UK residents are not allowed to keep or bear firearms for self-defense. So what can they do when facing violence? William Shakespeare had some general ideas on that subject: “When the blast of war blows in our ears, Then imitate the action of the tiger; Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood, Disguise fair nature with hard-favour’d rage.” Tim Larkin’s down with that, with some helpful tips how to channel that rage in the most efficient, gun-free way possible. The American personal defense trainer has journeyed to The Land of Hope and Glory to teach supplicants—sorry citizens—I mean subjects the fine art of not getting killed by ‘scrotes. Only not so much, now . . .

Tim Larkin tried to board a plane from his home in Las Vegas on Tuesday, but was given a UK Border Agency letter saying “his presence here was not conducive to the public good” . . .

The Home Office said he was subject to an exclusion order.

A spokeswoman said: “The home secretary will seek to exclude an individual if she considers that his or her presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good.”

So, as the BBC reports, the Powers The Be have decided that the British sheeple (sorry, it had to be said) can not learn how to use their own bodies for self-defense. On his website, Mr. Larkin has responded with characteristic (but entirely unwarranted) good grace.

We believe the UK Home Office decision to disallow Tim Larkin from entering the UK is simply a misunderstanding on their part as to what TFT teaches. Our hope is that they will reconsider their decision, and that everything can be cleared up shortly.

Based on the wording in their ruling it appears that virtually every martial arts and reality-based self-defense instructor would need to be banned as well.

As everyone knows, TFT is extremely conscientious and responsible in all our instruction, making sure clients fully understand the importance of “avoiding the avoidable” type situations at all cost.

We do, however, recognize there are unpredictable and unavoidable ‘black swan’ type events of random violence that do occur, and we provide clear information regarding what is required to survive these situations.

Methinks Mr. Larkin doth protest too much. His assertion that it’s OK to train UK residents how to defend themselves because they probably won’t need the skills is piss-ant political pandering. While needlessly incendiary, the mainstream media’s depiction of Larkin’s training as “kill or be killed” is, at least, honest.

All humans have the right to self-defense. Whether the government recognizes this right or not is a different matter. Make no mistake, the UK’s missiles on rooftops and this restriction of the right to free speech are a logical manifestation of the removal of gun rights.

It starts with gun control. It ends in a police state, as the UK and so many other countries, both past and present, demonstrate.


  1. I read recently that the UK has the most electronic surveillance of its citizens of any Western country. The authors of the Magna Carta are hanging their heads in shame. I will never travel to the UK, or spend my money there.

  2. Wrong, wrong, wrong!!! Where did you get the absurd idea that people have the right to self defense. The UN certainly doesn’t believe in it on a personal level, although the charter authorizes it for countries. http://armsandthelaw.com/archives/2006/08/un_report_procl.php Even in this country, Justice Kagan was asked during her confirmation hearings if she believed that there was a right to personal self defense. She refused to answer. Which is the same as saying, “No.” So just forget about that stupidity about “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” That only applies to the elites, not the sheep whose entire purpose is to provide the wherewithal to maintain the lifestyles of the elites. Sheeple, indeed. Remember when various liberal politicians were asked about how much of a person’s income he should be entitled to keep, and the ultimate answer was, it all belongs to us, and you should be grateful that we don’t take it all. By definition, that makes us slaves, and slaves have no human rights. And if you think I’m being hyperbolic, you haven’t been following the news. Remember, stand-your-ground laws are bad because they encourage people to defend themselves.

    • “the ultimate answer was, it all belongs to us, and you should be grateful that we don’t take it all.” I had a disagreement with the state IRS over a tax bill and this is what the clerk on the phone told me. After she hung up on me abruptly I worked with her boss to get her put back in the mail room despite the EEOC and AA nature of her telephone position.

      • Wow, she actually said that to you so openly? I slowly hesitate to believe that the state or federal IRS senior management are so arrogant to teach that belief or rule to their lower-level customer service employees regardless of what the elites at the top must think. I think that woman is really emotionally messed up in her power-tripping. She must feel really helpless, angry, and victimized. Good for you for helping put her back in the mailroom.

      • f–k the IRS. If they had a organizational flag, i would piss on it. Nevertheless, I pay my taxes, because if i don’t they cannot protect me from themselves. That, ladies and gents, is the bona fide definition of a Capone-esque case of extortion.

  3. So Mr. Larkin was denied entry because he teaches self defense? And even though we are talking a form of self defense with no firearms, the gubment says it’s “not conducive to the public good”? WOW!!!! This is the same country that fought off the German Air force for over a year with not much more than will power and guts? The mighty British Empire has died a slow and painful death……..

    • And the next time Germany or Russia decides to conquer Europe, and the voluntarily (they voted for the politicians) disarmed Brits be Americans to send them rifles and pistols for defense against an invasion, my reply will be “and how many ounces of gold Swiss francs will you pay me?” Many of the American firearms sent to Britain (by individual Americans) for home defense in WWII ended up buried in cement or cut down for scrap after the war, when the socialists took over. Next time, they’re on their own.

    • We are in support of Empires? If so, why the heck did we have a revolution? I thought that we loved liberty, freedom, and personal choice?

      • I’m not in support of “empires” in general. but the British Empire is/was a kind of thing that had to be admired in some ways. Yeah, I’m totally aware of the oppression they caused in India and elsewhere, but to see this kind of oppression happening on their home soil in the 21st century just makes me very sad.

