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Senator Feinstein’s attempt to pull rank while playing the pity card is pathetic. And while we can debate Senator Cruz’ knowledge of the United States Constitution, there’s no question that his poker face is scary-good. That said, he ain’t bluffin with his muffin, if you know what I mean.

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    • After watching this version of the video, it doesn’t have the part where Cruz says, “That’s great, but I’ll point out you never answered my question”. After that she goes on, begrudgingly, say “Yes, it would be unconstitutional to apply the same ideas to the 1st and 4th amendments”

      • A long time friend’s dad once told me there were 2 kinds of 20 year people. There are the people that spend 20 years on the job and learn new stuff every day and build on their wisdom and experience and skills, and there are the ones that learn some stuff the first year and then spend the next 19 years with repetition.

      • I work with a guy who has more than 20 years experience. He gets paid twice as much as I do, can’t do his job and has myself and my co worker do all his work for him. He’s effectively useless and incompetent, which would be an improvement for Feinstein.

  1. we make laws. who cares if they’re constitutional or not. Let the Supreme Court figure it out.

    This is the scariest statement yet. And it seems most of them think this way.

    • I touched upon this with my last comment under yesterday’s (or Wednesday’s?) Michael Moore post. In the Progressive mindset, anything goes as long as the Progressives or government have “good intentions” — good as the Progressives or government define it. It’s the old “the ends justify the means” meme.

      We have to call out Progressives on this fact every time they do it. And we have to use close analogies to make it painfully obvious to anyone watching who tries to dismiss it.

      It seems like Senator Cruz did that with spectacular effect — Senator Feinstein was visibly irritated and finally resorted to, paraphrasing of course, “we [Congress] are the power and we will do whatever we want and the supreme court can strike something down if it is wrong”.

      • What I really meant was, “We’ll do what we want until someone figures out it’s illegal. And even if they do, we’ll rationalize it.”

      • From the struggle going on in every legislative arena right now, it’s not even, “unless to many complain against us,” it’s, “no matter what anyone says, and the courts will clean up afterwards. Maybe.”

    • duh that why .223 is such a high power round, each one contains a small core of dark matter that implodes on impact creating a mini black hole within the body!

    • “…..bullets that implode…..” I do hope, that the powers that be at ALL the Gun Rights Organizations picked up on that as well as other statements made over time by Her Royal Highness DiFi. This is the type of ammunition needed for the Pro-2A side of the battle. On another note-Thanks, Senator Cruz.

  2. People used to ask me all the time why I moved from CA to Texas? I used to keep a press clipping in my wallet of Feinstein and Boxer standing together smiling. I used to show them and then say “That’s why!” Eventually I got angry one night and threw the clipping in a urinal and took care of business. I like to think it took a while before it disintegrated.

    • Now there is a business opportunity….Fienstien urinal cakes…grass roots distribution, buy a bunch and whenever you take a leak somewhere, drop one in. And let the liberals who don’t like it, fish out her piss-soaked likeness with their own hands.

      • In some European airports, there is an engraved black image of a fly – it’s where they want you to aim, to avoid as much splashing on the floor as possible. I’m told it works really well.

        It’s a small point they want you to aim at, so her open mouth – well, you get the idea.

        • Actually it’s a bee not a fly.

          It’s an inside joke. The Latin word for bee is “Apis” (pronounced “a piss”).

          It’s amazing the absolutely useless $hit I know.

  3. Logic and reason are useless on these people. I believe statism and authoritarianism are forms of sociopathy in that the possibility that their worldview is flawed is completely inconvievable to them.

  4. I refuse to listen to anything else Ms. Feinstein has to say. Fast Forwarded through most of the video.

    RF – I respectfully request you find a picture of a troll, witch or something and use that in place of any images or video of this traitor.

  5. Let’s see, debate Ted Cruz’s knowledge of the Constitution. He’s a Harvard educated Constitutional lawyer who has authored more than 80 Supreme Court briefs and presented more than 40 oral arguments, including nine before the Supreme Court itself, he also served as law clerk for Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist.

