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I gotta say: the Krotzer clan has balls, dropping a dime on their neighbors from hell once a week. Especially as they knew — beyond a shadow of a doubt — that their neighbors were armed and dangerous. What this video doesn’t reveal: whether or not the Krotzers were armed in their own defense. At this point it doesn’t matter; they moved away. (Good luck selling that house after this report.) But I’d like to point out . . .

that just as good fences make good neighbors, so do good firearms.

Don’t get me wrong: most neighbors are peaceable, kind-hearted folks who share common values with their nearby compatriots. They’re a resource, not a threat. But it’s been my experience that there’s always at least one family in a neighborhood that isn’t all that…stable. My ‘hood’s got one. Yours?

At the risk of giving the antis ammo for their ceaseless campaign to portray gun owners as paranoid people, just as an armed society is a polite society, an armed neighborhood is a polite neighborhood. In fact, it can be a unifying factor as neighbors understand that they are armed for mutual self-defense, should it ever come to that.

So, whether or not you discuss your firearms ownership with your neighbors, it’s an excellent idea to stay armed. Trouble may be closer than you think and happen faster than you can imagine. Being ready to deal with trouble, should it arise, is never a bad idea. That is all.

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    • Why? Gun culture wins again.

      There’s nothing to see here, just a part of the well regulated militia being…well regulated..ha hik.

  1. When I was a kid we had crazy neighbors. A guy named BIlly lived next door and Crazy Billy threw a bowling ball size rock through my Mom’s windshield from the second story next store. He cut up a car in his garage with a torch. Punched another neighbor in the face, knocking him into the street in front of a car. Like Junior in the story I’m sure he met an early death.
    My father wanted to tune him up sooooo bad but instead we sold our house to a family they really couldn’t stand and justice was served.

  2. I’ll give them most of it, but the part with the dogs was just pure overreaction. The damn dogs didn’t even touch the kid. If they were ‘vicious terrorizing dogs’ as the video claimed that kid would have been in pieces. I wish the owners were as nice as their dogs.

    • The dogs were exhibiting a pack mentality. Properly trained dogs don’t aggressively chase down a non-threatening child walking in the street.

      • I didn’t see aggression, I saw hyperactivity. There was absolutely nothing stopping those dogs from taking a chunk or three out of that kid, so why didn’t they? Maybe because they saw a child and like many dogs wanted to play with it. I will agree that makes them poorly trained dogs but definitely not aggressive or dangerous.

        • Well, I’ll say this, if I say those dogs do that to my son, there would be three empty shotgun hulls and three less dogs.

        • The dogs may have just wanted to play. If the dogs wanted to really take the kid down, they would have. My wife sometimes mistakes aggression for play with the Collie Shepherd. I have to settle the wife down.

        • Really LJM? You are gonna unleash a shotgun on dogs that want to play and have done no harm? You are a piece of shit.

        • Really LJM? You are gonna unleash a shotgun on dogs that want to play and have done no harm? You are a piece of shit.

          Sorry Mark. In my eyes a child is worth more than 3 dogs. The owner of the dogs should not put me in a position where I have to make a call to kill a dog to save a child from harm.

        • +1.. Even out here in “dog is my copilot” California its a justified shoot. Ive had a neighbor’s “harmless” dog “play” with my kid in my front yard once. Never again.

        • These may not have been dangerous dogs but dog owners should NEVER allow their dogs to bother someone just walking by. If you have a dog (especially multiple dogs) that wont stay in it’s yard then fence or chain it in.

          This child acted the same way I would have when that age. But my fear of dogs only happened after one attacked me and I spent two weeks in the hospital getting my ear put back on and head sewed up.

    • That’s not what I saw. Maybe they didn’t bite him, but they aggressively herded him against the wall. Even when he had stopped, they continued to bark at him. The friendly dogs I know don’t chase me into a corner and bark at me. Poorly trained but not aggressive? I would say poorly trained and aggressive. Also, knowing who lives there, gives one insight into how their dogs maybe trained. No bad dogs – only bad owners right? The owners were bad – having known that and walking through that neighborhood, I would have been very cautious around their dogs.

      Lastly, the boy certainly looked very terrorized by the dogs. I think it is accurate to call them “terrorizing dogs.”

      • Exactly. By the time it goes from herding/barking to biting/killing is the blink of an eye. Neighbor’s dogs tried that up our way with my sister and again with our indoor cat who was just on the porch. (it never leaves the porch when it does get out)

        The first time was four dogs. The second was two. The neighbor is now down six dogs.

      • i agree 100%, those dogs were close to doing something really bad. Even if you don’t believe this, they scared the shit out of this kid, which is reason enough to, uh, intervene. And I’m a dog lover, currently with four. I don’t live in a “neighborhood” but if I did and my dogs exhibited this type of behavior, I’d do something about it.

