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Shannon Watts vowed that her Moms will not be silenced. Toward that end they’ve arrived in force in Atlanta, storming the Georgia World Congress Center and getting in the faces of tens of thousands of NRA convention-goers.  Well, sort of . . .

Actually, our pal Shannon was only able to muster a few score red-shirted “protestors.” They’ve assembled not outside the NRA convention, but blocks away from the convention in Woodruff Park. RF, who’s on the scene, sends these photos and estimates the crowd (minus media members) at under 200.

We’d put up a full report of what was said, but really, why bother? She’s said it all, almost verbatim, hundreds of times before. You can probably write that stuff yourself by now.

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      • There’s 50 people rallying for Trump on the side of the road in Cape Coral Florida today. I estimate about that. I passed them and waved. They are there every once in a while with between 50-200 people. They are on the local news some time.

    • Uh huh. Google “Shannon Watts” and “Moms Demand Action” and see how much free pub she gets from the like-minded media. She ain’t going away as long a Michael Bloomberg has cash. And he has plenty of that.

      • yep. Don’t ignore the rats and coach roaches like Shannon Watts, you shine the light on them and confront their lies each and every time. And you see Shannon running for the exit like a coach roach.

        Dana Loesch confronted her at one of these stunts of hers and started to ask her questions. She would/couldn’t answer a single one and she ran off to the dark SUV as faster as she could. She’s a coward with no knowledge, little support and against what the people want.

        Btw, who dresses her? That outfit today was atrocious. She needs a make over.

  1. Why can’t you be a boy with a gun fetish and a good guy with a gun? You can be anything you want to be in America.

  2. So. I’m a “frightened boy with a gun fetish” now?”
    I’m laughing too much to say anything intelligent.

    • Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’ll be here sucking my thumb wrapped up in my snuggle sipping chamomile and cuddling my 1911 in fear if you need to share your feelings of inadequacy, fetishism and/or toxic masculinity.

  3. They can’t even get enough moms to show up so now they have to bring dads and kids to make their numbers not look too pathetic.

  4. As always their messaging is all over the map.
    Gotta love the “regulated body” thing. Instead of wishing for everybody elses chains to be as burdensome as your own (or as you perceive your own) why not wish for everyones chains to be cast off?

    Fools and politicians only know how to restrict it seems. Liberation is like some mysterious language with no Rosetta Stone.

    • I’m in favorite of all Democrat women having as many abortions as they want…. Every Democrat baby aborted = One less criminal to rob, rape, deal drugs, and murder 15 years from now…..

      Robber = Democrat

      Rapist = Democrat

      Narcotics dealer = Democrat

      Murderer = Democrat

      Democrats = Criminals

      • Yes. The democrat “big tent” has room even for jihadis, but not for those who believe in free speech (that they disagree with) or those who hold the second amendment in the same regard as the first.

  5. Is it just me or is there not a single attractive person in the whole crowd and very few that appear to have anything close to a normal bmi. It’s like where’s waldo for a healthy person over there.

  6. Somebody should have dump a truck load of bullcrap right on stage and all over Shannon Watts and be like here some more b******* to go along with yours.

  7. Pretty bad when ‘scores’ of moms demanding action show up and the prettiest one is Mikey’s little pet. You’d think he could afford a higher grade of tail for his little shindigs.

  8. Ok shannon. Im a scared little boy with a gun fetish. Rather be that than bloomies meat puppet.
    Thanks for all the good penis jokes. The infantile people at these rallies says all i need to know about their mentality.
    If you want to be regulated like a gun…. okay here goes…. you are not allowed in schools, on an airplane, in government buildings, and you must be secured is a safe when not in use.
    There you go…. now go strap a dildo to your forehead so you can show everyone how enlightened you are.

  9. “Why is my body more regulated and less valued than your gun?” asks one of Shannon’s zombie bunny-boilers.

    Please, b!tch. Have you seen that body in a mirror?

  10. AAAH, the sweet scent of Schadenfreude blowing on the wind.

    Hey, Shannon – President Trump was at our NRA convention, and he appointed a strict Consttutionalist – Neil Gorsuch – to the Supreme Court. When Ginsburg petrifies we will get another one. We won, you lost – deal with it, buttercup.


  11. Going to have to revise the headcount to deduct for Weer’d Beard, Gail Pepin, Sean Sorrentino & the like in the crowd observing

  12. Man, I couldn’t believe that I had to get a NICS check for my cup of lemonade. What a contrast to buying a basketful of guns at the grocery store. They were right next to the produce.