    I wonder how your call to debate will go…

    • As the senator from California said and I quote ” I am NOT a lawyer”………she should have stopped right there……….

  6. The truths of the second amendment are self evident. We, The People, do not need any government servant to define for us the meaning of the word “infringed”. Never ceases to amaze me how uneducated these people really are.

  7. Congrats to Sen. Cruz for taking it right to this old hag. We need much more of this. Confront them head on and at ramming speed.

    • Colonel Sandurz: Prepare ship for light speed.
      Dark Helmet: No, no, no, light speed is too slow.
      CS: Light speed, too slow?
      DH: Yes, we’re gonna have to go right to ludicrous speed.

        • “I Said Stop!!” “Yes Sir” (Thump) “Ok everybody take five, smoke’em if you got’em”
          I wonder if her Schwartz is as big as Dark Helmets!!

  8. I am still sitting here, reading through the Heller decision, finding the 2 points that would allow an Assault Weapons ban.

  9. The Constitution does NOT allow Congress to be in the business of making laws. Franken-stein needs to reread what her job is supposed to be. The children at Sandyhook WERE NOT dismembered. This lying bitch has been in this job way to long.

    • I think she’s referring to something Michael Moore, the Self-Propelled Turd, said about the Sandy Hook photos of the children (how did HE get to see them, I wonder?); he said one kid’s hand was blown off.

      But then, he pretty much said, “give up your guns and get a dog; I’ll keep mine.”

  10. Senator Feinstein needs to retire to a nursing home for the senile. She is 80+ and should be about due for the grave.

    • Don’t be so harsh! She’s some ones Great-great-great-great- great-Grandma. She’s hip to what the younger folks are doing! Just last week she masters doing the “twist”.

    • Sadly, with respect for her service, I agree.

      Its pretty clear she knows she has been had, but in her rage that some young whippersnapper would dare ask a question, rather than respond calmly with facts, in the appropriate manner for such a place and serious matter, she throws down the victim card. “I’m not a 6th grader”, etc, and then the appeal to the cameras for realizing she has lost her cool, by saying “I’ve seen the bodies”.

      You have to sympathize with her addled response – she already knows the rest of her house of cards has collapsed, for in the cloak-room deal making process at the Senate, the outcome of the Senate committee vote was known by then:

      BTW after that Mark Kelly interview 4 days ago, watching Wolf Blitzers stone-face on this one with DIFI, you can almost imagine whats going on inside Wolfs mind, again- “goddam these producers, whoring me out to pat the hands of these old ladies with their panties in a twist…!”

      His reputation is circling the drain with CNN’s…

    • You’re doing yourself and us a disfavor when you think there’s anything wrong with her mental capacity. (And did you suggest Ron Paul should retire?)

      She’s one cold, calculating, evil reptilian POS, and don’t you ever forget it! She knows EXACTLY what she’s doing, and who she’s doing it for…

  11. Glad to see that someone is trying to represent logic and fact. Honestly, I wouldn’t have been so kind to her. Cruz kept his cool. When she had her little crybaby fit, I would have responded that:
    I think your emotions have compromised your logic, Miss Feinstein. There is no legislation before is that is asking ‘Bazookas’ to be made legal to possess by the citizenry. No one questioned your tenure here. However, for being such a long-standing member, you have displayed very little in the way of respect for the Constitution with your egregious proposals. Based on your emotional reaction to even the simplest of constitutional questions, I question greatly whether your proposals – which even you admit to having a complete lack of concern of their Constitutionality as ‘the courts can just figure that out later’ – are in fact based on ANY facts, or if they are soley your emotional, knee-jerk reaction to the horrible event that occurred and/or your attempt to use this tragedy to further your own personal, pre-exiting agenda to ban ALL firearms, which you have clearly stated in the past. When looking at your specifics, your complete lack of knowledge regarding firearms (and I can cite many examples, including referring to handguards on a rifle as deadly ‘barrel shrouds’ that are used to ‘spray bullets’ , your reference to banning rocket launchers, your repeated references to ‘weapons of war’, which AR-15 semi automatic rifles have never been) causes me great concern as to you being the sole party to decide which firearms meet your personal standards for being acceptable to be legal under the Second Amendment. In fact, this entire proposal causes me great concern Miss Feinstein, and I am therefore inclined not only to oppose this legislation, but to view with great suspect any statements that you are proposing as fact.

