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Range Systems brought some goods to the NRA show, and while most are geared towards professionals and full-on shooting range and shoot house facilities, they’re making moves into the consumer market as well . . .


By basically miniaturizing sections of their shoot house walls, Range Systems can offer portable bullet traps. This Mini Floor Standing Trap has wheels and a handle on the back so it can be moved around with relative ease. The target audience for this one is gunsmiths looking to test fire into a safe trap right from their workbench. dsc05219 dsc05220

Here is a larger version at standing height. Despite the minimal depth, these targets are safe to shoot point blank and at a decent angle. Thicker versions using 16″ blocks of rubber can be shot point blank, including at an angle, with up to .308 rifle rounds with every bit of bullet metal getting trapped in the rubber. Seeing is believing, right?…


You may recognize this rifle rest, as it’s branded and resold by the NRA and others. It’s manufactured by Range Systems and it’s an alternative to a sandbag or bipod for shooting from a bench or other rest.dsc05223

Those AR500 targets seen in the lead photo are being held up by these handy target stand brackets. 2x2s are used for the base supports and 2x4s for the uprights. They come together quickly and easily on the range, take up very little space of their own, and can be linked together as seen here to align a row of targets.dsc05226

This is the Zipper Drill Target. It’s 1/2″ thick AR500 steel with 4″ diameter “flags.” MSRP is $449, shipping included.dsc05227 dsc05228

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  1. I like, but a local company just started selling some targets. I think I will save just on shipping. I’ve only had a few small steel spinners, but haven’t shot one in a long time, I gotta say paper targets get more boring than hearing the clink of a round hitting steel.

    • I don’t know how the local pricing compares and such, but FWIW it appears that shipping is included in all of Range Systems’ prices. Every sign I saw said “free shipping” on it like the ones pictured above.

      • I didn’t see the free shipping on my phone screen, I do now that I am using tablet. Thanks for that.

    • Ha!, I wondered the same thing. Found it on their website. They’re “C-Bells”, a 360 degree steel target. Interesting concept but you’d sure need the right facilities to utilize such a feature.

      • I think they’re sweet. I could use them in the woods where I shoot for sure, as I often have up to 180* of safe backdrop. I bet they sound cool, too.

  2. My Range Systems product started crumbling apart. I replaced it with a high-density ballistic rubber and I have had way less issues.

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