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“A bystander outside a San Francisco gay pride weekend event was wounded early Saturday evening when a group of men got into an argument and shots were fired,” reports. “A 64-year-old man was taken to San Francisco General Hospital and is in stable condition. Several suspects were detained by authorities. The incident is believed to be unrelated to the pride weekend celebration.” The Instagram video at the link shows several black men confronting each other before the shooting. Funny how CNN and other media outlets neglected to mention their potential gang affiliation. Check out this image from that video . . .

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 9.05.25 AM

“Group of men getting into an argument” eh? Anyway . . .

Notice that the woman in foreground of the Youtube video above advises her companion not to run away from the area along with the crowd fleeing the scene. I’m not sure exactly what she says but I think it’s “the worst thing that could happen is that you get sucked-up with the mob.”

That’s excellent advice. Terrorists often use a primary attack to lead victims to a secondary atrocity (e.g. the second Boston Marathon bomb). That said, staying out in the open isn’t such a great idea either. Find cover or, at least, concealment.

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  1. Why mention their ethnicity because it appears gang related? Seems the gang related part is what is relevant. And gang members come from all ethnic groups.

      • Still don’t see how the skin color reference adds to our understanding of the sutuation.

        I was in Waco when the Twin Peaks event went down. It was helpful to know that biker gangs were involved. Knowing the skin color of the bikers was irrelevant.

        Same here, though I think you have betrayed your true feelings.

        • You’re probably right; why mention the skin color? We all know by now where the vast majority of riots and gang shootings occur and by whom. And it ain’t Anglo-Saxon-Celts like me.

        • And the vast majority of “ain’t anglo-saxon-celts” do not engage in riots or gang violence. So the ethnic designation is still irrelevant.

          Must be nice to be part of an ethnic group that has never been associated with clan violence. LOL.

        • Glad that southern culture of violence has been wiped out with the squashing of the hatfield-Mccoy beef.

          Has there also been no anglo-saxon-celt riots or gang violence for 150 years?

        • Most of the current criminal gangs in this country are comprised almost entirely of young black men. It’s not racist to say that. Stop dancing around the truth.

        • I simply say that those statistics are irrelevant to understanding this case.

          Would appreciate if you could point me to data showing most criminal gangs are comprised mostly of blacks.

        • You do not have to go to Storm Front to find that blacks commit crimes all out of proportion of their population numbers in the USA. Go over to Bearing Arms and see the article Black America is a Bloody Mess. US Black 19.4, US Hispanic 5.3, US average 5.2, US White 2.5, Finland 2.0, Swiss .7 homicide deaths per 100,000.

        • Here are your gang participation rates:

          Gang Member Demographics

          Black gang members 31%
          Hispanic gang members 47%
          White gang members 13%
          Asian gang members 7%

          Blacks and Hispanics make up about 30% of the population, but they include 78% of gang members. Asian gangs also have a high percent of members versus their overall population of 4.4%.

        • Thanks, Daily Beatings, for sharing these gang statistics. I see that Ben has not stepped in to accept that his claim — “Most of the current criminal gangs in this country are comprised almost entirely of young black men. It’s not racist to say that. Stop dancing around the truth” — is empirically false. And to explain why he perceived it to be true, like Robert Farago has not explained why he felt it to be important to call out the media for not identifying the race of the individuals involved in the fracas.

          Remember that my initial post about this story asked why Robert Farago took time in his discussion of this video to make a side comment about the fact that CNN and other media outlets failed to identify the race of the individuals involved. He subsequently revised his text to read: “The Instagram video at the link shows several black men confronting each other before the shooting. Funny how CNN and other media outlets neglected to mention their potential gang affiliation.”

          Pretty weak. The racial identification remains descriptively accurate and irrelevant. Just as Indiana Tom’s pointing out homicide rates by race remains descriptively accurate and irrelevant TO UNDERSTANDING THIS VIDEO.

          Gang membership is very much driven by social position rather than race/ethnicity, though race/ethnicity obviously also affects social position. Hence, 100 years ago criminal gang activity was associated with certain white immigrant groups (esp. Italians, Irish).

          Last, I am neither PC nor opposed to racial identifications when they are helpful to understanding social phenomena, like the interaction between race and being a gang member on being shot (see Using racial identifications when they are not relevant, however, lessens one’s credibility.

