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Frank Bango sends his “My Daily” from Central Florida.  Courtesy of Everyday Carry.

Bango works in Orlando as a Senior Character Rigger.  Can’t help but wonder if he works at a certain popular theme park where visitors have to pass through metal detectors and screening.  Employees probably (obviously) skip the security screenings.  Between the Shield, the extra mag in a DIY kydex mag pouch, and the CRKT M21-12G folder, he’s a screener’s worst nightmare.

Bango wrote this:

I work in the visual effects industry. I don’t require many hand tools for my job but I like being prepared for anything that could come up when dealing with computers and parts that sometimes I have to deal with at work.

He looks well-prepared for anything… except darkness.


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  1. Carry at Disney World? Oh noes!

    I carry into Six Flags Illinois when I visit. Doesn’t take much in the way of creativity to get around their security theater.

    Why? Lots of bad actors there.

    Yeah, if I get caught, it is a $150 fine. Yeah, my life is worth more than that.

  2. You forgot the Gerber 600 series multi-tool. Needle point pliers. Good, if not best multi-tool. I carry the blunt nose. It cuts barbed wire and won’t pinch your hand.
    Nice load out.

  3. I always carried at every Disney park in Florida. Usually a P7M8. Litteraly called it my Disney World pistol. Although, once I did carry a Glock 36, post 9/11/01. Fortunately, my kids outgrew that shit years ago. If and when I have grandchildren their parents can suffer through those lines, days and expense.

  4. Deal with a computer with a meat cleaver, it’s the only solution.

  5. This is almost my carry loadoit to the t, alien gear iwb M&P 2.0 w/laser the Gerber one hand open just have a Bushnell light instead of a turnaquit?

  6. We took our children to Disney World when they were 9 – 11 yo (25+ years ago). I carried the whole time in Disney…I also told the kids that it was our last trip because I finally figured out why the Mouse wore white gloves…it was to slip his hands into my wallet (and credit cards) that much easier and not leave prints. They nickle and dime you to death in the World for everything. Then we could talk about how Disney abuses the H-2B visa system. It’s not as if there weren’t thousands of USC’s and LAPR’s who wouldn’t work there if given the chance.

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