Shooting the Double Trouble Duplex Shotgun Round

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TAOFLEDERMAUS films some test shots with the duplex shotgun round.

There’s no one better to test fire these experimental shotgun slugs. TAOFLEDERMAUS is on the case, showing us another sweet round.

Check out his YouTube channel and see more videos of his on


  1. avatar Jeremy in AL says:

    Like shooting suppressor baffles from a .22 can.

  2. avatar Cloudbuster says:

    Those look like giant versions of air rifle pellets.

    1. avatar Tim says:

      They sure do. I guess if it works in my $80 air rifle, it could work in my $80 shotgun, too.

  3. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    Is it better than a Brennke slug? No? Then why waste time with it?

  4. avatar Joe says:

    Auto play detracts from this site

    1. avatar Auto-play? What auto-play? says:

      There’s an add-on that’ll stop that in Firefox browsers:

      1. avatar BradP says:

        Thank you!

    2. avatar My2cents says:

      Auto play is one of the reasons I am down to one visit per day to this site.
      Degrading content is the other.
      One gun or gear review article every other day is not making it.

      It will be one visit every two days starting this week.
      +/- after that based on direction this site goes.
      I hope that TTAG does not become an archive site for the great reviews already posted.

      Do you care TTAG ?
      It’s not just me either.
      Your target market is speaking to you…

      1. avatar Ad Astra says:

        Oh the horror of 1st world problems

    3. avatar AMP says:

      I use Chrome, so I’ve added this filter to AdBlock:

  5. avatar DaveL says:

    Who could have imagined a shotshell containing multiple projectiles?

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