    • All good, but real lawyers don’t preach, they ask questions and let the witnesses dig their own holes :). Always better when it comes from the witnesses mouths. Like my Dad (a lawyer) used to ask (interrogate) me when I got in trouble: “With your mouth, YES or NO, did You….. Ted did just right.

      • Good point. I did kind of get that ‘lawyer’ impression from Cruz – and her emotional, non-sensical reaction reminded me of a frustrated child honestly, so point conceded, and a pat on the back for Mr Cruz. He would sure have my vote for President.

  12. I think Sen Cruz was questioning the ‘assault rifle’ exemption for retired law enforcement. Feinstein was defending this exemption by saying that there are laws that limit the 1st amendment regarding child pornography.
    By this logic, if a retired cop can have an ‘assault weapon’, can retired vice squad cops have child pornography?
    The flaw in the child pornography parallel is that, by definition, the very existence of it involves of a minor. That is not the case with firearms.

  13. We have also seen what dictatorial POS rulers can do. I expected a bit more than fantasy,emotion,reality disconnect from feinswine, guess I’m 0 for one today, Randy

  14. Whenever I heard the hideous trog start in with, “I’ve been here 20 years” all I could think of is sweet mother of God we need term limits now!

  15. The most damning piece of her response is, “This legislation exempts some 2,100 weapons…isn’t that enough?” By her response she did answer Cruz’s question…clearly she said that yes – she thinks that constitutional rights may be limited and restricted by additional laws. Spot on Mr. Cruz…spot on.

    • Yeah… it exempts 250 flintlock rifles, a bunch of WWI Mausers, Mannlicher-Carcanos… and a sh*tload of broken derringers.

      And outlaws 531,043 others.

  16. Ah but you missed the best part. Carl Hulse tweeted “Sen Feinstein apologizes to Sen Paul. Says he got her “dander up.” Probably a sentiment that will become more common in Senate” I am not sure if the person who wrote the tweet had it wrong or if Sen Feinstein is truly that senile. If it is true, it is probably past time for her to retire.

  17. I really wanted to hear more about how Feinstein’s stuck her fingers in all those bullet holes. Is she, among all her other accomplishments, also a medical examiner?

  18. Frankenstein brings up bazookas, as if our side has been calling for those to be legal. Her response–nothing more than a hissy fit–shows what her side has going for it. What I find alarming is all the others in this country who claim that the senator from California won that exchange. We have a divided nation. This is fine, so long as we see it as a policy of live and let live. But it is a problem when fellow citizens can’t even speak in ways that make sense to the other side.

    • These are the people for whom Bill Mahr and John Stewart are political oracles. DiFi had more snark, therefor she won. That’s their whole calculus.

      And that’s why Obama has won two presidential elections.

      God help us all.

  19. I would’ve stopped DiFi right after she started mentioning “I’ve seen dead bodies, I’ve seen bullets implode”, etc. and replied with this.

    “Well, Senator, I’m not a 6th grader either, so why do you insist on re-stating what the effects of bullets can do to bodies? You do realize that children, as young as 7 year-olds can be trained to safely and responsibly operate firearms. They’re not complicated. So please stop stating the obvious. Besides, what relevance do bullet ballistics have on the discussion of God-given rights and the 2nd Amendment? Absolutely nothing. Law abiding citizens have been using the same ammunition for hundreds of years.

