stack fans can pick from a variety of sizes, capacities and slide lengths to fit their hand size, and how they like to carry.

We look forward to getting both guns in for full reviews. But until then, don’t expect GLOCK to have any trouble moving pallet-loads of these two new silver-slided single stack nines. They both have a lot going for them.


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  1. To heck with the Glocks.
    Where I work Wilcox has a mini-gun, a cannon, and a bunch of other cool stuff to shoot today.

    • Well seeing how the 1911 has lasted over a hundred years with little more than a tweek here or there, i would say it will be a lonnnnng time before Gaston Glock goes out of business….

    • “How long until this company dies out?”

      I’d say it will happen on roughly the 12th of *never*…

      • The way these redesigns are going, it will happen eventually. S&W 2.0 line-up makes Glocks ‘refreshes’ look wasteful.

    • The Glock 48 might push me over the edge to getting a Glock. I can only hold 10 rounds in my state, and I like that it’s only about 1″ wide. Very similar to a Kahr, but with a different trigger.

      • Same. The 10+1 slim grip is with a 19 slide is more appealing than an actual 19, since I can’t load more than 10 in the gun.

    • The new 2-tones are down right ugly. The slides look like they were spray painted with a flat dull gray paint. They look and fell like a toy pistol. I was very disappointed then I went to the gun shop and picked them up.

    • Why not? Makes sense for people who want something in-between.

      Also could be marketed to states where anything over 10rnds in a magazine makes you into an evil criminal.

      • Too bad the entire California market is closed, since new effectively handguns can’t be added to the roster.

    • Why? Because the Sig P365 made them look bad. Now they have a 10 plus 1 frame that is almost as big as the G19. Until they swap to metal mags to give them more internal space inside their magazine, they will continue to trail in that part of the market

  2. …so, a G43X is essentially a G26 and a G48 is a longer, bigger, less-concealable G43. If I were a musician…I would say that Glock is playing an infinite number of variations on a single theme…and, still striving for “Perfection”.

    Finally purchased a Gen 5 G-19…not “Perfection”, but, better than the other Glock I own.

    Meh, I’ll take my Sig P-365 and Sig P-250 sub-compact for EDC…better sights – better ergos (and more cartridges = 12 + 1).

    • Slim grips for small hands is great! Before the snarks, I modify my grips larger, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see enough people at the range struggle with double stacks.

      P365 first though. Or shield. 🙂

  3. Why did J .N get so angry when he ask me if I wanted to shoot his Glock, and then did with a 12 gauge shotgun?

    • “Why did J .N get so angry when he ask me if I wanted to shoot his Glock, and then did with a 12 gauge shotgun?”

      It’s best never to anger a homeless marsupial, Possum…

      *snicker* 😉

      (You and I both have had a pretty shitty last month…)

  4. Sweet new Glocks and can’t wait to try them out in March at LGS factory shoot. The Glock 43X looks to be about the same exact size as my Walther PPS with 7 round magazine which I CCW frequently being slim, very easy to conceal, comfortable to conceal, and offering full grip without extenders or pinky extension. New Glocks would be slightly thicker in grip to accommodate 10 round magazine but that does not make any more difficult to conceal as grip out above holster. Hopefully Walther is looking to do something similar.

    I bet both the new Glock 43X and 48 will be big sellers in states with magazine restrictions where millions of gun owners live and to anyone looking to buy a 10 round 9MM pistol for CCW that is thin and full grip and no extenders or pinky extension. While I use such now in a couple pistols I prefer full grip as it can feel odd shooting with such extensions and sometimes even pinch.

    Pistols like the P365 are too small for me to be good shooters. Grip is too cramped as is trigger reach with my hand size. Glad more options are coming out as choices are a good thing.

  5. Great, another model to add to the bewildering lineup of a gun I have no love for which always earns me a stern lecture from LEOs…because even if I didn’t like the last 5 Glocks I shot, surely I haven’t tried this new model which is going to be THE one to Change My Mind!

      • Eventually, it happens. Frightening, ain’t it?

        No hate for Glocks, just no love, I’m a Sig lady.

    • @elaineD , when’s that Man Concubine get back from eating candy bars? Two years , ,,, Nothing runs like a Deere, and with the proper amount of explosives they fly..

      • @possum

        I think he said he’s in Kandahar for a year but that they might pull him from there to send him to some island if it all goes weird with the gubmit and they have to get outta there, ya know. At some point he has to come back stateside because of visa issues, knowing him, he’ll be calling me up to talk me into doing yet another carbine competition I don’t wanna be at early in the morning.

        Think I’ve sent two more from him to Dan, am working on the last one from that series. Next up is another friend of mine who was actually at Mogadishu. He probably won’t want to talk about that, but he said he has lots of other stories, but he’s hard as hell to get hold of since he moved away from Texas and lives many states away now. But I’m workin’ on it.

        Also, what happened to ya? Threads seem alight with a story of sumpin that happened to Possum. Them house cats get you in your sleep agin? What up. Jeez, a woman misses a few days of TTAG and when you come back it’s like you missed everything….

  6. Mfg’ers are so tight with ammo. If I go to shot, I am bringing a case with me.
    “Please excuse me while I load up a few mags.”

    • Is that true these days? You’d think they would bring a pallet given how many gun sites and youtubers there are

  7. I’d like to think Glock listened to us/we customers with the 48x. “Please to give us a single stack 9×19 with the general dimensions of a Colt Commander.” Thank you, take my money. I’m in line for delivery, cash in hand.

    I will confess I’m not a fan of silver slides on black frames (Kahr, S&W SD9, 48x), but I’ve somehow lived with my EMP4C3. Maybe my ceracote guy will do a 2 fer. Loved my Kahr CT9 except for the projectile vomiting of rounds out of the mag when removed from the grip.

    Please Dawson make us an umsproingy trigger set, again, cash in hand.

  8. Glock is the Apple of firearms; they were revolutionary in the 80s, but now they pretty much go off of brand recognition and “Enovating” as little as possible.

  9. To start off, I would like to apologize to the Glock fanbois for my post of last evening deriding the new G43X and G48 as same-old same-old hybrids of the G43 and G26…I was wrong.

    A buddy called me 4 hours ago to meet him at the range with his new G43X. After 200 rounds I have to say that the new 43X is nothing like the original 43 or 26. The grip is a bit longer, but, what Dan Z. didn’t say is that the grip is also just a smidge fuller (thicker)…it is one comfortable fittin’ pistol in my medium sized hands. It shot 200+ rounds with zero issues (two shooters). Trigger is what we expect from a Gen 5 trigger and the same old cheap plastic Glock sights…night sights as a factory option…Glock r’u listening? For grins we took a Sig P-226 magazine and inserted it into the G43X…of course it didn’t lock into place or feed ammo, but, it fits with about 3/4″ hanging out the bottom. I’m guessing that if Mec-Gar made a flush fit metal mag that it would have a capacity of 12 or 13 rounds…Mec-Gar r’u listening?

    We placed his Shield upside down on the table and placed the G43X next to it and they are only tenths of an inch different in any dimension…8 rounds versus 10…S&W is about to lose market share.

    I will keep (and carry) my Sig P-365…but, I will probably add a G43x or G48 to the stable as soon as my “toy” fund replenishes itself (hmmm, what can I sell?)

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