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“The decision to charge a 67-year-old jeweler with voluntary homicide after fatally shooting an escaping 19-year-old robber in Nice last week has led to the protest of hundreds,” reports. Hundreds? Thousands! Tens of thousands! All protesting the French government’s steadfast opposition to armed self-defense for Frenchmen in general and Stephan Turk in specific, in the wake (so to speak) of a spate of high profile jewelry store robberies. The LiveLeak video above shows an example of a low profile robbery at a magasin de bijoux. What interests me here—other than the owners’ brass balls—is the way the mother of the young bystander does rien to protect her progeny from pistol-related perforation . . .

We often discuss the advisability of speed, surprise and violence of action when launching a ballistic counter-attack to a person or persons posing an imminent, credible threat of death or grievous bodily harm. But it’s also true that you may be better off seeking cover, concealment or egress with equal conviction. Or seeking cover, concealment or egress as you’re shooting to stop a threat. You need to do so the same way as you’d attack: with speed, surprise and violence of action.

In other words, hesitation kills.

You don’t want to waste valuable time standing around, hoping you don’t get killed. Or someone you love gets killed. If you’re going to get to cover, GET TO COVER. If you’re going to leave, LEAVE. If you’re bringing a young charge with you as you beat feet, don’t hesitate to use full force to force compliance. Dithering is deadly.

Hiding? Hiding is good. Especially if you’re looking for/planning an escape route or securing a weapon to use should your hiding place become tactically compromised. Remember the basic principle, as espoused by President Lyndon Johnson: a bad decision is better than no decision. Yup. I’ve decided that’s true. FWIW.

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      • Beat some dogs enough times and they will finally bite back.

        The situation all over Europe is that the thieves and criminals do their thing with little consequence. Having family in Italy, I can tell you it is just as bad if not worse in some of the larger cities. While we have Mexican criminals coming across our border, Europe has Eastern Block and North African criminals invading them. This is just one more example of the government is not able to help and the police being minutes if not hours away. The people who are victimized on a daily basis are finally getting a clue that they need to defend themselves.

        This is why it is important for us to keep the fight for our rights going.

        Sadly, many here see France as the liberal utopia we should become.

  1. A lot of people everywhere are tired of criminals getting away with their crimes or not recieving the punishment they should recieve.A lot of these same people are tired of their governments taking away what few rights they have,and installing more government control over their lives,but taking weapons is one way to do this as that takes away any recourse for these other nations from fighting for freedom in their own countries,this is the same road that Boobama and his cronies on Capital Hill wants to take us down,so that they can instill the government they want us to have,not the government that we used to have.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  2. I’ve said it before I’ve said it again; if my gun comes up there is a 99% chance I am going to pull the trigger before the bad guy can do enough to change my mind about it. I really don’t care what you are doing in my home; running in or out, if you are a threat you are a threat so long as you are in my AOR. Unless there is a clear sign of capitulation (Getting down on the knees , hands above head, down on the ground etc) I am going to stop the threat. For that matter; the likelihood of a bad guy registering that I am armed, that he is going to be shot, and surrendering before I pull the trigger is almost non existent.

    In regards to the video, no one is going to say this but it appears the bad guys were “Asians”. In France especially there have been HUGE problems involving “Asian’ criminals being killed by the police or otherwise being killed in the commission of a crime and the whole Asian community rioting; this could just be an attempt to keep that from happening in the interest of “public peace”

  3. My grandpa always used to say “Remember son, if you shoot somebody who’s breaking into your house and they manage to climb out of your window before dying, you pull that bastard back into the house before the cops get there!”

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