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At SHOT this year, GOSAFE was showing off their Mobile Mag and Mobile Safe products. These are magazine-shaped devices that insert into your pistol and are then locked by turning a bicycle lock-style key in the baseplate. This both locks the mag and either locks the entire action or just the trigger function of the firearm.

The Mobile Mag functions like a normal magazine and feeds rounds into the chamber of the firearm. When it’s locked, the stainless steel flange you see sticking out in front of the follower (above) locks the Mobile Mag in the gun and also blocks the trigger mechanism. However, you can cycle the slide to chamber and any eject ammunition.

The Mobile Safe is a solid unit that won’t hold any ammunition. When it’s locked into the firearm, it completely locks up the action (you can’t cycle the slide) as well as the trigger mechanism.

Obviously neither option can be removed from the gun without unlocking it via the key.

Also obvious, the GOSAFE solutions don’t prevent the theft of your firearm, they just prevent its operation.

It’s a unique solution. I’m not entirely sure the Mobile Safe offers too much more than a simple (and free, because it’s included with every handgun) cable lock, though perhaps it’s more difficult to defeat since it can’t simply be snipped by a bolt cutter or decent wire cutters.

The Mobile Mag is $99.99 and the Mobile Safe is $79.99. GOSAFE makes them to fit GLOCK 17, 19 and 34 pistols with Smith & Wesson M&P and SIG SAUER models coming soon.

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  1. Spouse: “wake up … someone broke in… there are two of them in the hall way with machetes. ”

    You: “where did I put my keys?”

    • Use the de blasio Strategy. Just leave the keys in the car. That way, the bad guys probably won’t even come in the house. Maybe.

  2. No go. It won’t work in the new Franklin Armory CA320 single shot pistol. But no doubt some CA moron will try, and then complain when he can’t stuff it in the magwell.

  3. Can’t see the point really. If they’re only up to Glocks and some Smith & Wessons, it’ll take them awhile to reach Walthers.
    Locks only keep honest people honest. Given the right tools and the time, this too could be defeated by a determined thief.


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