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This website has discussed the inadvisability of wearing a fisherman-style “shoot me first vest” to conceal a firearm in public (unless you’re fishing). Tactically speaking an SMFV is nothing compared to an aggressive tattoo. Ever since the dawn of time tattoos have elevated wimpy dudes to tough guy status. And for good reason. Withstanding the pain of thousands of not-so-tiny needle pricks is proof positive that the canvas’ pain threshold is higher than elephant eye-height summertime corn. A fact that doesn’t escape the bad guys when they begin an attack by taking out the obvious alpha. In other words, if you’re tatted up the wazoo, you might as well ink a target on your forehead. (Not to give these idiots ideas.) Think long-term genetic survival. Keep the body art on the DL.

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  1. A good friend of mine, lady of my -certain- age has a tattoo on her left calf. I asked what is was and she told me that it was a rose when she had it done at 22. Now it looks like a dead spider. She told me that. LOL. I agreed.

    • HINT: not every tattoo artist is of equal skill; it’s partly why some are cheap, some expensive. Tattoos by experts last a lot longer. But if you’re in bright sunshine a lot, don’t get one that will be exposed. It’ll be like that spider. UV will absolutely fade and blur.

      This has been “well” known for generations.

  2. I spray paint swastika on my bike helmets.

    It doesn’t make me any more or less likely to get run over by a car-driver who isn’t paying attention to the road.

    I pay more attention to footwear, it tells you all you need to know about a persons intended pace.

    • Although O.E. can be an obnoxious ass at times, you thoroughly missed his point in this case.

      RF’s point was that a tattoo, especially of a gun, makes you more of a target for someone looking for trouble, the “bad guys” as he puts it. But to people who aren’t “looking for trouble,” it’s just a tattoo, and so what?

      O.E.’s comment was likening a swastika on his helmet to a tattoo, in that the swastika isn’t going to “attract trouble” from drivers who aren’t looking for it anymore than a tattoo is going to “attract trouble” from people who aren’t already looking for it.

      In other words, “In other words, if you’re tatted up the wazoo, you might as well ink a target on your forehead” is kind of a stupid statement. But hey, it’s an opinion piece, and RF is entitled to his opinion, I suppose.

  3. Tats aren’t my thing, but I don’t much care what someone else does. Some I think are cool, others look pretty stupid. I’ve never much understood the gun tat that makes it look like you’ve got a pistol tucked in your waistband. What’s the point?

    • It means in gang land hype world that this man/woman regardless of legal or financial status is a weaponsmith or knows someone who deals off the grid.

      Always packing, or a ~5 mile run from an armorer.

      The Police wouldnt wear these tattoo’s even though they have extensive records of who is packing a roscoe

  4. Anybody who judges somebody simply because they have tattoos, instead of the content of their character is an idiot that I don’t care to associate with.

    • Unfortunately, if you’re in a self defense scenario and wind up in court those idiots those people you don’t want to associate with may be your jury.

      • Indeed, I would quite rightly judge someone based on what they have choosen to add to their skin. As Richard Jeni once said, “The difference between my ex girlfriends and Charles Manson, is that Manson has the decency to look like a psychopath the moment you see him.”

      • They used to anyway. Now you just need the ca$h.
        In most early cultures, tattoo’s had to be earned, like
        a right of manhood, or defeating your tribal enemy.
        Instead of doing a valorous deed, you just buy one
        that implies you did a deed worth recognizing.

        You want to impress me, wrap some real barbed-wire around that bicep. Then you’ll be a bad-ass mother.

    • The first bit of evidence about a persons character is their appearance. That has to be true as it’s the very first thing we notice. Notice that I said bit of evidence, not conclusion. If you wish to draw attention to yourself with whatever, then don’t whine when you get that attention. BTW, I have no obligation to patiently wait around for pearls of wisdom to appear from someone who looks like a sows ear. I have every right to think what ever the hell I wish.

    • You won’t mind my judging a moron with big dumbass holes in his earlobes or something stuck thru his nose will you?

      Tats are just a way for nonconformists to conform. No need for an original idea on how to rebel.