      • I saw two small dogs, puppies? and a large dog, the mother? The puppies chased the boy when he ran. It’s what they do. The mother dog followed behind and when the boy stopped running, the mother dog herded the puppies away. She doesn’t go after the boy. She turns her back to the boy and gets in front of her pups. Only when the boy ran again did the little dogs give chase.

    • The dogs didn’t even touch the kid? And in the terrifying seconds leading up to the non-touch, when the kid envisioned himself being torn limb from limb by these dogs, the future fact of not being touched matters how……exactly?

      Can I come run up to you screaming incoherently, with a wild-eyed vacant gaze, gun drawn and pointed at your face (or better yet, your small child’s face!), and as long as I stop at the last second, smile and offer to play a game, then everything’s cool with you?

      Those dogs off leashes in public is a crime in itself. They’re terrifying people, as well as being a traffic hazard.

      • “Can I come run up to you screaming incoherently, with a wild-eyed vacant gaze, gun drawn and pointed at your face (or better yet, your small child’s face!), and as long as I stop at the last second, smile and offer to play a game, then everything’s cool with you?”

        No. Your “last second” would have occurred before you thought it was going to be. (You have the right to remain stupid. However, should you choose to exercise that right…)

    • I love dogs, but an off leash 60lb dog charging you at full speed while barking is a scary thing regardless of whether or not it is friendly because you don’t know if it is or not until you’ve been bitten.

      I have no patience for the owners – they should have their dog ownership privileges permanently revoked. It’s poor dog parenting not to train them and its beyond inconsiderate to scare the Sh!t out of unsuspecting strangers.

      It happens to me about three times a year at the park I run in and eventually I’m going to get bit and have to put a dog down. The most annoying thing is that there is an enormously large fenced dog run up the hill from where it always happens.

  3. Looks like the setting for a interesting reality show. The homeowner is sitting on a gold mine. A couple hundred bucks in cameras from Costco, a YouTube channel, and suddenly he can afford to live in a gated community.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  4. When you are interested in buying a house, what is keeping you from knocking on neighborhood doors, introducing yourself and purpose, and asking about problems? Yet 99% of home buyers won’t do that. If it is unsafe to do it, then you are buying a house in the wrong neighborhood.

    • I highly doubt these people were going to tell them “Oh yeah were 100% white trash and get into shouting matches and gunfights every weekend.”

      • No, but other neighbors could have alluded to the problem. It only takes one person to say something like “the police were ‘over there’ just the other day, is that what you are asking about?”

      • I doubt that the neighbors from Hell would be honest. I also doubt that ALL the other neighbors would lie and portray the neighbors from Hell as being great people.

    • I’ll never forget the time I was coming home from work around midnight and I stopped at a red light to see a huge FD hazmat truck (the kind they call in to deal with meth labs) come rolling through all lit up. I immediately smirked and thought ‘I wonder where they found the lab’. Then the light turned green and I turned the corner just in time to see it disappear into the parking lot of my apartment complex.

      Talk about a FML moment.

      • I hear ya.

        First place I owned, looked like a somewhat quiet place, most neighbors had hourly jobs, lots of small kids being dumb-ass little kids playing in the yards and street. Talking to my next-door neighbor one day a few weeks after I moved in, he pointed out a a house two doors down across the street. Advised me they were the local crank dealers. As time went by, sure enough, lots of cars stopped by for a few a time at all hours of the day and night and then took off.

        But that was about it. Lucky for me, they kept a lid on it. A few months later, someone way down the street launched a shot over my head, it sounded like a fluttering, buzzy-kinda noise. I got back inside the house. Never found any bullet holes in the place.

        Glad to hear ‘Junior’ took himself out, captured on the security camera, no less.


    • At least the people associated with the Entrepreneurial Pharmaceutical Premise in my neighborhood kept to themselves.

    • My neighborhood turned into one overnight. It was originally a started family neighborhood with middle income people who mostly worked for the woods industry. In the late 80’s a bunch of families started moving out as the woods industry took a nosedive and then the druggies moved in. It turned the place into a nightmare. We had baseball bats and guns all over the house. Loud shouting and screaming matches at all times of the night so nobody could sleep. The only way to get the cops to come out was to mention you had a gun and were going out to confront them. Then go back to bed. The cops showed up in five minutes or less and dealt with the problem. Otherwise it would be 2-3 hours and by that time my parents had to get up to go to work. We moved as soon as we could get our house sold, which took a while. I’ve since been back and have heard the neighborhood has calmed down a lot, but it looks run down.

  5. It certainly looks like these are lets just say less than ideal neighbors. That said, it seemed like they said in the video that they called in an anonymous tip about drugs to get the police to do something. What wasn’t clear is if that anonymous tip was about something real or an attempt at retribution. There may not be a real good guy on either side of this … Or not. Not enough information.

    • If she had called and told them they were going to shoot up a school I bet they would have been shot/arrested within the hour.

