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Way to go TAOFLEDERMAUS, you’ve done it again. Check out the Russian PPSH shotgun slug.

The Pulya Poleva Shashkova is a super-exotic Russian slug design, and of course TAOFLEDERMAUS is going to give it a blast through his shotgun.

TAOFLEDERMAUS is doing what he does best: showing us some experimental ammo and taking shots we’d probably never have the guts to take ourselves.

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  1. Way to go Wide Open Spaces, you’ve done it again. Check out The Firearm Blog for gun content without auto-play videos.

  2. Nothing autoplays for me. If you’re using Firefox, under Settings -> Advanced you can disable it.

    • Settings? I see an ‘options’ but no ‘settings’. Where should I look? I am getting to the age where computer skills take a tumble.

      • In Firefox on a phone, at the top right corner are three vertical dots. Tap that and you’ll see the settings option.

        No idea where it would be in Chrome or on iPhone, sorry. But this is one reason I’m using Firefox.

  3. Officer Gregg sure looks like a stereotypical jhole of a cop. His smile seems to radiate nothing but malice. I do apologize to him if this is an inaccurate assessment. I quit watching TAOFLEDERMAUS because of him and some of the stupid things they have said.

  4. Stop with these auto-play videos! I have satellite internet and have a monthly data limit! I want to be the one to decide if I want to watch the video!

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