  5. I was thinking you wouldn’t want to be facing a judge and jury with guns tattooed on your body the DA would love to point you out as a person looking to kill.

  6. This article is absurd. In a crowd, the guy with the tattoos gets shot first? Show me some data…

    Why not tag this as “Opinion” rather than “Personal Defense?”

    • I agree. How about some statistics to back up your statement? You could easily argue that you should never wear anything expensive or drive a nice car because you’d be a target for crime. Are you trying to alienate more gun owners? What exactly makes a tattoo aggressive vs non-aggressive? Are we going to see The Truth About Tattoos next?

      • There was an article written about what is now referred to as Gun Culture 2.0.

        In today’s gun culture, there are many more women, a broader mix of races and a wider range of backgrounds. Instead of being a clean cut poster child of the 1950’s many gun owners are bikers or body art enthusiasts covered with tattoos. Others are fashion conscious while others still are computer nerds. Members of the new gun generation range in age from teens to retirees.

        The old image of the white male father dressed in flannel taking his son off to the woods for the traditional deer hunt is fading away and this site may go with them if they keep up this type of judgement.

        Mr Colion Noir also commented on this.

        • Right on. By saying”these idiots” it tends to show bigotry on the part of the other. So because I have some tats and like to get inked up, I am an idiot. Pretty idiotic, Imho.

        • Absolutely nailed it. I love hearing someone who didn’t get into the gun game until 2010 passing judgement on everyone that doesn’t conform to his vision of gun ownership.

  7. My last girlfriend had a trampstamp. It said “Kisses: 25 Cents”
    The other side read “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.”

    • Dante quotes over the girly bits would be good reason for pause…

      Did she make jokes about you needing to go down in order to go up too?

  8. I won’t date girls with tattoos, ever…but it seems that they all seem to have a magnetic strip in their ass crack, gotta swipe your card before entry.

    Back on course though, gun tattoos are a sure tell that the person doesn’t know shit about guns. Isn’t tough, but wants to look the part, and in general you can count on most people with a tattoo as having blatantly poor decision making skills in general, or at least way too susceptible to peer/ societal pressure and pop culture trends.

      • Probably so.

        Or……….incredibly proficient in observation and impartial analysis.

        Its disheartening to realize how we all follow unoriginal social influences so blindly and then try to reason and justify our actions afterwards.

        gun tattoos = something Justin Bieber would do.

    • Tats have been in the mainstream since the 1980’s. Get over it. You don’t have to be scared of people with Tats, like Robert Mitchum in Cape Fear. It may not be your cup of tea, but there’s a good chance a few people you respect have one or more. Don’t have any myself, but I tend to look past any body adorments when I meet people.

      • Nothing about my comment had anything to do with working hard. Seems lots of nerves getting touched here.

        Meant no offense, yet my perspective is based on some sound observation and impartial yet amateur analysis.
        Judgmental? probably…..well, definitely. But that doesn’t mean those comments aren’t accurate.

        • Credit card swiper in ass. It certainly implied high maintanence gold diggers. So ya, ya you did.

        • To your next comment down. Tattoos have been around for a long time in a lot f cultures. Not just ours.

      • My wife & I both have ink. Nothing visible when dressed. Guess we’re idiots. And our nice cars make us failures, too, right?

        • Nobody said anything about being idiots or not working hard or not being art or even beautiful. Nor did anyone say anything about fear of tattoos, actually quite the opposite, they’re so mainstream that it’s passe’ yet the pretense references the bygone era when tattoos meant earned experience. Now you can buy ripped jeans at the mall and get a poser sailor tattoo while your at it. What other pop culture trends have you permanently attached to your psyche? Disco music, bell-bottoms, top hats, Flappers, curly white judges wigs?……all trends should fade in time, unless its in permanent ink, then your fucked. The attempt to define ones identity cannot be achieved by following some trend.

          These comments aren’t meant to insult anyone, but rather dissuade people from making permanent choices based on temporary circumstances.

          However, I accept the name calling, its probably deserved.