    Anyone with any knowledge of ballistics and firearms knows what bullets can do to a wide variety of materials. As I stated earlier, children can grasp the concept readily. The fact of the matter is responsible law abiding citizens don’t shoot children, murderers and the criminally insane do. What I find fascinating is none of the legislation in your bill specifically targets either murderers or the criminally insane. Your bill aims to disarm the law abiding citizen, which we’ve already established isn’t the root of the mass-shooting issue.”

    The end.

    • She was trying to affix a terrifying – and scary, scary – image in the public eye, of “little innocent children” TORN APART BY EVIL AMMUNITION. The public eye reels, decides guns are “too scary for words”, and “shouldn’t be designed to hurt people like that!”

      Would that Cruz had asked her if she’d seen the bodies of victims of traffic accidents, industrial accidents, or airplane crashes. And the bodies of little, innocent Pakistani and Yemeni children – torn apart by her president’s Drones of Death.

      • Exactly.

        They should call her out on her complete lack of knowledge of history.

        They literally act like Newtown was the first time ever children were killed by a mass murderer. Newsflash, children have been killed, raped, sodomized, hung, tortured, stabbed, shot, and beaten to death with a wide assortment of tools since humanity existed.

        Our very government, yes, the US government, has killed tens of thousands of children over it’s 200+ year history.

        Native Americans, Hiroshima, Vietnam. Do any of those names ring a bell? What do they all have in common? War is hell and innocent people die. Sorry to burst your ignorance bubble, but you’re a bit late to the pity party if Newtown was your first realization that the mentally disturbed and criminally insane people were capable of commiting heinous and evil acts.

        Sorry, but law-abiding gun owners have made it their business and responsibility to acknowledge evil exists in the hearts of those that would take from us that which we hold most precious. Which why we (and you Senator) carried a weapon at one point. The difference being you now have armed guards that carry guns for you. You gave up your personal responsibility and thus, you traded away your one connection to the gun community that made any sense — personal responsibility for your own safety and the safety of your loved ones.

        You should’ve done the responsible thing during your time in office and gotten rid of gun-free-zones, the paragons of ignorant and irresponsible legislation. Where are all the cries for justice in jailing the law-makers and politicians for being complicit and willing enablers to the Newtown tragedy by allowing it to be a gun free zone?

        Why isn’t every theater that continues to be a gun free zone long after the Colorado Cinemark shooting held liable for the tragic deaths that occurred because they refused to allow law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and they continue to refuse to protect their current patrons with armed guards to this day?

        Any law a gun owner has to break to save their own life or the lives of those they love is unconstitutional, immoral, and moronic.

        The amount and level of stupidity in this current administration along with so many politicians is extremely mind-boggling.

        Quite simply, we need a reboot. Out with the ignorant and in with the reasonable please. Any time now.

  20. She knows the Constitution because she was there at the signing.
    By the way, Dianne, if you “knowing” the Constitution makes you some kind of expert, then I guess I can go enter a NASCAR event. After all, I have a car and I drive.
    Time for you and the other old fossils in the Senate (on BOTH sides) to retire and let the Rand Pauls and Ted Cruzs correct your failures.

    • I’m still waiting for the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee to get to the bottom of Fast and Furious.

      What exactly did CIA, NSA, and DHS know about the US Govt’s illegal gun-running in a sovereign state to the south? This couldn’t happen without their knowledge and sign-off.

      What about Benghazi, Madame Chair?
      We still haven’t heard from the people on the ground, have we?

      Do your job, Senator.

      Leave the contitutional matters to the lawyers.

  21. I’m loving that guy. Cruz for President! That old witch is an idiot. “She’s reasonably well educated”? Really? There’s a BIG difference between being intelligent and smart. I would argue that she’s neither, but certainly not smart.

