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Nope, don’t look at the grip. It’s behind that…farther…yep, right in front of the cable lock is a GLOCK pistol. The rear end of META Tactical’s APEX-Series Carbine Conversion Kit opens up like the maw of a C-5 Galaxy, allowing the insertion of your pistol with META’s 16-inch barrel installed.

A pin then goes through the trigger guard, which is connected up to the forward trigger that you’ll use to fire the weapon. Every bit the bullpup.

MSRP is $599.99 and shipping begins on February 14.

Click the photo above to enlarge it.


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  1. $600, am I missing something? Why not
    manufacture a bolt inside and sell it as a Glock mag acceptable bullpup? Why go this far and still have to put your own Glock inside it? I bet this thing ticks off the ATF nicely. “You shoulder a pistol with a butt stock?!?” ” Well sir it’s also a rifle with a 16″ barrel and forward grip too…but it’s also a pistol…”
    *Grunting in ATF

    • Thompson/Center already jumped through the BATFE hoops years ago. You can take a pistol, add a 16″+ barrel, and then add a stock, and you reverse the process to go back to a pistol configuration. You may not add the stock then the barrel. You may not take a rifle receiver, take off the stock, and put on a pistol barrel unless it’s registered as an SBR. There is a difference in the taxes paid for a pistol vs. a rifle, and pistols require 21 years of ago.
      The same applies for ARs. If it’s sold as a pistol with a support or plain pistol tube, you can put on a 16″+ barrel and stock, and you can turn it back to the original configuration. Just never have the shorter barrel and stock on the gun at the same time, and you can’t put a shorter barrel on an AR sold as a rifle, regardless of whether you put a brace on it.

    • I’m making 150 D0IIars an hour w0rking from h0me. I was sh0cked when my friend told me that she was maklng D0Ilars 17382/m just from her h0me 0nLlne. Then this completely changed my Llfe. F0r Details…

    • The 16″ barrel that comes with it would cost $350 on its own. add the tax stamp you’ll pay for with every other conversion kit and this is a bargain. Plus it’s frickin dope looking.

  2. Saw that a few days ago…don’t get the point except GLOCK©. I guess that’s enuf for fanboyz.

    • The only “good” reasons I can think of are illegal ones. Like for example making an AW in California out of a handgun.

      I’m not saying this was made to bypass laws. I am saying that it doesn’t make any practical sense for any of the lawful reasons.

  3. I love Glock but …

    Maybe $150.00 ‘ish max on a good day with the wind blowing in the right direction if I were looking for a very odd range toy and felt really generous and maybe had dementia — but NO! NO! NO! not now not ever will it be worth $600.00.

    I don’t object to it actually, I mean the same basic thing can already be done with a MCKS or Roni kit for lots less then you add a 16″ barrel (yes, you can get them for Glocks). But its never more than a range toy actually, and $600.00 is wayyyy too much.

  4. For range giggles I think I might like the long barrel, but I am thinking about how horrendous the trigger pull on a bullpup extension connected to a stock Glock trigger would be.

  5. Maybe they will sell the barrel for $150. Less than $10 an inch. but might be more fun and useful if they made it for 10mm or 45 super, a couple of calibers that can actually get some substantial velocity improvements with a carbine length barrel.

    • 357 sig and 9mm with the lighter grain bullets to some extent as well. Looked into that a bit before moving up to NY but this price seems high even with inflation.

  6. Neat
    There is certainly a market for bullpups. I like the fact that it doesn’t require a 4473. I also question reliability over time but ok.

    Can the barrel be easily swapped for various calibers?

  7. The best potential application I can think of applies to any other Glock chassis as well – some countries have limitations on how many firearms you can own, so this lets you wring more mileage out of what you have.

  8. Kind of interesting… but… I think I’d rather just go get a Kriss if I wanted something like that. Plus I can avoid all the ATF BS.

  9. I “get” that there are people deliriously excited by stuff like this. I also get that there are allegedly “adult” males who are captivated by Japanese cartoons of school-girls.

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