    • The most beautiful woman I have ever seen was next to us in Málaga Airport in Spain, the companion of an AC Milan soccer player. She was so beautiful my wife even leaned over to me and pointed it out, which has never happened before or since. She was friendly, French, and had a tramp stamp. Talk is cheap, and absolutes never survive in human affairs.

      • Málaga is a nice little airport.. Nothing better then stepping out to that Mediterranean weather once you arrive because the weather sure beat that of Galicia! Not to mention your 4 days in málaga are a good old English stag.

        Which footballers wife was it you saw? Nesta has a french wife I think

  9. This is Onion tier posting right here and clearly a joke. Right? Please, it must be!

    I have a lot of tattoos. I have them on my hands, my fingers, my arms, back, chest, and wrist. I also wear glasses, am 5’6″, and 125lbs on a ‘big day’. In other words; I don’t look ANYTHING like an “alpha”, but that doesn’t mean I’m a pansy. No, sir.

    Tattoos do not equate targets. We gun-lovers would agree (I hope) Sandy Hook, Aura, Tucson, Virginia Tech, and Columbine happened at the hands of ‘bad guys’. Criminals. Guys that just couldn’t keep their evil inside anymore (I’m of the belief we ALL have those demons in us, some just can’t keep them locked down so well).

    When these crooks (that’s putting it mild) began to open fire do you truly think they were thinking, “Ok… tattoos… tattoos, where’s someone with tattoos?” I highly doubt it. Probably more like, “Where’s the next body? ANY body.”

  10. Why is it that people who are not into something are always the ones to make the most negative uninformed comments?
    *mnoswad1-“you can count on most people with a tattoo as having blatantly poor decision making skills in general, or at least way too susceptible to peer/ societal pressure and pop culture trends.”
    9 tattoos completely cover my left arm, 10 tattoos from my elbow to my wrist on the right. Not one came about due to peer or societal pressure, and I could give a rat’s ass about celebrities or pop culture. Furthermore, I am a former medic who uses guns day in and day out in my current profession. Think what you may, but my decision making skills are far from poor. Many people of the ink are well educated, law abiding professionals. While I will concede that many scumbag criminals are tatted up as well, to paint all inked people with a broad brush is misleading and myopic.

  11. I have plenty of tattoos. I guess I understand where RF is coming from when he says dont get one where a judge can see it. In court, one Gould wear at least some khakis and a button down. A tie is a great idea. If a judge can see a tattoo in that outfit than it certainly won’t help your cause. That being said I have a tattoo on my right hand that has a fellow on my wife’s left hand. When we hold hands, they are side by side. Because we’re fvcking adorable.

  12. Having represented a few criminal defendants, I don’t think judges give two craps about tattoos. They’re probably just glad the defendant isn’t wearing a t shirt with a pot leaf on it.

  13. Tattoos on a woman are tacky and low class. If a woman has a tattoo it tells me two things about her. 1- she has low self-esteem and 2- she had enough money for a tattoo.

    On a man? Well, he’s either a sailor, a biker or a kid that hangs out at the mall.

  14. I don’t have any tattoos because I really don’t like them. That said, I don’t mind if other people have them. At one point, having something like a tramp stamp did send a message but that has virtually disappeared since tramp stamps have become chic among the 18-30 bracket. My girlfriend doesn’t have one, but I know a lot of ladies with them and they’re mostly pretty conservative and intelligent.

    If I ever did get a tattoo, I’d probably emulate the coolest one I’ve ever seen on a guy in Branson: Dr. Seuss’ One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish down his right leg — hilarious and different. I don’t think that would get old over time and the grandkids would enjoy it someday.

    I have spoken with several people who have visible tattoos who have had great difficulty finding a good job because of the tats. One guy has tattoos on his fingers and is saving up to get them (the tats, not the fingers) removed at about $1000 apiece. I have spoken with business owners and HR people who refuse to hire anyone with visible tattoos, so I think there is some push-back there. Like it or not, tattoos send a message. You need to tailor that message and think about how it will be received before getting the tat.

    • That whole hr thing is very true companies don’t want tattoo people in front of their customers to represent them. You tattoo guys may not like it but it is very true, life ain’t fair.