        • Also the percentage of white gang member includes groups like Juggalos, who in reality are just a bunch of losers who listen to ICP and drink Faygo.

    • Ahhh………….and here comes the P.C. B.S.: can’t tell the truth about guns, including who’s out there shooting up the public streets, lest we offend someone ashamed of the reality of who the barbarians are.

      It’s EXACTLY this kind of spineless retreat from reality and surrender to the bullies on the fringe that has successfully squeezed numerous anti-freedom Supreme Court decisions from equally spineless desperately afraid of being called “racist” by the racists.

      • If you want to call critical thought PC to try to marginalize it that is fine.

        Statistical averages about racial patterns in crime -which my comments do not dispute – are irrelevant to understanding this particular case.

        Much more relevant are the gang affiliations.

        If I walked into that situation I would feel quite insecure, just like driving to the Twin Peaks in Waco and seeing hoards of biker gang members would. Or going to a rural area of North Carolina where a mob of young white men are gathered.

        The racial identification is not only irrelevant but also obscures us from the people and situations that actually pose threats to us on our everyday lives.

        • It’s not irrelevant when the media immediately takes these situations and suggests that it’s old white gay-hating gun owners that are to blame for them and any other shooting.

  2. I thought she said “sucked up with a mob” not “bomb”. Anyway, that reminds me of my three years in the bay area. What a figgin’ nightmare.

  3. Blacks…not “african americans”…. We’re called white, they’re called black.

    It’s not like they call us Anglo-Americans or Euro-American……Damn, I hate that PC garbage.

      • I don’t care. If it matters enought to mention race, don’t be PC about it. I, from here on out, want whites to be called Caucasian Anglo Saxons!…lol….it’s ludicrous. God damn “feel good” labels to make people feel “special”.

        • I think his point, was that he agreed to some extent, since he himself is by some definition “African American”. Maybe he was born in Africa or like all of us have ancestors from there.

        • Want more PC?

          Public school teachers are taught to use gender-neutral terms for parents. There is a de-facto ban on “Husband, Father, Mother, and wife” in most public schools.

          And in CA, kids get to choose their gender by using whatever locker room is more compatible with their feelings. I’m not kidding. I referred to myself as a father and got “corrected” by a liberal school teacher. “We don’t use those words here.” Well, we use them in my home. We’re looking into home-schooling Emerson. Is it too much to ask that I don’t be discriminated against for making a baby with my wife by having heterosexual sex?

          I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that portions of the gay rights movement are also incredibly intolerant. While I agree that gay marriage is constitutional, their will be more lawsuits coming just like the one that nearly destroyed this business:

          I’m certainly not saying that all gay couples are this way. Would I bake a cake for a gay wedding? Sure I would. Do I think a business should get destroyed because they won’t? No. No, I don’t.

          Meanwhile, ISIS “celebrates” gay marriage by throwing homosexuals off of rooftops:

          Islam, “the religion of peace,” is not tolerant of gay rights, nor enthusiastic about women’s rights. However, the pro-Islam PC card currently trumps the anti-gay / anti-women themes.

          What’s my point? Get ready for a whole lot more Nazi-style PC getting crammed down your throat. Next up is a Christian church getting sued for every penny because they won’t marry Adam and Steve. Rather than just choosing a different church, the Feds, government, media, et all will have to “teach them a lesson.” Daring to show any enthusiasm for traditional marriage or genders roles will soon unleash the racist, bigot, homophobic labels.

          The PC movement is just getting started.

        • The rabidly intolerant gay mafia actually seeks out peaceful Christian businesses who are minding their own business, then sets them up with secretly recorded phone calls and phony inquiries to conduct business, just to entrap them into declining. Then the rabidly intolerant gay mafia calls the media, their lawyers and the government to extort fines and settlements from people who five minutes ago had no knowledge of or interest in being a part of any of this.

          The gay mafia’s trope of “what happens in behind closed doors is none of your business” and their “we just want to the right to marry the person we love” lie have been exposed, repeatedly, from coast to coast. These people are not peaceful. They’re not private. They’re not tolerant. They’re vicious, avaricious, and on the march; all backed by fictional rights and very real armed agents of the state.