    • britain has always had a tradition of authoritarianism and statism. that is why we pulled the plug on their sorry asses in 1776.

  4. If your observations are correct, it shouldn’t be too long before out-and-out tyranny breaks out. People will be rounded up and put in labor camps, they may even bring back mass extermination of some kind, men will be dragged out of their homes in the middle of the night never to be seen again. Those are the inevitable results of gun control, right?

    • For a second I thought you’d come Mikey, then I saw that pissy sarcastic question mark, right?

    • right, absolutely correct. I swear tyrants and statist apologists in the US and Europe regularly masturbate to 1984 and the movie Children of Men.

    • Yes. But as history has proven many times over they will come for you first. When the rainbows and unicorns fail to manifest themselves under the Ameritopia you desire you will be the squeaky wheel. Here’s the kicker. In a situation like this even though you were at best complacent at worst conspirator, not many here would turn their back on you.

    • Tyranny can exist without internment camps and mass executions, Mike, After all, the military-industrial complex would not wish to decrease productivity. Control, however, over what you wear, what you eat, how you live, and most importantly what you think, can be accomplished without state terrorism. Terrorism is merely another tool to gain compliance. Just look at 1984, the USSR, Eastern Germany, China, North Korea,….

    • I think the delta here Michael is that there are hard tyrannies, and soft tyrannies. You have to differentiate the two. Hard tyrannies are more proactive. For example, as you suggested, rounding up segments of the population that are deemed to be contrary or dissident would be a proactive step taken by a hard tyranny. In a soft tyranny, the government does not typically take dramatically proactive action. Rather, it is subtle and reactive. This is to say it slowly consolidates power through laws meant for the “public good.” They keep power not through fear and the threat of force (as in the hard variety), but by keeping the people comfortably not free. Soft tyranny only rocks the boat when it is forced to be reactive to ideas that challenge it. In this case, the idea is that its citizens may work within existing UK legal framework to learn how to defend themselves. This is quite an empowering principle which would lead most of those students to ask hard questions that don’t have comfortable answers. Those questions could lead to some dissidence against the status quo in England, and I promise you they’ll have none of that. Free speech and defense of life be damned. In conclusion, Michael, you don’t need concentration camps and death squads to be a police state. Soft tyrannies are actually a win for the power elites because they tend to be much more stable than the hard ones. Sometimes in a hard tyranny the people get pushed too far and overthrow their masters. In a soft tyranny you need only keep the people relatively content and squash the few who see the society for what it is. Oh and in this scenario it helps to circumvent situations where such dissident people could be cultivated.

    • I don’t know how long it will take, but yes. Past history guarantees future performance. Like . . . Bosnia.

    • I guess we can add the writings of Alexis De Tocqueville to the list of things you don’t know much about, MikeyB. That’s getting to be quite a long list.

  5. Bravo! There is an expression that the ‘barbarians are always at the gates’ threatening people. Metaphorically I’ve come to learn that it can be understood as many different kinds of threats and dangers from overt international enemies and domestic groups taking violent actions to the slow transformational emasculation of a society’s traditional strengths through new laws, values, and cultural beliefs. It was the men and culture of Western Civilization that gave birth to liberty and respect for the individual after thousands of years of oppression by the elites however imperfect and incomplete. Now, after only a relative short period in historical terms, that liberty is fading as the men of the West have become morally weak and self-critical. Modern fascists governments of the West along with much support from the leading cultural institutions have used the double-barrels of political correctness and feminist hate to divide and conquer their own western societies. As the men of a society grow weak and sheepish so too will liberty die.

    • It was inevitable; the natural state of humanity is supplicant and enslaved. And since this nation hasn’t had to truly fight for its survival in far too long, modern fools don’t know its true value.

  6. “So what can they do when facing violence?” Close their eyes and think of England.

  7. Saw this yesterday. That story also reported that a poll in England showed that 72% of respondents thought that the Home Office decision was simply wrong. So not all hope is lost. Seems that the Brits have come to the conclusion that if no one can defend themselves from an attack with violence, there won’t be any attacks. Violence is the business of the police. What makes them believe that the police will not misuse their power when none are left to oppose?

    • That is exactly the point,for abuse of power cannot exist unless power and force are both monopolized.

      • Internet connection sucks. Yes! Somebody other than me actually understands this concept!

  8. UK officials have no problem with “honor”-killings, gang rape, and other joys of islamification. But, learning a martial art is discouraged?

  9. Allow me to translate Mr. Larkin’s lengthy statement into American English: “The Brits are assholes.”

    • Any chance we can rein in the Anti-brit rhetoric a little? Many of us, just like you all, aren’t particularly happy with big government. We also don’t classify most Septics as buck-toothed, gun-totting, hog-bothering yokels.

      • Wait… WE are buck-toothed?

        Just kidding. England is cool! We just work for the day when you’ll regain your liberties.

  10. @ juancudz,
    it’s not that we hate the british en bloc, just the gormless ninny state types you’ve got running a once great nation into the ground. i’ve been pleased, on several occassions, to entertain british visitors at the local range, handling and shooting pieces of british history from webley of birmingham and enfield armoury. they got a big thrill out firing the old no.1 mk. III lee-enfield and .455 mk. VI revolver, and i was pleased to afford them that pleasure. what you’ve got these days in dear old blighty is ninnys on the right, and nannys to the left, and god save england and her good people.

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