  15. RF has a right to his opinion and I’ve got a right to think it’s a stupid opinion, which I do.

    My credentials for this are the eight separate tattoos covering my left arm from shoulder to hand or the three tattoos on my chest, the four on my right arm, the ones covering the left half of my back, etc. Then there’s my girlfriend, who’s one of the classiest women you could ever hope to meet, her entire back is covered with ink.

    Nobody is going to walk into a store and say to themselves “shit I can’t rob this place, there’s TWO people with visible tattoos here! Nor are they going to expereince any kind of dilemma deciding who to target when confronted with a 5’3” hundred ten pound woman versus a guy built like a division 2 full back. Ink is about the last thing that determines who’s an alpha male or who’s a threat.

    If the choice is between taking out me or taking out my girlfriend our theoretical robber is certainly going to take me out first, of course he’ll most likely die the moment he takes his eyes off of my girlfriend in that case but… you know the point is that this statement was pointless.

    Good for RF for having an opinion. Shame on RF for posting it as a “self-defense tip”

  16. Regardless of tattoos in court just think about this. It you go to court because you commited some type of crime your appearance and attitude will also be judged be it judge or jury. It may not even be a crime but a divorce or child custody case. I hate to admit it but I do judge by appearance at first be it good or bad. So don’t get bent all out of shape if you get judged by your tattoos. You decided to have the tattoos to make a statement for all to see. Now that doesn’t mean people have to agree with you.

  17. Note to idiot kids:

    If you get a stupid tatt somewhere that I can see it, you can kiss off working for my company. If you are stupid enough to get something like that, I don’t want you anywhere near the activitities I’m involved with that serve others and support my family.

    Oh, I’m sorry, what was that?

    “That’s not fair!’
    “I have a right to express myself.”
    “You are close minded.”

    Boo-hoo. Cry me a river, punk.

    Don’t like that?
    Think it is unfair?
    Think it is close minded?

    Too bad.

    Life can be a bummer.

    Grow up and get a clue, you morons.

    • I’m a very respectful young man regardless of my tattoos. Customers absolutely love me. It would be your loss. Fortunately you’ll be dead sooner than later and your old school way of thinking will die with you and others like you.
      Also I knew I would never get a job where I’d have to associate with folks who think like you. School was never my thing and I knew I would work a blue collar job. Which there’s nothing wrong with and you need us. Folks like you tend to forget that. When I do get a schmuck like you for a customer. I wow the with my work and change their judgemental preconceived notions about me. Where as you’ll never be a customer of mine I have no problem telling you to to go get bent.

      • Look at that ugly mug. I went to his website. That’s the guy. Really great Christian if you ask me. And also he doesn’t look like an business owner in my opinion. Looks like this scumbag views his church as his business. Disgusting

    • Note to a discrimatory old idiot:

      I don’t think you need to worry; with an attitude like that I can’t see anyone wanting to work for your company. Can you tell us what company you run so we can spread the word about your hiring practices?

      • Its unfortunate that the tattoo proponents just wont face the fact that rightly or wrongly people do judge them by there appearance. Paul was just willing to tell you about life in the real world take it or leave it but he isn’t the only employer that will put your resume in the circular file because of your appearance and how it is perceived.

        • Morris,
          If you’re going to take the time to lecture people about life in the real world; take some time to learn how to use punctuation and proper word usage.

        • that’s nice ignore the content of the post and focus punctuation, I wasn’t lecturing I was providing my experience and observations for the record I don’t care one way or the other about tattoos and whether you get them or not. I often post from a phone or tablet, punctuation and spelling can be a bit of a challenge I would appreciate any consideration you may be able to muster.

        • It isn’t unfortunate at all. It’s stupid and foolish sure but not unfortunate. Screw that guy he just really fired me up. What is fortunate is that I don’t cater to assholes like him. I don’t need to know him. I probably never will. Should I meet another like him and I’m in a position to tell them off I will joyfully. That guy is a waste and a bigot.

          I totally understand where he’s coming from, but his tone was incredibly rude and made a peaceful guy like myself want to get ugly.

      • His company is his church and his website is called cyberbrethren. He asks all those who comment to do so on a civil manner. What a tool.


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