          There’s the TRUTH about guns, ladies and gentlemen: they’re coming to place near you, to be pointed at you, by people betraying their oath to protect you, all on behalf of people who hate you.

        • I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees this. Then again, I’m better at being truthful than politically correct.

        • You linked to a WND article from 2007. Have you even talked to “most public school”? Because this sh!t isn’t even remotely true. But, it fits the circle-jerk.

        • Grindstone,

          *Enacted* in 2007. And kids can choose their gender identity and subsequent locker rooms based on their feelings:

          And my being chastised for calling my wife my wife was in Brea Jr. High in 2014. I think “legal parents” is the newest PC term for all the sheep these days. And I told the teacher to pound sand because I’m not a PC idiot. I don’t ever recall being accused of being politically correct.

          Go ahead and celebrate the PC movement and see how well it works out for you. It’s the same ideology that tries to suspend students for chewing pop tarts into the shape of guns at school, or bans the designs of printed guns like the liberator.

          Are you waking up and smelling the Nazi-style PC movement yet?

        • According to the liberal consultants hired by the Minneapolis public schools to “find solutions to” violence and truancy by black students, white people have to accept that black people have different standards regarding time and aggression. They say this is racial, not cultural, and “planning for the future” is a “white” concept.

          I wouldn’t believe it myself, but it came from a liberal so it must be true.

        • Sweet Jesus…talk about a cop-out/excuse for failure of their most prized voting block…Funny, I have met plenty of black people who CAN plan for the future and who CAN resist being violent etc etc…

          Well, if we are to believe and respect what they claim is accurate in regards to blacks and how they percieve things, then just as much acknowledgment and respect must be given to how other cultures/races respond and percieve things right?…..Right?

      • I’m African American FWIW. Not according to the usual South African slogans.
        I think they had people classed as three basic racial classifications under the law: Black, White and Coloured (mixed). Indians (that is, South Asians from the former British India, and their descendants) were later added as a separate classification as they were seen as having “no historical right to the country”.,
        So you are now a European South African American.

      • Me too. Sorta. Like Rachel “Ain’t Jemima” Dolezal, I identify (during solar eclipses) with being poly-racial and pan-sexual, but it’s a complex issue that requires a multilayered response in a broader discussion within the community. Although my ancestors came from the African continent, my distant relatives were protozoa in the primordial seas. I should not be held to racist standards given my heritage and history of oppression against my people and their origins.

      • I have heard it used VERY occassionally, usually in discussion about race relations. It should be used ALL the time judging by all the butthurt blacks, in general, have about their term.

        Illustrate absurdity by being absurd.

      • Never heard it myself, though if it is used it doesn’t negate the idiocy of the term or “African American.”

        • I’m not defending it. It was an idiot that last said it. She said “laws were only written for European Americans so African Americans don’t have to follow them”.
          She was referring to the Travon Martin case, blaming the NRA for his death.

  4. Please refer to me as a German/Dutch American. If not, I will be offended and probably protest somewhere…..

  5. His statement at the end, “I liked it better when they stayed away from us because they thought they would catch aids”.

    Interesting statement and perspective.

  6. Plenty of butt hurt. Maybe those that hate gay folks, hate Muslims, and who insanely think that the crazies and emotionally unstable should have some sort of silly right to unlimited access to firearms will leave the nation. Assuming that another country would want them, which is unlikely.

      • Eh, ‘god”s writing quality seems to have direct relationship as to how intoxicated ‘it’ is.

        C’mon, ‘god’, take the edge off that hangover and pound down a few beers or shots of fire water and show us what you’ve got…

        That’s an order, kid…

    • Well this ammosexual thinks those who are demonstrably crazy and / or violent should be institutionalized or jailed. Pretty simple, really. And the accused must have due process in all cases. Otherwise, it’s innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I’d even volunteer for the firing squad for Dylan Roof or James Holmes. Chance of recidivism, additional murders or escape? 0%.

      Ammosexual pride, man! Now, would I support ammosexual marriage or not?

      • Will you, 338 Lapua take 7.62×51 to be your lawfully joined back-up caliber to practice with and clean for as long as throat erosion is minimal?…

        • They just need to know, understand, work within, and respect their caliber roles/limitations. Remember, it’s a “partnership”.

