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Knight’s Armament Co. is announcing the release of the SR-15E3 Carbine MOD 2.  It features a chrome lined, 16-inch hammer-forged barrel (1 in 7 twist), improved three-prong flash eliminator, the 14.5 inch URX 4 handguard, the new MOD 2 gas system, as well as extras such as the ambi QD swing swivel sockets, the 6 Position SOPMOD stock, fully ambi lower receiver controls, extended charging handle, and folding front and rear 200-600 Meter Rear Micro iron sights . . .

Courtesy KAC

Best of all, the entire package rockets in at a surprisingly low 6.6 lbs. Students of the gun will recall that the original M16 A1 was also 6.6 lbs.  As a former infantry officer, I can honestly say that the push towards lighter, faster weapons is a welcome change from the full quad-railed monstrosities of years past.

I’m also a big fan of those long rails, since that gets the front iron way out near the muzzle for a longer sight radius.

I’m also really digging these new flat panel kits designed to interface with the KEYMOD system. They were hella comfortable and “grippy,” for lack of better words. Definitely on my short list of “need to get” items.

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  1. Is it just me or are all these AR-15s starting to bleed together and merge into an AR-15… I just need to say screw it and buy a damned Colt. I am having trouble sorting through the ever increasing manufacturers, options, models, etc. Being overloaded by differences that I’m not sure I even care about when the truth is a Colt LE6920 with a detachable carry handle would probably do everything I would ever ask it to do.

    God, but I hope I’m not a FUDD.

    • If you think this machine is in the same line as a Colt, you probably shouldn’t be buying a gun at all. Do a little research before you just lump a KAC in with every other recycled garbage brand out there.

  2. Any more AR15 variants or producers and they’ll start trading this rifle on the commodities exchange.

  3. You guys could have saved a ton of travel expenses by just publishing one article titled “SHOT Show: The Same AR-15 Two Dozen Times”… Aside from the Remington R51, is there anything that’s actually, honestly *new* at that show?

  4. The MOD 2 is not enough of an improvement for me to ditch the MOD 1 in favor of it. Although Keymod may be the future, I’m perfectly content with the ultra-light streamlined URX 3.1. Plus the MOD 1 is distinctly very “KAC” in appearance. This looks like every other long railed AR-15 currently out there.

  5. You know what they say, when it comes to buying a weapon system, buy the one that looks the coolest. Forget about the other items that make this rifle stand head and shoulders above 95% of the other current AR offerings.

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