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Look what I found on the Eliminate the Republican Party Facebook page, before Mr Zuckerberg’s minions took the page down. Meanwhile, here are two comments next to the live feed of CNN coverage of the Congressional baseball shooting on YouTube.

Obviously, most Americans who support gun control don’t hold this kind of animus towards their fellow countrymen. But don’t doubt that there are plenty of crazies out there, of one stripe of another.

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  1. “Obviously, most Americans who support gun control don’t hold this kind of animus towards their fellow countrymen.”

    I really have a hard time believing that these days.

    • Because it’s patently false. The gun grabbing left are just as dangerous as the Nazis were in 1930.

      • ^ ^ ^
        This, right here. The left’s rhetoric and propaganda has been ramped up to a similar pitch, and now the tactics are following. Anyone with a pro-2A stance, and ESPECIALLY those with publicly visible indicators of such a belief, is now walking around with a bullseye on their backs.

        • “Anyone with a pro-2A stance, and ESPECIALLY those with publicly visible indicators of such a belief, is now walking around with a bullseye on their backs”

          You forgot: “and a firearm on their hip.” at the end there.

      • And need to be defeated using the same techniques, tactics and machinery and small arms.

    • In a literal sense, I agree that not all gun controllers share this view. Some really are just that stupid, naive, and lovey dovey that they believe gun control as espoused actually works and they have no harsh feelings toward those who hold a different view.

      In a practical sense, the vast majority of them do feel exactly this way. So it’s fair enough to regard them collectively in this manner. They seethe in silence until such an event pops their pustules and the hate spurts out.

      • A friend of mine was like this for many, many years. I’ve mentioned him in the past, he’s the Army vet who actually said “I think only cops and criminals should have guns”. We’ve had many gun or political conversations over the years. Neither of us ever backed down, but we still managed to respect the other’s differing views.

        Although, after that “only cops and criminals” statement, he’s apparently had a change of heart. I don’t know if it was one of our long discussions that did it, but it happened. He’s not quite as gung-ho “nobody needs a gun” anymore. To my amazement, he’s even said that he thought the NRA was a good thing, and was necessary.

        My wife and I stopped over to visit him a few weeks ago. She had told him we had gotten our CCW licenses (which surprisingly, he didn’t protest like we thought he would), so when we walked up, he said he knew my wife was packing, and asked to see. She lifted her shirt up enough to show her S&W peeking out of her waistband. He smiled, chuckled, and said he knew I wasn’t packing. I just smiled and lifted my shirt to show my Ruger. He smiled even wider and exclaimed that he was surrounded by crazy gun people. He insisted on holding each of our guns to get a good look at them, and seemed giddy when he did. When I showed him the pictures of my M&P15 on my phone, he said “You don’t need that. You don’t hunt.”, his voice dripping with sarcasm. Then he said he’s always wanted to shoot one, because he never got issued an M16 in Vietnam, just an M14. I told him I’d let him know every time I took it out to shoot, and he could come along if he wanted. He said he’d have to take me up on that. He got even more excited when he saw the pictures of my 1911, shouting that he carried one of just like it in Vietnam (it’s an ATI FX45 GI). I told him we could shoot that too. I think I’m his new favorite person, and I may have converted him.

    • Agreed.

      Make their side own that rhetoric. Fight fire with fire, or in this case: Alinsky.

  2. Stir up the hate Mr. Farago. Find some random loon and amplify their madness so you can spread it to your own. The Beast lives in all of us and you are acting as its avatar today

    • Yeah. Bullshit. You don’t see conservatives shooting up night clubs or attempting to assasinatr political opponents. This is a direct part of the cultural Marxism that you support by supporting the left. Own it.

      • Giving attention to two random idiots who posted on the comments section of a news story is truly a waste of site space. Robert made it a headline to gin up the readers, not to inform or promote intelligent discussion. He’s no better than the idiot commenters. This does nothing to promote the cause of 1A or 2A freedom, Bert.

        • Commenters=more readers=more money.

          User comment is free content for the site.

          Nothing wrong with attracting more comments and making more money.

        • Three, actually. And given how typical this sort of garbage is from the left, it’s perfectly legitimate to point out their hypocrisy.

        • If you think these are only two random idiots, then you don’t understand the Left.

          I would refer you to the Central Park, NY play centering on a mock assassination of Donald Trump that received a standing ovation, was referred to as a brilliant masterpiece, and although a few has pulled out, remains sponsored by several major corporations.

          This is what the Left has become.

        • Not random. The left keeps trying to paint Republicans and 2nd amendment supporters as the next mass murderer. That law abiding citizens exercising their right of self defense by carrying a firearm in public will lead to blood in the streets.

