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Each SHOT Show sees 5.11 introduce dozens of new products. This year, some of the most interesting for shooters are affordable EDC items that would be worthy additions to any range bag (or pocket).

5.11’s done a lot of work to upgrade their line of flashlights. We liked this one most, the pocketable Rapid PL1AA. It has a bi-directional clip and runs on one standard AA battery that you can get in any corner store all over the world. It’s also compatible with 14500 rechargeable Li-Ion batteries.

Using one AA battery, the Rapid PL1AA will produce a healthy 190 lumens. With a 14500, that output jumps to 330 lumens. The light also has high, low and strobe modes. All for an MSRP of only $34.99.

Next up is one of the slickest little tools we’ve seen. The new TKO Ratchet Kit has a selection of six hex torx, Allen and Phillips bits, plus a punch and flat blade driver/pry bar/bottle opener. It’s all held together in a convenient nylon sheath and fits in the palm of your hand.

The TKO is built around a bi-directional magnetic ratchet driver that makes the whole thing easy to use and incredibly handy. A MOLLE-compatible clip means you can attach it to almost anything.

As cool as this tool is, its best feature may be the price. MSRP is a mere $19.99.

Both items will be hitting stores in the coming weeks.

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    • Bostich already makes a mini ratchet for under $20 bucks that comes with several bits including torx, security hex and torx, straight, Phillips, tri wing, and a few others. I have had the set for several years and it has never let me down. Comes with a bit extension that is magnetic that is smaller in diameter than the one 5.11 shows in that pic. Plus it all comes in a box or it can be put in a nylon pouch. Even has a closed ended wrench in the bottom of it that’s 6mm or 1/4inch compatible. The straight head bits can double as a mini pry bar due to the fact that anything. You would use a small pry bar for shouldn’t exceed the strength of the bit anyway. Otherwise you would be usin something bigger anyway. Obviously you need to use common sense and not over work the tool but some people are idiots and will try and pry something apart that requires more leverage than a little 3” bar could do and say it didn’t work. Of course. And a bottle opener is a little outdated. Since a bottle can be opened with a box lighter or a flat stone tucked into the finger while gripped around the bottle neck and used to pop a bottle cap off. Anything can be used as a matter of fact bottles are simple to open. But we all know that no one “drinks alcohol” while working on firearms right? Lol

  1. Cool little tool kit. One for the hunt pack, one for kitchen drawer, one for glove box…

  2. Sweet little ratchet set. I have the Pelican AA sized light, which I like, but doubt it pushes the 190/330 lumens this one does.

    • 5.11 flashlights are NOT worth the money. I picked up aluminum 2AA and a plastic 123 as clearance fillers for free shipping. The aluminum one has sharp edges everywhere and was way too heavy for what it was. The plastic one fell apart with no abuse, just sitting in a tool bag. Even with them each being $5 would never buy one again.

      Cheep throw away ThorFires are a better choice. I think 5.11 knows what they are doing with textiles, but the gadgets and stuff, not so much.

      Get something from a company that relies on producing a good flashlight, not a company that just wants to extend their product range.

    • The Fenix LD12 or ThorFire tg06S.

      I would love for Streamlight to make a 14500 dedicated light. The form factor of the ProTac 1L is to thick / long because it can use two different form factors for the battery. Still way better than a 5.11 light.

    • You only say that because you can see in the dark. The rest of us other “critters” have to stumble around and worry about exposed tree stumps.

      (<—smiles and runs away)

  3. One of the flashlight brands that has become my new favorite are the Nebo Redlines. They have a new tiny one that we wear on our jackets that puts out 400 lumens at the brightest settings and it has a rechargeable battery via USB.

    We also have two older small ones that put out 310 lumens with three AAA batteries, a midsize that puts out a 1000 lumens again using cheap (AA) batteries. Finally, we have a police size that puts out 2000 lumens.

    These are fairly cheap, use cheap batteries, and work. We also have some of their work lights we have installed in our gun safes.

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