  22. I hope no one is missing the roll plaid by Dirty Dick Turban in this hearing. Another B/S artist of the Fifth order.

  23. … this does not prohibit…it exempts2,271 weapons. Isn’t that enough for the people in the United States?…

    Isn’t 6.5% enough alcohol content?
    Isn’t 75MPH fast enough for any vehicle?
    Isn’t 6ft. tall enough for any ladder?
    Isn’t 85 old enough for anyone to live?
    Isn’t 2 enough children for any parents?
    Isn’t 1750 enough square footage for a house
    Isn’t $50,000 enough for a salary?
    Isn’t 3.5MBS fast enough for Internet access?

    and on and on and on and on….

    This is the same kind of thinking that believes a mathematical model exists that allows the government to allocate resources evenly so that everyone gets their fair share. There is another name for it, and it saddens me above all else that the opinion is held by people with such power.

    • Isn’t a size 11 shoe big enough? Isn’t one lump of sugar enough? Isn’t a half-teaspoon of butter enough on your baked tater?

  24. Obvious that Difi does NOT have the intellect of a 6th grader. Clear to all paying attention she has NEVER had the brains to even get on a Foxworthy show as an aspiring 5th grader.

      • Oh come off it, Jacob. Isn’t it about time you nutwads gave up on your claims that Obama is not a natural born citizen of the United States? You may not like the man, you may think (wrongly) that he is a Muslim, and a communist, and all that other good stuff, and you may have substantive criticisms of what you deem to be his policies and and those of his administration, but the incontrovertible fact is that Obama was born in Hawaii and that at the time of his birth, Hawaii was a State of the Union. Let it go.

        • I’m still not convinced that BHO was born here, just like I’m not convinced that Holder was innocent in the Fast and Furious scandal. BHO and father have ties to Kenya – it is not assine to believe that be was born there. The media will rarely allow BHO to be confronted on anything that he does wrong, or failed to accomplish, but they blamed JWB for darn near everything. If that doesn’t constitute a bias (and a lack of accountability) I’m not sure what does.

          But hey, I like my freedoms free and my budget balanced. That’s why I’m not a fan of our current president.

  25. Wouldn’t it be great if we are seeing the death of “deference” that those old entrenched liberal hacks use to control Congress?

    By declaring she is not a 6th grader was she claiming to be smarter than a 5th grader?

  26. This is a prime example of why we need “TERM LIMITS” she has been around way too long and completely out of touch with the people and the reason to serve!

  27. Why isn’t anyone pointing out the Miller vs. US decision where the court more or less points out the people should have access to the military weapons to fulfill their duty towards the militia as set fourth in 2A?

  28. Note how the old hag went right to the “bazooka”comment,so typical of ‘progressive”scumbags nationwide.They use over the top hyperbole to make a non valid point.Some comments above have correctly identified Feinstein as the type of person who does the same year over and over.She is clearly obsessed with disarming civilians.When her bill goes down in flames I hope she gets so angry she strokes out.Schumer is even worse-he belongs behind a deli counter short weighting housewives.

  29. well the supreme court does limit the first amendment unless ted cruz thinks it gives him the right to child porn.

  30. IMHO, Mrs. Feinstein never honestly answered the question(s); She admitted nothing, denied everything, and made counter accusations (really, bazookas?). Deceptive in every way (read Spy the Lie, ISBN-10: 125000585X). Also, it appears she herself is suffering PTSD and never has properly addressed the issue. Just as it apparently in her mind disqualifies men and women in the armed forces who are returning from the war zone, should this then disqualify her holding office and specifically, being part of any of these committees. In short, she has not been in her right mind for decades and has had significant impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning such as understanding and/or believing she has the right to destroy the Constitution as part of her hyper-vigilance.

  31. Agreed, Feinstein is pure evil, but why is she so determined to go down in flames with an overreaching confiscation bill that hasn’t a prayer?

  32. “the ends justify the means”
    Of course one (of many) problem(s) with this is that the ends they will achieve will in no way resemble the ends they envisioned.

    I tried replying to a much earlier post but got stuck way down below the relevant post.


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