          In fact, they know inside that their ideology, that cuts loose of all traditional foundations of personal responsibility, of knowing that there are absolutes of right and wrong; of standards of moral and ethical behavior, leads to rudderless and self hating human beings that will strike out in homicidal rage at the people and society that they blame for their pathetic condition.

          They are simply projecting the fact that they know that people on the left are the ones that are the powder kegs of homicidal rage, that given the permission by the main stream press and the greater regressive culture, as they have been giving them.,will be the next mass murderer. As we have seen now from past mass shooters, they are the ones that have been bringing “blood in the streets”. And it just going to get worse.

        • RF may have only posted the comments of two random loons, for time and space restrictions, but that is by no means the totality of the lunacy out there.

          You can look this morning at gun websites all over the web, pages all over FB, comment sections in any given news site covering this. You’ll find innumerable random loons making substantially similar comments expressing the same sentiments. It’s barely 10:00 in the morning, yet these wacko liberal people have already found the time in very short order to give outlet to their venom, to express solidarity with the shooter. Sheesh! (This hints at the REAL reason liberals support civilian disarmament: it isn’t the other guy with a gun whom they fear. They don’t trust themselves.)

          When there are this many random observations, their randomness becomes less a vitiating trait and more of a defining factor of the group as a whole. It’s called the Central Limit Theorem. Look it up!

      • The crows are coming home to roost, and gods willing, soon these statists will reap what they have sown.

    • Dont know if you noticed this, but all you anti fascists are about as hypocritical as you can possibly be.
      You try to bully people who dont think like you. If that doesnt work you try physical intimidation. Or a bunch of you cowards jump one person and beat the crap out of them.
      If it still doesnt work then try to kill them.
      Straight out of the fascist/nazi handbook.
      I suggest you read mein kampf. Truly one of the most terrifying books ever written. Read it. Understand it. And then look at what is going on in the US today.

      • They won’t read it because in their minds in a little dark place they don’t acknowledge exists they know if they read Mein Kampf they would see how exactly similar it is to the leftist progressive political indoctrination they have been receiving.

    • “Find some random loon and amplify their madness so you can spread it to your own.”

      Pot meet kettle. That’s exactly what the liberal left does.

    • Feel free to read the comments on the NYT story about this event.

      More than half of them are seemingly grateful that Scalise was shot, either due to his NRA rating or his ‘association’ with David Duke.

    • The only advice I’d give to Liberal Terrorists™ like yourself… spend quality time with your family. While you still can.

    • The current left’s idea that “the beast lives in all of us” has a deep fascist and Marxist history and reflects a view used to justify all power to the state.

      Your arguments not only can be used to destroy the second amendment but also implicitly nullify the first, fourth, fifth, sixth and eight amendments.

  3. “Obviously, most Americans who support gun control don’t hold this kind of animus towards their fellow countrymen.”

    This word ‘obviously’. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

  4. Since there is no clue yet to the shooters motives.
    His beliefs could be left or right .
    I wonder what these postings will be if it turns out the shooter felt RINO’s needed to be weeded out?
    I’m hoping those who were wounded by the shooter recover quickly and whatever the shooters motives he is reviled by all.

    • I’m fairly confident the shooter’s question “are they republicans or democrats?” Will speak for itself.

      Your favorite fake news outlets have been inciting violence & assassination for the last 7 months.

      Well done.

    • Motive is one thing, but someone with a little more knowledge of Republican Congressional activity set this up.

      This is a D.C. problem.

      • Interesting point. Though, this R vs. D charity game has been a thing for a long time, and I doubt this practice was much of a secret. I doubt insider information would be needed in this case.

        • So you think an Illinoying (D)ouche just drove to D.C. and happened to swerve into Virginia to happen upon a group of people that were doing their normally scheduled thing?

    • Sorry. Too cute by half.

      There are many legitimate conservatives in Congress. Not enough, but many. If someone approaches and does not know enough about his targets even know their party affiliation, then he is certainly not going to know nuanced differences between members of the same party, such as who’s conservative and who is a RINO.

      When you open fire on a group based only on having vonfirmed that they are Republicans, then you are motivated at that base level, not some fanciful higher level that would allow you to twist tge situation and assign blame to some disgruntled conservative. Nice try, though.

      • Shooter near 3rd base shoots Rep. at 2nd? Assuming ~ full infield, who’s on 1st? Evil (D)emocrat conspiracy.

        If this doesn’t qualify for a look see, then nothing rises to the level.

    • Motives? Well let’s see, he was a volunteer for bernie Sanders, belonged to a Facebook group called “terminate the Republican party”, and asked a witness repeatedly weather Republicans were practicing on that ball diamond before attempting to kill them all………yea, motives are really murky here……

  5. Politics by other means…it’s still early, but I believe I’m getting a sense about the turn this sad event is going to take.

