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“Even the unarmed folk in Brazil are fighting back,” the caption asserts. “As two bandits arrive on their motorbike, one steps off brandishing a gun, and is immediately attacked by his intended victim. Although he appears to get a shot or two off, he retreats and makes a run for it, with our intended victim appearing to be none-the-worse.” And there you have it: go all-in as early as you can. If you’re armed – and we certainly hope you are – don’t necessarily go for your gun at first. That is all.

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  1. It looked to me like the bg was still fumbling to get his piece out when the “victim” slapped his ass up. And it looked like the bg got away without his gun. Also looked like the neighberhood militia showed up with their pole weapons at the end.

  2. It takes about 2 seconds to draw a handgun from concealment and fire off one or two shots. It takes about 0.25 seconds to throw a punch, block, or kick. If someone attacks you, you might very well stand a much better chance of survival if you use your hands and feet to strike your attacker before reaching for your firearm.

    Note: if you initially deliver a solid punch or kick to your attacker, that could either stun your attacker or send them backwards just long enough to be able draw your handgun and put at least one shot on target before your attacker is able to resume their attack.

    • These videos and other evidence gives support to a theory I’ve had for a while now. Most dgu’s happen at stabbing range. Realistic training for such an event would entail using one hand to fend off the attacker and the other to clear and fire your weapon.

      I don’t claim to be an expert but for john q. public it would seem that the 2 handed hold on the weapon and using the sights would be a hindrance in a great many of these events.

      Also, advice to the robbers. Don’t pick a man with his woman, as in this video. Or a man with his kids. He’s more likely to fight, again in my opinion, than to just give up his cash. He’s defending his loved ones against a threat.

  3. Wow! Kudos to him for acting immediately on a clear opportunity. Most people would freeze up for a second or two in a situation like that. Not him! Damn good work man!

  4. “No man, I was only reaching for my Johnson! No need to beat my butt…..REALLY, OW, OW!!! I’m outta here, wait for me bro”

  5. Brazilians can’t legally carry so when a criminal pulls up on a motorcycle and draws a pistol – the citizens have to resort to mops and broomsticks. Freedom hating anti-rights statists want to bring that concept here to the US.

    Freedom hating anti-rights statists support rape and robbery at your local university.

  6. Nearly all of South America is run by corrupt leftist/communists that disarm the population. Much easier to maintain the cash flowing to the corrupt from the criminal when the people can’t fight back. Same thing in Chicago.

  7. If you’re planning to draw your piece within arm’s reach of your intended victim, you should probably not choose a guy twice your size, who looks to be pretty fit, either!

  8. Sometimes the Spidey Sense or Ninja Reflexes kick in. He fumbled with his shirt for an appendix carry, was knocked on his ass and than the garden implements showed up as the getaway driver left the gunman disarmed and running to catch up. Situational awareness personified. Made me smile for a Monday. OBTW, I got your gun too di#%head.


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