DPMS Panther 9mm compact pistol
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DPMS was quietly showing off a new concept pistol at SHOT last week, the Panther 9mm compact.

DPMS Panther 9mm compact pistolSince the Remington bankruptcy, DPMS is now owned by Palmetto State Armory, so they’re building the Panther on the very successful PSA Dagger 9mm frame.

The DPMS Panther 15+1 compact 9mm pistol will have a 3.9″ barrel, an optic-ready slide cut and will fit GLOCK 19 holsters. It will also be conveniently compatible with lots of PSA Dagger accessories. If I remember correctly, the final production version will have a flat trigger shoe as well.

This looks to be a great, feature-packed, affordable EDC pistol for those on a budget.

Look for DPMS to make an announcement later this year. MSRP for the base Panther will be about $349. They’ll also sell a “tac pack” version for around $419. It’s not clear what that will include, but a threaded barrel, night sights and an extended magazine seem like good bets.

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    • Another cheap GLOCK© gen 3 clone. Cool🙄 One wonders if all these clones have any effect on Glock brand glock business?

    • Good, hopefully it will keep basic pistol prices affordable and allow some oddball development/experimentation for those interested in something different.

  1. “This looks to be a great, feature-packed, affordable EDC pistol for those on a budget.”

    I’ll bet you say that all the girls.

  2. sorry
    cant add ANOTHER 9mm pistol
    (i honestly dont know off the top of my head how many i have)
    to my collection
    until i add my first 10mm
    right now im thinking the s&w m&p 10
    theyre 499 right now
    with the 100 dollar rebate
    free shipping
    (2) 15 round mags
    optics ready
    sportsmans outdoor superstore


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