        • Who’d ever be able to afford .338 Lapua? I almost crapped my pants when I saw how much a round costs. It’s a trophy wife best dumped on another man who can afford her…

      • You had better support ammosexual marriege. The constitution does not restrict rights based on race, gender, religion or caliber preference.

        Do not be a civil rights denier like our troll god or willy lunchmeat. Be a real American. Marriege rights for ammosexuals!

    • God…. speak of the devil…

      But anyway, he can’t be refering to me, I got ordained so I could marry a lesbian co-worker and her partner…

      I do, however, hate those who preach choice, tolerance and acceptance while not practicing it themselves in an attempt to look superior and push their own agenda.

  7. Ya know, I’m just glad to hear that whoever was shot wasn’t shot due to his or her sexual orientation. Because, you know, that means that they weren’t really shot, or at least the bullet didn’t hurt them as badly as it would have if they were shot because of their sexual orientation, right? Unless maybe they were shot because of their race, that might hurt as bad. (Yes, I hate PC too, especially when it is institutionalized by idiotic stuff like “hate crime” laws).

  8. Shots fired from one location. Crowd runs from area away from gunshots. Cops come walking up the street with guns drawn and there are people all over the place just standing around, yet cops decides to yell at the people with camera, “get the fuck out of here”, then points them in the direction of where the gunfire came from. WTF?

  9. “Same here, though I think you have betrayed your true feelings.”
    Ya, so have you.

    Stereotypes may be initiated by ignorance, but they persist when too many people live up to them.

    • How many is “too many”? Because i feel i have met too many scary people of all races.

      Also, I didn’t “betray” my true feelings like RF did. I stated them.

      So one last comment and then hope everyone enjoys their Sunday: When you use unnecessary racial identifications you lose credibility when making racial identifications that are appropriate.

  10. All this angst over SHOWING the race of the people in the video-get a life. And I’m not anglo-saxon…actually I’m German-Saxon(ethnic German) and French. Should I p#ss and moan because my relatives were persecuted,driven out of eastern Europe and murdered after WW2? Who weren’t Nazis? I get a mite offended by European American-I may have a little Asian blood and a great great grandma was Canadian Indian too(most people are mutts). Maybe even Jewish-Romanians,Jews and Germans all lived in the same villages-and had different names for each village. So much PC garbage. No reason to amend your text RF…

  11. Why is there this weird pattern in which we’re all labeled racist if we refer to blacks using the same language that was deemed PC a few years ago? If you think I’m kidding, try using the words Negroes or colored people or even black, and wait for the howls of “racist!” Unless, of course, you’re writing a check to the United Negro College Fund or the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Double down on the ironic image of some of that outrage coming from members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

    African-American is a total B.S. term, as RF’s comment suggests. Especially as it doesn’t cover people who trace their lineage to Jamaica.

    I don’t understand the progressive obsession with the superficial, useless gestures. Same goes for the idea that we should get rid of all guns because a tiny, tiny minority are used by criminals in intentionally criminal acts.

  12. I thought the white homosexuals who run San Francisco, made it a safe place by banning all guns and forcing all bedroom self defense gun activity to be controled by local laws, when they said all guns should be locked up.

    I thought homosexuals wanted government out of the bedroom? Do they think their sex toys should be locked up their bedroom? I hope this is being as un PC as possible.

    • Chris,
      Keep in mind that a transsexual, Nicki, organized protests to keep the last remaining SF gun store from closing due to pressure from SF officials and those in favor of gun control. To the best of my knowledge, those favoring more restrictions are straight, not gay. No doubt there are some favoring more control or bans, but LGBT Pink Pistols members march in SF’s [gay] Pride parade and are greeted with enthusiasm along the parade route.

      Nicki organizes the local south bay / San Jose area Pink Pistols chapter. Their website says there are chapters in several cities. She’s highly respected among straight gun supporters in Northern California for her tireless efforts and a highly accomplished marksman, marksperson – whatever, too.

      I was surprised to see grizzled “regulars” that look like they just left the cast of Duck Dynasty embrace Nicki as a true friend at a gun range where I shoot. No one seems to care about her appearance or the sexual orientation of fellow gun enthusiasts.

      The sale of large capacity magazines (> 10 rounds) has been prohibited in California for some time. Recently, several cities have begun banning possession. Voters, not the city council, in fairly conservative Sunnyvale, CA approved the ban in 2013.


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