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We had seen the announcement of the newest gun from Lionheart, the Vulcan 9 pistol and were intrigued. It seemed to have pretty much every feature we like to see in a compact 9mm handgun.

The Vulcan 9 is the evolution of ‘double action plus’ Lionheart’s Regulus pistol and will replace it in their lineup. The display model has a standard spur hammer, but select models will feature a bobbed hammer for less likelihood of snagging on clothing.

Like just about every new pistol, the Vulcan 9 will be optic-ready. The Vulcan 9 is ready to mount MRDS optics and is drilled to also take Shield RMSc, Trijicon RMRcc, SIG RomeoZero Elite, and Holosun 407k and 507k red dots.

Lionheart was showing a pre-production version in their SHOT Show booth. The production pistols will have a ‘J’ trigger shoe. The Vulcan 9’s G10 grip includes a small “gas pedal” or what Lionheart calls its Rapid Engagement grip system. It provides a comfortable place for your off-hand thumb, doesn’t protrude any more than the slide lock does and won’t interfere with standard holsters.

Vulcan 9s will ship with two 15-round magazines. Select models will include one mag with an incorporated NANO2 Multitasker tool in its aluminum baseplate. These are very handy for adjusting sight and other screws. We’ll be getting one for a full review, so stay tuned. Look for the Vulcan 9 to hit stores in Q2.


Caliber: 9mm
Sights: Fiber optic or tritium night sights
Magazines: Two 15-rounders included, one with sight tool, 10- and 18-round available soon
Hammer: Bobbed or standard spur
Barrel Length: 3.7″, 4.3″ threaded
Height: 5.0″
Length: 6.9″ (7.5″ threaded)
Slide width: .95″
Weight: 24 oz.
MSRP: $1199 and up



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      • It’s a useless feature and liability in a defense situation. For a hammer-fired gun DAO is the way to go. Less shit you have to deal with the better.

        If you are in competition or something like that then it is fine. It doesn’t matter.

      • Is that the same Triple action as the Daewoo K5?
        Traditional DA/SA with an additional feature where you can lower the hammer while leaving the mainspring compressed, then fire with a trigger pull that is long as a DA, but as light as SA?

  1. Dan,
    Would you let us know if there was a Dan Wesson booth there, and if they mentioned the DWX compact? Even with the full size roll out, I haven’t heard anyone even mention the compact. What’s the deal?

    As for the Lionheart, is this an all metal gun? It seems light.

  2. essentially a u.s. made daewoo woo woo.
    coupled with their (diewhew’s) semi- auto long gun a man would be very well equipped.

  3. Mmm… Okay. Nice feature set, I suppose. But it just strikes me as “busy” and not in a coherent fashion … and aesthetically not appealing as a result.

    To all their own, though, if you like it and want it, more power to you say I.

  4. Good thing I live in California where I wont be able to put my gentle fingers on such a clearly unsafe handgun. Without micro stamping I may just accidentally shoot myself.

    …yes that was sarcasm Dacian.

  5. Compact my a$$ lol
    And I carry a beretta 92X “Compact” so I know a thing or two about marketing “compact guns” while being full of $hit

    Still a great looking firearm though I hear they make really nice stuff, never seen one in the wild though


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