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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall of tens of thousands of biometric gun safes from four manufacturers over faulty locks.  Fortunately there have been no injuries reported.

Yahoo News has the details and companies involved.

Thousands of biometric gun safes from various brands were recalled because of faulty locks.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, four different brands of biometric gun safes are being recalled as of February 22, 2024. The brands include Bulldog Biometric Firearm SafesMachir Biometric Personal SafesBBRKIN Biometric Gun Safe and Awesafe Biometric Gun Safes.

All four brands of safes are being recalled due to having faulty biometric locks that allow unauthorized people to open the safes, which could cause injuries or even deaths.

About 33,500 Bulldog safes are being recalled, with four reports of unauthorized people gaining access to the safe, Machir had around 24,820 recalled safes with 15 reports of unauthorized access, about 2,200 recalled BBRKIN safes with one report of a 6-year-old gaining access to the safe, and around 60,000 Awesafe gun safes being recalled with 71 reports of unauthorized access to the safe.

The folks at the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommend this as the remedy:

Consumers should immediately stop using the biometric feature of the recalled safe, remove the batteries from the safe and only use the key when storing firearms. Contact Bulldog to receive a repair kit or free replacement safe for consumers with the Magnum Biometric Pistol Vaults, or a free replacement safe for consumers with the Magnum Biometric Top Load Pistol Vaults.

Here’s a dirty little secret. These safes are not “high security.”  If you’ve ever watched The Lockpicking Lawyer on YouTube, you really should. On second thought, with what he demonstrates, you’ll know that locks just help keep honest people honest.

And then there are poorly designed safes like this one:

Bottom line? You get what you pay for.

Always remember the golden rule: keep firearms inaccessible to unauthorized persons.


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  1. I gotta wonder how many different factories in China these came from. Many many (many) times it’s all the same plant. This weeks it’s Company A model 1. Next week, Company B model 12.

    On the flip side, when next you see a Harbor Freight add / coupon, look at how many part numbers are on a “sale” listing. More than 1 part number means it’s the exact same spec/product, but sourced from X many contracts.

    All hail globalism :^\

    • Some plant managers run “Night Shifts” on their own and produce extra product using the Free Materials available at the plant. China, like most countries, has NoGo zones here and there where the authorities have no real control. Sort of like many democrat cities.

    • My wonder is when they do invade if ever how many here in the U.S. will find themselves locked out of their safes after a signal from a Chy-Knees satellite reaches an owner’s keypad. Should it happen it’ll give new meaning to the term “Backdoored”.

  2. One of my friends (a well-intentioned FUDD, but a FUDD nonetheless) had a smaller 3-rifle safe he placed in his bedroom closet. Electronic biometric model because he’s a techie and loves all the gadgets the modern world has to offer. I recommended that he instead purchase a larger old-school model with only a heavy tumbler, but he went ahead and got the biometric one. TEHO.

    But one day – not long ago – he told me he had to cut it open because the battery died and he had lost the backup hardkey. No way to open it with the code or your thumbprint if there’s no electric juice to power the little CPU chip, amirite?

    • So many so-called techies are the least tech savvy. We need a more accurate descriptor for these people. Something like knee-jerk-electro-consuming-fetishist.

      Anyone tech savvy would be highly skeptical of chinsy Chicom biometrics and hesitant to put their full faith and trust in any wired circuitry without a long, long history of impecible performance.

      Owning a bunch of gadgets doesn’t make one tech savvy anymore than owning a bunch of guns makes one a down zero shooter.

    • My Liberty safe has a battery. It failed to open once because of low battery. l replaced it without any issues. I may have chosen the wrong lock when you add EMP in to the mix. The thing is not all of my firearms are in the safe. I can take out at least 150 Zombies…hopefully.

  3. lil crappy “safes” that can be picked up by a thief & transported away fer opening are totally useless, Even the ‘big boys’ are compromised at the factory (see the liberty safe snafu). A keyed combo lock is preferred over a digital of any kind

    • My Liberty safe keeps my nieces and nephews out. If the Feds are getting in to my safe, I either gave them the combo or they killed me because I said fuck you! I know how this safe is constructed and in 6 minutes or less I could be in with my air grinder. My safe keeps curious children out and keeps my guns in an environmentally safe environment.

  4. What a great way to get around “safe storage laws!” (Where that kind of bullshit is legally required, that is.) Just keep your gun in a “safe” that doesn’t lock. It satisfies the letter of the law because it’s in a safe but doesn’t impede quick access to your weapon. Win/win!

    I live in a red state so I don’t have to deal with that crap.

    • “What a great way to get around ‘safe storage laws!’ … Just keep your gun in a “safe” that doesn’t lock. … It satisfies the letter of the law because it’s in a safe but doesn’t impede quick access to your weapon. Win/win!”

      in an anti-gun state with such laws that’s not going to help you “get around” it and it doesn’t satisfy “the letter of the law”. Even if the safe was perfect and locked, no defect at all, outside of a criminal ‘breaking’ into the safe while committing a crime, its a little ‘got ya’ thing because they will consider the safe as ‘not safe storage’ if someone else unauthorized can get into it by any means.

    • When anything is mandated people will find work-a-rounds and ways to comply at the bare minimum. Often resulting in greater damage and ruin than if the law didn’t exist at all.

      Look no further than DOT approved kippahs people wear in states with mandatory helmet laws.

  5. Nope. I own multiple safes. All are large, heavy and are not biometric. There are six firearms stashed around the house. I’m the only one in the house. No children ever cross the threshold. Anyone else in my home is commiting a felony. I’ll deal with that issue case by case.

  6. My home is an ‘inaccessible” locked box. There are no unauthorized people wandering around my home unaccompanied who aren’t adults with the God-given right to keep and bear arms themselves. This “keep firearms secured from unauthorized people” is Fudd talk.

  7. In the area near the kitchen/back door of my house is a gun rack with a locking steel bar to secure the collection of ready guns we use around the property. The rest of the firearms are down in the gun room behind 2 steel doors further secured by locking steel cabinets. You go through 1 locked steel fire door into my reloading/workspace, then another locked steel door to the storage room. Of course to do this you must gain entry through a locked gate, get past a couple dogs that will make enough noise to alert anyone on the farm of visitors, then get past the usually armed adults and pick the right house.
    Never trusted electronics for reliability if an old style mechanical system is available or i something I can fabricate. Was exposed to the military’s electronics back in the day and came to the conclusion that old Murphy was a major share holder in the companies that make them. Because it is cooked into the design to fail when you most need them. Same with current commercially available electronics today.

  8. Your NOT going to be capable of separating from China, not being from under THEIR control. These things are everywhere. It’s so much more than just safe locks. How many so-called “smart homes” have these exact same electronics and biometric scanners built into the front door locks? There’s an app for that ya know.

    Get a real safe and use a tumbler lock. Keep in mind that nothing is completely hack proof. There are professional thieves (or atleast used to be) that had the skills at safe cracking. But America’s total compliance through it’s desire to have technology in every single little thing has made us all subservient. You can put a laser on you guns if you want to but is that really something your going to actually get any real use out of? There are places for red dot sights but does that really need to be on EVERY firearm manufactured at this point? Gun owners need to realize that the electronics in those red dots come from the same place as these safe locks. So do the most important computers and systems responsible for our military’s communications.

    Very little gets made in the US anymore. So when the left starts talking about how China benefit from Trump and vise versa…SO DO WE ALL!


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