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The House Committee on Natural Resources has cancelled the legislative hearing on the “Sportsmen Heritage and Recreational Enhancement act.” The bill contained a strengthened version of the Hearing Protection Act removing regulation from silencers/suppressors.

Rep. Jack Bergman, a member of the Committee, was at the GOP baseball practice this morning that came under attack. No word yet if this is the reason for the cancellation of the Hearing.

We are trying to get in touch with someone in the Committee’s office for more information. Click here for a link to the Committee’s webpage on the hearing.

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  1. Yep…I had a feeling that after this morning’s horrible events, things might take this turn.

  2. Hopefully it’s just in deference to the recent events and not the only damn thing cancelled on Capital Hill.

    We’ll see.

  3. The paranoid part of me thinks the baseball shooting might have had something to do with this. Something stinks.

    Either way, I hope they don’t give up. I hope they all pull through this alive.

  4. Now, will the left try to spin it by saying it would have been much worse had the perp used a suppressor?

  5. Yeah cuz if the rifle was suppressed no one would know people were being shot. This event would have been some much worse if the gun had a silencer. /sarc

  6. So the Fudds had someone take one for the team to have an excuse to squash pro-gun legislation?

  7. All votes and hearings were canceled. Kind of hard to have a quorum with guys in the hospital or answering questions with the police.

  8. Aaaaaaand it was a extreme Bernie supporter. No surprise there.
    But they say it was a old white man, not a young multicultural guy.
    My conspiracy senses are ringing…

    • “Aaaaaaand it was a extreme Bernie supporter.”

      Yep. T.D.S.

      Trump. Derangement. Syndrome…

  9. This pisses me off so bad.. I really hope this bill passes but some loser that doesn’t have anything else better to do wants to shoot somebody that’s pathetic I’m sick of pathetic people in this country…

    • You really believe that this guy was acting on his own? Maybe my tin foil is too tight but I think this is having the desired effect. Taken with the shooting in CA I can’t help but think they are related and planned to push the anti’s agenda.

  10. I want him reanimated, sent to Gitmo, worked over, then dropped out of a plane over shark infested waters!

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