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Angus Hobdell of CZ Custom was kind enough to give us a tour of many of their 2015 offerings, some of which are available directly through the CZ-USA distribution network.

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  1. CZ – fantastic pistols that are under-appreciated in the US. You will never regret buying a CZ semi-auto. Their rifles are amazing also. The rimfire rifles have a huge fan base with the benchrest crowd.

    • Odd, the brand-new CZ75 I picked up didn’t run worth a damn on any brand of ammo available at the time (pre-2008). Sold it at a loss but was extremely glad to get rid of it! Went back to my Browning Hi-Power and haven’t even considered another CZ since.

      • Sorry u got a lemon. CZ’s are all I shoot anymore. P07 for carry, P09 for competition. They fit my hands perfectly. Most accurate pistols I’ve come across. Next purchase is a 75 shadow.

      • Which is countered by my CZ 75 SP-01 which has shot nearly flawlessly with everything I’ve ever put through it. Except a severely goofed up round from a Winchester White Box.

        • P01, P09 and was a P07 owner. All three ran flawlessly on whatever I fed it. The omega triggers are pretty good.

  2. Dammit, I was hoping we’d get an P07 option in FDE with factory night sites or Hi-Viz sights (like my P09, with tritium). Shoot, we got everything BUT that!

    (and since when do Czech’s have Australian accents? “that’s not a pistol, THIS is a pistol” lol)

    • He was/is a renowned competition shooter and runs CZ Custom, which has a very solid relationship with CZ and CZ-USA, but is totally separate. Nothing Czech about CZ Custom other than the CZ platform is its #1 choice for modification. It has basically become CZ-USA’s custom shop at this point, though, considering CZ-USA actually does distribute CZC worked over firearms.

      • Ahh ok that totally makes sense. Heck, I hope he’s looking at doing a custom P07. I’m a total CZ junkie now… (and hope I didn’t piss him off with that Aussie comment doh)

  3. For those of you who are wondering what the hell an “Australian barrel” is supposed to be, in Australia handgun barrels must meet a certain length, (120mm for semi auto, 100mm for revovler) or be really bulkly otherwise, else it is considered to be too short for normal sporting use.

    See the Glock 17A for another example.

  4. Just got a P-01 after shooting a friends full sized SP-01 Phantom. The fit and quality of both are wonderful but the actual trigger on my P-01 is much different. After a few magazines the trigger hurts my finger. The gun fits great in my hands and I can shoot very tight groups until my finger starts to hurt.
    I have several other guns. This is my 6th pistol. First time with this issue. Otherwise and in other hands this a great accurate gun. Shot 100 rounds so far. Out of the box no problems.


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