  6. Watts has a very carefully crafted graphic. Note: If you expect a population that behaves like Canada, Portugal, or Ireland, don’t focus your immigration policies on Central America and the Middle East.

    El Salvador: 108 murders per 100k people.

    • And, of course the comparison is only GUN murders, because other murders are less tragic and devastating to the friends and families of the victims. Gun murders are much more worser.

  7. My post about the gunman possibly executing their 2nd Amendment Right was DELETED, so it triggered someone.

    like I said in my post though, tough cheese. That’s exactly why there is a 2nd Amendment, and that’s exactly what it might look like (one of the possible manifestations of it) if someone was to exercise it.

    It’s only shocking if you haven’t logically thought it all the way through to the end.

    My post didn’t say I support the motives or this instance of it. But if the (D) paid a Hinkley-like kook to wipe out some (R) and we went to civil war over it, it would get ugly real fast (but a little late).

    • I fail to see the problem here. If we can prove DNC collusion in this, proscriptions might be in order. Sometimes it takes a bit of force to remove commie filth.

  8. The Marxists are deluding themselves if they think this attack is going to be about gun control and results in the usual media circle jerk about “teh evil gunz!!1!” This is much bigger than that. There were dozens of congressmen on the field who represent hundreds of thousands of Americans. Americans who might of been apolitical are coming to the realization right now that the other side thinks it’s ok to kill their congressman or senator. The left has brought political violence into the mainstream. This is not going to just blow over.

        • “My senators are Fienstein and Kamala Harris…….”

          There’s a simple solution to THAT “problem”, paste “Trump” stickers on ALL their vehicles and let nature take it course. The Leftists WON’T be able to “resist” (LOL) their overwhelming urge to deliver economic, environmental, and social “justice” upon them.

    • This…They are waking up to see the cultural marxist for what they are, violent, brainwashed animals who have no issue murdering you, your family, your race to achieve their end goals.

    • anyone who didn’t arm up before the last election, at the latest, I don’t want on my team anyway. Now is the time to find like minded patriots, local to their area, and start intense unit training. And buy level 4 plates for all family members.

      • That is about as stupid as Churchill on Dec. 8 1941 telling the U.S. “Sorry you weren’t there in 1939 so we don’t want your help now.”

  9. The NYT is doing a decent job culling the craziest of the leftist comments. Anything they can do to distance their party from the perpetrator.

    Looks like their chosen angle is going after Scalise’s A+ NRA rating and calling it ironic.

  10. Thanks to all the Liberal Gun owners. Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for saying is was white christian republicans who have sex in the missionary with the lights turn off, who you blame for everything.
    You have a birth right to Arms. But I know you believe only the police, who you trust some much, should have guns.

    Liberal gun owners I don’t believe you.

    • It’s not fake; rather, it’s cherry-picked. Note that Shannie’s chart includes only gun murders.

      (As someone else said already: because apparently non-firearm-related murders aren’t as bad, and gun murders are so much worser.)

      • with a giant red graphic that looks so HUGE. Of course if you have two rational brain cells and actually read the number and have a passing understanding of statistics…

      • It is really quite simple. Quite a few fully developed countries have massively higher lethal violence (suicide+homicide) rates than the US. For example S. Korea and Japan. Another two dozen highly developed democracies have rates +/- 10% to 15% of the US.
        So what watts group (really, Bloombergg’s group) and gun control researchers such as Johns Hopkins ($300 million from Bloomberg; harvard Injury (also money from Bloomberg) and others do, is only count lethal violence by guns. They posit that jumping from a 10 story building, jumping in front of a train are “less violent” than suicide by a revolver, or that stabbing someone to death is less violent than the same act with a firearm.
        In short it is a specious argument.

        They won’t do just murder because, while US suicide is flat, the US murder rate has been in a 25 year decline, down about 60%. This presents two problems fir the gun control groups. a) they like to cite Australia, but in fact Australia murder rate since the mid 1990’s, even with their mass confiscation declined less than the US decline in murder and b) the paid gun control researchers are virtually all on record from 25 years ago with models predicting a rise or no decline in murder, and their prior science turned out to be absolute garbage

  11. Those who relish in this Congressional attack
    are not anti-anythings – but merely disturbed gun haters.

    • What about those who are wholly against the attack of evil (D), but would like to say to their reps. “welcome to the party pal”.

      Coulda been a nice bright sunny day, or the end. Same thing for any of the rest of us, except we don’t have Capital police standing by to protect us.


      great formula / sarc

      holy cr_p

  12. Would those quotes from wacko progtards be “ad hominem” attacks? So confusing being PC and “better than they are”.

  13. If the left thinks they can start shooting us, then use their own crime as a rationale for taking away our guns, they have got another thing coming.

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