    Ms Watts, Mikey, et al: better to keep your mouths shut and be thought fools than open your mouths and remove all doubt.

  13. This should have been titled as “200 people masturbate in public park” thats what this is, a freak show of uninformed and ignorant attention seakers. A big public circle jerk.

  14. A bunch of moms against guns…BORING….A MILF rally would have brought in a bigger crowd….it would certainly have my support..

  15. I do notice what looks like one of her her tacticool bodyguards – beard, shades. short sleeve light blue shirt. Wonder if he’s allowed a gat or not.

    Wonder what he did to piss of Mikey enough to be condemned to soccer mom purgatory.

  16. Q: “How many NRA members do you need to change a light bulb?” A: “More guns.”

    That one is kind of funny.

    • “You see this lightbulb? It is BURNT OUT! That’s right, my friends; and it’s all the fault of elitist liberals who would have you live in darkness for eternity. It’s not enough to fix this onelightbulb, we gotta protect ourselves against further darkeness first! Donate today, it’s the only way to ensure we can one day fix this lightbulb together! Lifetime memberships are half off this quarter.”

  17. If all the thugs and low life thieving scum(who I might add do not care for !@#$ about gun laws) that I know dwells in and around the city find there are lots of unarmed, soft targets to rob and steal from all in a one stop shop area called Woodruff Park……..

  18. Where did Dirk go? I miss his comments about Shannon. Did he get a restraining order against him for professing his undying, never ending love for that bug and cross eyed money grubber?

  19. You know what would be.more funny even border line ironic is if some of those Moms Demand morons got robbed while walking back Then maybe the lightbulb would flicker and they would understand “The GREAT Equalizer” mentality.

    • No, they would not.
      They would feel sorry for the poor soul who was forced to steal to feed his children by the policies of the Republicans. They would then go on CNN to tell their harrowing story of how Trump was responsible for the desperate actions of a downtrodden person forced into a life of crime by the unfeeling people who took away his job.
      That’s what they would do.

    • Not sure what they are trying to say on that one. I guess they think assault weapons sniff out prey or something. They have pictures of hunting dogs on there, so that is all I can figure. Would go along with their belief that firearms are magical.

  20. We just got back from the NRA convention on Friday and Saturday and did not realize they were in the state let alone the city. We had a great time and their presence went completely unnoticed by anyone except themselves.

    • My wife just looked at these pictures and I have to share her responses.

      “Why do you need to over compensate”
      Her response, I don’t have one of those things.

      “Non-violence is a weapon on the strong…Ghandi”
      Her response, Doesn’t he live on a mountain top?

      “You’re a frightened boy with a gun fetish”
      Her response, Don’t they think women carry guns?

      Too funny and too true.

  21. Frightened boy comments about a 3 percenter? Something tells me that they don’t know what that III on the T-shirt of their graphic actually means.

    Last pic says it all, she is surrounded by several armed bodyguards, as usual.

  22. Could’ve formed an L shape perimeter around that park with a few belt feds and been done with them.

  23. NPR gave Shannon equal air time as they did for the article on the NRA convention itself. It is heartening to see how few showed up for her protest.

  24. Gee they got something half right right, I was a frightened boy with gun, {Veteran of South East Asia War Games}
    Basically what they are doing is slamming the Veterans, who were taught; this is my gun there are many like it etc. in almost all boot camps! Hurry up go to war so we can Label you second class citizens all because you didn’t run away too Canada and become their Hero! Most Veteran have 1 gun and are willing to use them! Moms: we don’t trust you because you might go wacko, commit suicide, that damn gun just cannot house break it, goes out all night shooting then comes home an wants to sleep all day, just no control or self discipline!

  25. Is open carry allowed in that Park?
    If so, I would have rounded up a bunch the NRA open carry people and outnumbered them.

  26. all those cuck’d men in attendance, lol. “Now Dear, put on this red shirt I bought you and stand with me or else” And yes, as mentioned, Shannon surrounded by armed bodyguards tells more than all the signs and speakers present there.

  27. Regarding pic #10.

    Are they just incapable of talking about my penis in the middle of a gun control discussion?

    I think it says a lot about who has got compensation mechanisms.

  28. I heard that all of the people in the red T-shirts were Shannon’s armed security detail.

    Probably just a rumor… /:-)

  29. Scared boy with a gun? Why would I be scared? I have a gun!

    Unlike the “If I will not think about it, it will not happen to me!” crowd I accept reality. I also have several fire extinguishers and don’t wake up in the middle of the night screaming about fiery inferno. But maybe I’m just over compensating for my graying hair….or something


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