  6. Years ago a family moved across the street with two delinquents. Every time they were outside I did obedience routines in the front yard with my German Shepherd in German. They never bothered me for some reason. I wonder how they knew that he was bite trained??

    • I do find it interesting that people who don’t seem to be bothered about the possibility of a homeowner with a gun will often do a quick 180 if they see a big powerful dog staring them down. My dogs are very friendly to people when we’re out on a walk, but everyone still knows where those dogs live. As the delinquent neighborhood kids turn into delinquent neighborhood teens, you’d better believe if they want to get themselves into trouble, it will be at someone else’s house. They may not be real bright, but they’re smart enough not to try breaking into my house, where they’d be on the receiving end of some very angry canines.

  7. Neighbors from Hell like those people will change their behavior or vacate upon receiving effective motivation. Apparently no one was willing to supply such motivation.

  8. I had neighbors close to this. No guns but plenty of self defense as a 5 year old. They constantly harassed us, trying to break windows or glass sun tea bottles with rocks….stealing our yard toys…. my uncle got so pissdd at them for running inside with our soccer ball, he took my moms garden rake and ruined the entire bed if roses that WAS the pride of the mom.

    Thieving kids and the parents covered for them every time. Reality caught up with them when the cops caught the son stealing from the grocery store. I don’t plan on being so passive if that happens to my kids.

  9. Yeah this was all over the news. Do your due diligence when you move to a neighborhood. If you have any $ that is. MY hood is going to hell pretty quickly. I can’t tell who is living in what but if there are any pit-bulls or similar breeds I know trouble will soon follow. I came within a second of shooting the dog from 2 doors down too recently(pepper gun). Amazing how quickly a real estate meltdown can turn my formerly nice block to shite…

  10. I’ve had some real winners as neighbors over the years, mostly when I was living in apartment complexes; Colorado Springs definitely had the most insane ones. Here in N. Alabama, my neighbors mostly keep to themselves but are incredibly polite (and all armed). There are also four churches in my valley alone, they are always packed three days a week, and quite a few of the vehicles parked there have at least one shotgun or rifle locked into a rack. I’ve often spotted parishioners OC’ing while going into services.

  11. I had a Collie Malamute of which the neighboring kids were terrified of. The truth was that he was tested at the shelter ( where we got him ) as one of the least aggressive dogs they had ever tested. I thought he really ought to be sent to the Ronald McDonald House as a therapy dog.

  12. One of my recent neighbors consistently let his dog crap on people’s lawns and then threatened to murder them for saying anything. He disappeared for a few weeks but came home suddenly one night. At 2AM the police showed up, quietly tapping on my door. “Hi, have you seen this man?” *points and nods* “OK, could you please step outside, we’re raiding the home.” There’s a SWAT team and 7 sheriff deputies on the street. No shots fired but they didn’t want to take any chances on collateral. The lunatic had gone to Myrtle Beach and murdered two men with an axe because they dated his ex-girlfriend. That’s odd behavior for a married man with children. Fortunately nobody will ever see him again.

  13. Next door to my place is a rental, and the last tenants could have been spitting images of these people. The yelling and screaming would start in the early pm, and slowly escalate through to the early am, at least five days a week. The husband was a sex offender who refused to keep his registration up to date, which when his parole officer found him again gave us a small reprieve on the screaming matches, but she soon found herself a replacement baby daddy and it started back up again. People who didn’t like being seen stopping by for just a couple of minutes at a time. Drunk drivers who had trouble keeping it on the road. And that was just the adults.

    The situation with the kids was sad, you knew that because of their upbringing that they were doomed to repeat the cycle all over. But even that empathy eventually wore out, when they took to throwing rocks at the neighbor houses they thought were calling the cops on the bad adult behavior.

    The house is vacant for the moment, and honestly Syrian refugees sound like an absolute delight at this point.

    • That unoccupied abode next door sounds like the perfect candidate for an “electrical fire”, just make sure your garden hose is hooked up.

  14. JuneYor shot hisself in the Hay Ed. Glad he did not cost the taxpayers any more money. You cant pick the family you are born into but…damn!

  15. I’ve had neighbors that were somewhat unpleasant, even boorish, but I’ve never had neighbors from hell.

    I hope that my neighbors would say the same.

  16. We have crazy neighbors in my neighborhood. I am not sure which ones cause the neighbors never tell me who the crazy ones are…

    • Only if he hasn’t had kids yet which I count as unlikely. White trash breed faster than Mormons and Catholics combined.

  17. SADLY my next door neighbor(a young lady) pounded on my door a n hour ago. Big blow up with boyfriend last week. She’s moving into her mom’s house with her baby as her baby daddy tried to kill her. Afraid he’s coming back even though her uncle owns the house. Happy they didn’t involve us even though we offered to help. Modern life sucks…

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